Western Civilization at a Critical “Tipping Point”

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Western Civilization at a Critical “Tipping Point”

This introductory chapter has above indicated how great the real danger of eventually losing democracy is IF the “Pro-Choice” trends which have brought us to this point since the re-legalization of abortion criminalized in the 4th Century continue.  But I also want to speak great hope that we still can reverse the increasingly more severe degradation of our democracies and preserve democracy in the West.  What I have learned about Western Civilization in decades of being a student (or teacher/professor) living in it convince me that Western Civilization is right now at a critical “tipping point” where from here we can either continue to slide back towards the “Pro-Choice” totalitarianism that was normal before the 4th Century, or we can come to our senses and explicitly rebuild the implicit “Pro-Life” foundations of all modern human rights and freedoms in order to ensure the continuance of Western democracy for the long-term.  Legal “Pro-Choice” abortion has already robbed ALL OF US of any inherent or necessary human right to live, making all human rights ultimately meaningless, since not all humans have them.  We have only sustained as humane a society as we have so far since then because by the sheer force of habit of centuries we have been “living off the principal” of almost 1700 years of the underlying Western “Pro-Life” assumptions since the 4th Century when abortion was first criminalized.

But with the “Pro-Life” philosophical matrix of human rights and freedoms abandoned about forty years (one standard generation) ago we are starting to exhaust this “Pro-Life principal” and the “Pro-Choice” philosophy replacing it is dragging us more and more back towards the inhumane totalitarianism (belief control) that was common when “Pro-Choice” philosophy ruled in the brutal ancient world.  At this critical “tippling point” where things could still go either way, if the “Pro-Choice” trends since the re-legalization of abortion continue we will see more and more “Pro-Life” citizens who believe in the historical and logical foundations of all human rights and democratic freedoms bullied, disciplined, punished, and silenced (some already have been jailed) for believing in the Pro-Life foundations of democracy.  As Pro-Lifers become more and more persecuted, less and less will be brave enough to stand up for democracy’s Pro-Life foundations, and democracy will be increasingly lost.  The current trend is that already Pro-Choice forces only allow us freedom to believe in the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception (including the preborn) as long we do not effectively say or do anything about it.  But those Pro-Life citizens who can actually effectively do something practical to save human lives or speak up for those humans who have been devalued and refuse to kill them are already being bullied and silenced with fear of losing their funding, their jobs or their freedom.

At the forefront of the current attack on democracy’s very foundations are doctors and other medical professionals who are actually regularly in a position to save human lives at the very least by refusing to participate in killing them.  But in more and more Western jurisdictions and countries this freedom to refuse to kill – and thus freedom of conscience and also free speech – is being taken away from them and replaced with a doctor’s “obligation to kill” (at least facilitating killing by “effective referral” – this happening recently in the jurisdiction I live in first motivated this treatise, but other countries have long ago already so violated the democratic freedoms of doctors who believe in the Pro-Life foundations of democracy).  So the persecution of democracy’s best defenders (who are Pro-Life) is already well under way.  I know many doctors and other medical professionals who are already scared that they can lose their jobs and livelihood if they actually act or speak their belief in the very same Pro-Life principles which (as shown in Chapter 2) historically and logically gave us all our modern human rights and democratic freedoms!  Already medical professionals in many jurisdictions are scared to speak freely against abortion or about valuing every human life they treat lest they be disciplined, which tells you our once-free democracies have already been compromised.  Teachers too have complained to me that they have been warned not to speak Pro-Life values in the classroom or they could lose their jobs.  So already it is only if you believe in killing human lives can you freely speak (just like anti-Semites could freely speak in Nazi Germany but not those who believed in the value of every human life including the preborn and Jews).  In many jurisdictions Pro-Life citizens who are not in the medical profession but are bold enough, knowledgeable enough and articulate enough to effectively save human lives through counselling people against going through with an abortion are already forbidden by Pro-Choice laws to do so anywhere near an abortion clinic, and many have been jailed, temporarily or repeatedly or even long-term, for thus trying to exercise their democratic right to freedom of conscience and freedom of speech to actually speak and advocate for preborn humans whose human rights were legally defined away as Jewish human rights were in Germany, and thus advocate for the Pro-Life foundations of all human rights and modern democracy itself! Western governments are frequently using public tax-payer’s funds to pay for medically unnecessary abortions (which are almost all of them) and even withholding public funds to hospitals which would dare refuse to perform abortions which violate the medical tradition to “do no harm” to human life. All of these Pro-Choice laws and policies of governments and government-regulated bodies are literally anti-democratic and undermine the very foundations of democracy, actually and right now bullying or persecuting citizens to silence them and prevent them from acting or speaking their belief in human rights for all humans and for believing in the Pro-Life principles foundational to modern democracy that all human lives without exception are supremely and equally precious and therefore properly have a democratic say in how they are governed.

