Top 6

Top 6 Historical Facts Few Know that Should Turn THINKING People from “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Human-Rights”

(and from “Pro-Life” to Human Rights Champions and Democracy’s Best Defenders)

History and Logic Prove Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy

By William Baptiste SFO, Founder and Director, Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!

Fact 1: “Pro-Choice Abortion” Philosophy and the Parental “Right to Choose” to Raise or Abort One’s Child is Not New but Ancient, Part of the Brutal Ancient Mindset Where Human Life was Cheap Not Precious, Before There Were Any Legally Recognized Human Rights.

The “Pro-Choice” parental “right to choose” to either raise one’s child or to legally kill him or her by abortion is not new, only the name is new.   Before the 4th Century it was NORMAL for parents to legally choose to kill their unwanted human children by abortion (or infanticide – which some of today’s “Pro-Choice” philosophers similarly advocate for, calling it “after-birth abortion”).  It was also NORMAL for governments to legally enslave or kill their human citizens at will, for exactly the same underlying reason – THERE WERE NO LEGALLY RECOGNIZED HUMAN RIGHTS, including no legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live, the most basic Human Right without which all others are meaningless.  Governments felt no necessary obligation to either protect or serve human lives for exactly the same reason that parents felt no obligation to necessarily raise their children but could “choose” to kill them by abortion – human life was considered cheap not precious.  Parents could sell their children into slavery or abort them because there were no recognized Human RightsIf you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 2: Human Rights Were First Legally Recognized in 318 AD with the Criminalization of Abortion (and Infanticide) Because Human Life Then Started to Be Recognized as Precious Not Cheap (and therefore Killing Humans is Wrong).

The “Pro-Life” principle that every human life without exception is not cheap but precious, and equally precious, such that governments are obligated to protect all human lives, is also not new but ancient (only the name is new), a specifically Christian principle which the West first adopted in 318 AD, five years after Christianity was legalized (and ceased to be brutally persecuted by the brutal ancient mindset Christianity gradually replaced) in 313 AD.  This Christian, “Pro-Life” principle was first given practical expression when for the first time Human Rights became legally recognized and protected by law with the 318 AD criminalization of abortion and infanticide specifically because human life was no longer considered cheap, to serve the greater State, but from now on precious, and the State was since then obligated to protect precious human lives from the womb (who then became known as precious persons – the very word and concept of personhood is rooted in the Christian doctrine of the One God in Three Persons who lovingly made humanity “in God’s Image.” So as long as any humans have been called “persons,” preborn humans have been called “persons” – with legally recognized Human Rights). This gradually changed the whole way humans were governed. Before this, Western governments were judged by their civic accomplishments, often on the backs of their cheap human subjects (1/3 of whom were slaves).  After this, Western governments were judged by how well or poorly they treated the precious human persons (from the womb) they ruled because it was since then generally recognized in the West that killing humans is wrong If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 3: Precious Human Life Was Protected by Law or Custom Right from its Beginning in the Womb from the 4th Century to the 20th Century (During Which Time Modern Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Gradually but Logically Developed from the Foundational Principle That Every Human Life is Equally Precious, Which is WHY Each Human Deserves an Equal Say or Vote), Until the First Two Modern Nations to De-Criminalize Abortion Were Soviet Russia (in 1920) and Nazi Germany (in 1934)Totalitarian States Threatening the Lives and Freedoms of Citizens Just Like Those Back When Legal Abortion was the Ancient Norm.

