YOU can do a great deal to help protect human rights and freedoms!  In fact, democracy cannot last unless enough people just like YOU really understand where human rights and democracy come from and share what you know with others so that they can do the same.  Once a “critical mass” of citizens of any country does this, democracy is guaranteed to last in that country!  Anyone who reads to understand and then takes the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy, becoming a “Democracy Pledger” just by spreading it to others, is already equipped to at least start sharing what they know with who they know to get the ball rolling!

But this grassroots movement will be most effective with local Volunteer Democracy Leaders (just like you!) worldwide getting educated themselves using the Pledge and the in-depth Treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack and spreading knowledge of the Pledge and the Treatise, building local Solidarity behind them, in a more formal capacity.  Those who wish to more formally volunteer to help spread the Pledge and the Treatise and/or lead Solidarity-building  behind them in their city or country can e-mail William Baptiste SFO, who authored the Treatise and the Pledge, at:


or Call 1 (613) 761-0147 for volunteer options, information about Celebrate Human Life! Centers, Democracy Store and all other inquiries.

Things that can be done to spread the Pledge and build a movement of Solidarity behind it include holding “Lasting Democracy Study Groups” that meet over several weeks to read and discuss the current draft of the in-depth treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under AttackAs more products like posters, pamphlets and booklets of the Pledge and the Flag of Democracy and bumper stickers etc become available at the Democracy Store, these materials can be ordered for use in local spreading of this worldwide movement!  Those who wish to participate via financial support in the further development and distribution of the Pledge and the Treatise, including audio recordings and lecture series/courses, can go to Donations for Democracy.

At Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! we are seeking to build a team of volunteers or Volunteer Democracy Leaders in any city or country who desire to protect human life, freedom of belief, and democracy itself  and thus want to learn and spread the message of what human rights and freedoms need to last in all of our compromised Western democracies.

Anyone who reads the Pledge and the treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack, published in part on this website (the complete current draft can be requested), will gain an in-depth understanding or impregnable education that allows them to THINK about human rights and democracy right from their First Principles with enough powerful facts and arguments to give them an “Atom Bomb” in their “Pro-Life arsenal” with which to answer questions and challenges.  Peter William John and Lorelle Baptiste who founded the Baptiste Family Ministries under which this Protect Human Rights and Freedoms educational ministry operates, coined the term “Pro-Life 2.0” to describe the fact that “Pro-Life” isn’t just about protecting babies anymore, but democracy itself which depends historically and logically on Pro-Life (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) values!

We encourage anybody who cares about human life, religious freedom, and democracy itself, to get involved in this movement at least by spreading knowledge of the movement and its website (here) and its resources to those you know; and to consider whether you should volunteer in more formal capacity, because the more people who are actively engaged in this movement in your country, the more likely your country is to keep its human rights, freedom of belief and other democratic freedoms for the long-term in the face of the increasing attacks of “Creeping Totalitarianism”!


Read then Take The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy.  For an In-depth Education in Preserving Democracy Now Under Attack Go To The Treatise .  To participate in spreading the Pledge in your country Go to Volunteers and/or Donations for Democracy and/or the Democracy Store


© 2016 William Baptiste SFO

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