The first two modern nations to de-criminalize abortion (allowing the legal killing of preborn humans) since the 4th Century were the oppressive and totalitarian (total-control, belief-control) Soviet and Nazi regimes – shortly before these two governments perpetrated the two largest genocides of born humans in history, the Soviet Holodomor – the forced starvation to death of 7-10 million Ukrainian humans in 1932-3, just as the Nazi Holocaust of 6 million Jewish humans (plus handicapped humans) was getting started.  De-criminalized abortion had already established in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany that there was no longer any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live as had been recognized by law or custom since 318 AD, and so logically these governments no longer felt any obligation to protect or serve born humans either, logically leading them to descend back into the oppressive governmental totalitarianism that was NORMAL in ancient times back when legal abortion was NORMAL.   If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 4: 3 important things happened in 1948 specifically intending to make sure anything like the de-humanizing Nazi atrocities that denied Human Rights to some humans never threatened Democracy and Human Rights again: 1) The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials condemned the Nazis for Legal Abortion they encouraged mothers to ask for, describing Legal Abortion as “an inhumane act,” an “act of extermination” and a “crime against humanity”[1] because 2) (as the newly-formed UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared the same year) Human Rights are for ALL humans “without distinction of any kind” because “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of ALL members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”[2]  3) The 1948 Declaration of Geneva, in response to the Nazis de-criminalizing both human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia in violation of the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients, similarly reaffirmed the Hippocratic Oath Tradition in the doctor’s promise, “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity.” In 1948 the West knew killing humans is wrong (and that doctors do not kill patients) because humans have inherent Human Rights, and at Nuremberg realized everyone has a human responsibility to recognize those rights in other humans or else totalitarianism and atrocities happen.

While the Nazi atrocities which degraded and devalued human life in so many ways were still fresh in everyone’s minds, everyone recognized that de-criminalized abortion and euthanasia, which the Nazis would have forcefully imposed on the Free West if the Nazis had won World War II, were a consistently logical part of the whole anti-human Nazi approach to human life and so treated them as “crimes against humanity.” In any country where the equal precious value of every human life or equal “Human Rights for all humans” is not a given but considered a matter of “opinion” and “politics” rather than as the very foundation of Human Rights and democracy which it is – like in 1930s Germany concerning Jewish humans and like today concerning preborn humans – that country has already lost its democratic soul and (like in 1930s Germany) its democracy simply cannot last. If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice” (that is, “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”), this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.  What it comes down to is that being “Pro-Choice” just means that against any scientific standard or definition of humanity, you CHOOSE which humans you recognize as humans, just like Nazi and other bigots do.  “Pro-Choice” bigots, like all bigots, specifically “CHOOSE” just which humans they accept as humans with equal human value and rights and which humans they do not accept as having equal human value and equal Human Rights.  This is a “CHOICE” that has nothing to do with democratic freedom, but which through history has everything to do with the totalitarian oppression (including bigoted enslavement or murder) of some humans. Killing humans is a “choice” that must remain illegal in any LASTING democracy.  Lasting democracies must be free from the totalitarian-oriented thinking that starts by legally killing some humans (e.g. by abortion) and logically progresses to legally killing more humans (e.g. by euthanasia and/or Death Camps – both in Nazi Germany) and to undemocratically silencing those who think killing humans is wrong (as they did in Nazi Germany, and as some of today’s once-democracies are naturally starting to do to keep abortion legal,  similarly restricting (Pro-Life) free speech with arrests, having already followed the totalitarian Soviet and Nazi precedent of legalizing abortion in the first place, see below . . .).

Fact 5: As any thinking person would totally expect once knowing the above facts, of course the “Free West,” since following the Totalitarian Soviet and Nazi precedent of de-criminalizing the abortion of preborn humans (thereby cancelling out the legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which is the foundation of all Human Rights and Freedoms), has in fact introduced “Creeping Totalitarianism” into Western democracies, gradually but logically undermining Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms and making Western democracies gradually take on more and more characteristics of Totalitarian States.

Though some Western countries, states, provinces, and other jurisdictions are more advanced in the decay of democracy than others, since adopting the totalitarian approach to human life as NOT inherently precious by de-criminalizing abortion, all are suffering from a current worldwide trend of “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  Western governments have returned to the pre-4th Century (pre-Christian) norm of the government legislating which human lives it will protect with enforced laws and which humans it will allow to be killed, instead of feeling obligated to always protect (and ultimately serve) always-precious human lives – just like in any Totalitarian State, ancient or modern.

Thus, like traditional Western believers in the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception in Nazi Germany were afraid to speak openly their traditional belief on behalf of Jewish humans who had been “legally devalued” (and killed in the millions) for fear of negative consequences like losing their jobs or being arrested, so today more and more citizens in more and more professions and jurisdictions are becoming more and more afraid to speak at work this same traditional, democracy-grounding belief on behalf of preborn humans who have been similarly “legally devalued” (and killed in the millions), for fear of job discipline, or losing funding, and peaceful human rights advocates protesting human-killing anywhere near human-killing abortion clinics have been similarly arrested and jailed for violating totalitarian “no-free-speech bubble zones” which disallow peaceful free speech of the democracy-grounding beliefs that killing humans is wrong and Human Rights are for all humans.  Medical professionals in particular have in many places had their democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans taken away, and they MUST facilitate human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia (both prohibited by the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients) or else lose their jobs – but teachers, lawyers and government workers etc. are also complaining of such (informal or formal) bullying and truncation of their democratic freedom to express the traditional values Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms are historically and logically built on (like “killing humans is wrong”), for fear of consequences – like in Totalitarian States.

“Creeping Totalitarianism” is a world-wide “Pro-Choice”(-to-Kill-Humans) anti-democratic trend driven by the internal logic of “Pro-Choice Abortion” philosophy itself, which to continue unimpeded necessarily must bully and hammer away at the democratic rights and freedoms of those doctors and other medical professionals who object to killing humans, and of all who believe human life is inherently valuable, to silence them to make sure humans can be killed without anyone complaining – like in every Totalitarian State, ancient or modern.  To make sure this Pro-Choice/anti-democratic/“Creeping Totalitarian” trend continues long-term, some Western jurisdictions have already implemented totalitarian-style-belief-control in the form of State-controlled “public education” that indoctrinates schoolchildren in anti-traditional values which actually encourage the degradation of human life by promoting anti-traditional (immature and irresponsible) sexual practices which create a DEMAND for the legal abortion which logically cancels out any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to LiveAll over the West, legitimate democratic freedoms enjoyed in healthy democracies are being truncated or restricted for the specific purpose of ensuring human-killing “abortion access” unimpeded by the pesky morals of those who believe killing humans is wrong, with more and more new laws restricting the free expression of democracy-grounding “Pro-Life” values cropping up.

Some places (like Canada’s most populous province of Ontario) have taken away doctors’ freedom of conscience (doctors must facilitate human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia against their conscience or else their medical licences can be revoked).  Canada now requires an “attestation” that one is Pro-abortion before one can get government funding for some programs.  Some places have greatly expanded the not-unusual “no-free-speech-bubble-zones” around human-killing abortion clinics (in one region, you can be arrested and jailed or heavily fined just for staring “disapprovingly” at an abortion clinic anywhere within up to 150 metres/about 500 feet of one); and just making Pro-Life websites is now punishable by heavy fines and jail in France (all this totalitarianism is explained by the fact that, as DEMOCRACY 101 shows, Pro-Choice(-to-Kill-Humans) politicians just cannot win rigorously scientific and logical, intellectually honest arguments with Pro-Lifers, since all the most pertinent facts of Human Rights History, Science, and Logic support the Pro-Life position.  Thus totalitarian-style government is the ONLY way the intellectually dishonest and bigoted Pro-Choice(to-Kill-Humans) side can prevail long-term).

With such anti-democratic laws in place, creating the conditions of totalitarian “Police States” where peaceful Human Rights advocates are threatened to stay home for fear of police instead of exercising the normal legitimate democratic freedoms of assembly, speech, expression and religion (in support of human life) enjoyed in healthy democracies, it is no surprise that in Ontario the police (after dispersing the Christians participating in a silent “40 Days for Life” prayer vigil across the street from an abortion clinic the day the law was passed) later actually arrested Cyril Winter, a 70-year-old Human Rights advocate with a heart condition (born in 1948, when all the above described anti-abortion Human Rights for All Humans principles were laid down shortly after World War II) even though he did not even break the new law.

This elderly man was arrested on Feb. 7, 2018, just for being a known Pro-Lifer carrying a sign reading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND RELIGION.  NO CENSORSHIP.”  Even though he and his signs deliberately did NOT contravene the new totalitarian law making peaceful Pro-Life Human Rights advocacy a crime in Ontario, the police arrested and charged him as a criminal anyway, not just once but twice, again on Feb. 9, 2018, just for carrying a sign reading “God save our Charter rights” (he died from heart problems a month later on March 9, a week before his unjust trial – a martyr for freedom of expression and religion).  Such “totalitarian police-State”-type travesties of justice (where the police, under instruction from the prosecutor, effectively sent the anti-democratic message to all Pro-Lifers in the province, “SHUT UP, and don’t even SHOW UP, because we are willing to arrest known Pro-Lifers even if they don’t break our new law making Pro-Life activity a crime) are only to be expected wherever the TOTALITARIAN Soviet and Nazi precedent of DE-CRIMINALIZING HUMAN-KILLING ABORTION has been followed.  This gradual loss of Democracy by many small stages (as in 1930s Germany) is logical, because like any structure, Democracy simply cannot last with out its foundation, which is the EQUAL precious value of every human life without exception, which the government is always obligated to protect. Without this democratic foundation, we are becoming DINOs – Democracies In Name Only.  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 6: Legal Abortion (with its profitable Abortion Industry) is every bit as fundamentally incompatible with Democracy as Legal Slavery (with its profitable Slave Trade) was, for precisely the same reason: Both (like the Nazis) deny human rights to some humans (making “Human Rights” meaningless if not all humans have them) and both violate the same traditional Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy that every human life without exception is EQUAL and PRECIOUS, which is the underlying reason Western governments stopped being oppressive and totalitarian, and eventually gave every human a vote or democratic say in his or her own governance, in the first place.  Legal Abortion needs to be abolished for precisely the same reason Legal Slavery did.  It is fundamentally anti-human and anti-democratic.

The Slave Trade, like the Abortion Industry, profited highly from denying human rights to some humans, motivating great political resistance to abolishing the Slave Trade even though, like the Abortion Industry, it violated even the Inherent Human Right to Live which undergirds Democracy (legally devalued Black humans by the tens of thousands died tightly chained together in their own waste on slave ships before they even got the chance to be slaves, at plantations with poor safety standards where many died working as slaves, just as legally devalued Jewish humans were killed in the millions in Nazi Death Camps and just as legally devalued preborn humans are today killed in the millions in abortion clinics).  The original Abolitionists called for the Abolition of Legal Slavery for the sake of equal human rights for all humans which is the foundation of Democracy.  “Pro-Lifers” are literally the New Abolitionists, calling for the Abolition of Legal Abortion because they are championing precisely the same Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy that every human without exception – whether Black, Jewish, or preborn – has Equal Human Rights including an Inherent Human Right to LiveOnly ignorance and bigotry ever denies Human Rights to some humans, and the age-bigotry of Legal Abortion is every bit as vile as the race-bigotry of Legal Slavery or Nazi Death Camps; worse, it is the bigotry against the Human Race itself, eradicating the Inherent Human Right to Live of everybody, since every one of us used to be a fetal-age human who (in the perspective of Legal Abortion) could have been legally killed at fetal age and therefore NONE OF US have any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live since abortion was de-criminalized (each of us was only “allowed” to live, in violation of the clear intention of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to apply human rights to all humans “without distinction of any kind” because “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of ALL members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”).  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.  These “Top 6” facts alone prove far beyond reasonable doubt that “Pro-Choice Abortion” philosophy with its “right-to-kill-humans” has since ancient times been the enemy of Human Rights and Freedoms; has already eliminated everyone’s legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live; and is currently destroying genuine democracy through “Pro-Choice” “Creeping Totalitarian” policies specifically to ensure “abortion access” at the high cost of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms. Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy.

Conclusion: Widespread ignorance these “Top 6” and many other facts of the history and logic that gave us our modern Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms has resulted in the current ever-worsening worldwide trend of “Creeping Totalitarianism” undermining our Western democracies.  EDUCATION IS ALWAYS THE ANTIDOTE TO IGNORANCE, and Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! has produced many educational materials like the in-depth reflective treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack and The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy (and the Antidote to Any Degree of “Creeping Totalitarianism”), supplemented with The New Abolitionist Manifesto of Solidarity, which includes “The Winning Long-Term Strategy for ‘The Culture of Life’ to Win the ‘Cultural War’ with ‘The Culture of Death,’ to Save Humanity Forever from ‘Creeping Totalitarianism.’ ” [The Pledge and Manifesto with the Strategy and other resources are now published in DEMOCRACY  101: A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy, available at] These and other (print and audio) resources exist to equip citizens of our compromised democracies to again THINK about Human Rights and Freedoms from their historical and logical “First Principles,” so that they can last forever because we no longer in ignorance compromise them.  They give a badly needed lesson in the history of ideas to all who love Human Rights and Democracy, so that they have the education they need to effectively work to rebuild the historical and logical foundations of democracy now so badly eroded, to help ensure our grandchildren will be raised in a democracy guarding ALL their Human Rights as Westerners once were.

Western Civilization stands today at a critical “tipping point” in its history where we can either

1) lose our Western democracies to the “Creeping Totalitarianism” unwittingly introduced when de-criminalized abortion and the return of the ancient and ultimately totalitarian “Pro-Choice” (“Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”) philosophy and societal mindset legally negated any Inherent Human Right to Live (the Foundation of all other Human Rights and Freedoms); or else we can

2) preserve Democracy for the long-term by shoring up its badly eroded “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) foundations by constitutionally enshrining the historic Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy (establishing EQUAL human preciousness WITHOUT EXCEPTION which governments are always obligated to protect) and ensuring future generations are properly educated in these principles which ultimately gave us our Human Rights and Freedoms, so that we no longer by small stages gradually and unwittingly disintegrate the foundations of our whole free and democratic way of life in our ignorance. Education is key to restore the traditional societal mindset necessary for lasting Democracy and The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy [Now published in full in DEMOCRACY 101] in particular is a tool in the preservation of Democracy and “Human Rights for All Humans” that both teaches the historic foundational principles that made Democracy possible in the first place and which Democracy needs to last and helps mobilize freedom-lovers to stand together in Solidarity behind it. 

© 2016, 2017 William Baptiste SFO

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[1] Records of the United States Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, United States of America v. Ulrich Greifelt Et Al (Case VIII), October 10, 1947 March 10, 1948; The National Archives, Washington, D.C.

[2] The first quoted phrase is from Article 2; the second quoted phrase is from the very first sentence of the Preamble of The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Despite the unfortunate wording of Article 1 which reads “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” there is no reasonable nor legitimate way to interpret the whole text of the Universal Declaration, especially not in its 1948 historical context, as if it intended to exclude preborn humans from having any human rights so they could be legally aborted; if it did, it would mean human rights are neither “inherent,” “equal,” nor “inalienable” after all, and the whole Declaration is meaningless. It would absurdly mean preborn humans are somehow NOT members of the “human family” that has “inalienable rights,” and therefore none of us have “inherent” nor “inalienable” rights, since all of us started our human lives as preborn humans who could be legally killed by abortion. Article 23 of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy discusses in more detail how de-criminalized abortion is a betrayal of everything the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights intended to accomplish to protect humanity from totalitarianism for the long-term.