Some readers may be disturbed at my pointing out the facts that show that the situation is already much worse, democracy is currently much more seriously threatened, than most people would like to believe, but take heart!  As a life-long student and educator, I believe in the power of education, and I have great hope that the historical facts and logical arguments herein provide the core of “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack.Most people still believe ostensibly in human rights and democratic freedoms as our highest Western values; so all that is necessary is for most people to come to understand what has been forgotten only because the foundations for these wonderful things was laid so long ago: that all our beloved human rights and democratic freedoms depend both historically and logically upon the historic “Pro-Life” principles and cannot be long sustained without them (which is precisely why democracy is currently so threatened within a generation of abandoning them).  At this critical “tipping point” in Western Civilization’s history it is still possible for YOU, dear reader, whatever your current position on life issues, to read and receive this “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” and start using it effectively to ensure the long-term continuance of democracy in Western Civilization by educating yourselves and others with this “education necessary” and ideally organizing into statistically and democratically significant voting blocs who insist from their elected officials (while we still can) that the Pro-Life foundations of all the human rights and freedoms we love be constitutionally enshrined for the sake of guaranteed long-term democracy – because we want to have confidence that our grandchildren will be raised in a democracy as we were and we cannot be at all sure of this as long as Pro-Choice philosophy is integrated into public policy as it was in the brutal ancient world, an integral part of the totalitarian mindset that “human life is cheap and serves the greater State.”


This Treatise Addressed to All

This “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” is addressed to all, whatever their current stance on life issues, so all can learn well where our highest Western values of human rights and democratic freedoms came from, so all may come to know what is necessary to preserve them for the future. This treatise is addressed to all: to those who are already committed “Pro-Life” advocates; to the majority who go along with or at least tolerate the “Pro-Choice” abortion status quo even if they are not avidly committed to it and may even have “Pro-Life” inclinations; and even to committed “Pro-Choice” advocates whom I challenge to read and to consider with intellectual honesty these powerful reasons to become “Pro-Life” in order to guarantee the long continuance of human rights and freedoms for all of us.

To already committed “Pro-Life” advocates this treatise is meant to encourage you and educate you that YOU are the premier defenders of our free and democratic way of life and you have every reason to be CONFIDENT that your “Pro-Life” position is the very core of all human rights and democratic freedoms, therefore you must never let yourselves by bullied by Pro-Choice forces which currently threaten human rights and democracy in the several ways I have here described, but (in concert with others) you must use the “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” provided in this treatise to find little or big ways to help do just that:  preserve our democracies (at the very least by sharing this education vital to the long-term maintenance of democracies with others.  The more people who learn it, the more informed voters will be able to make votes informed by the importance of getting human life issues right for human rights and freedoms to be sustained long-term).

To the majority unconvinced or “on the fence;” to those who may or may not be inclined to be “Pro-Life” but either way go along with or tolerate the Pro-Choice legal abortion status quo at least vaguely because the word “Choice” makes it seems to sound like it has something to do with “freedom” which is a hallmark of democracy:  this treatise is meant to help you off the fence by educating you in the long historical and logical development of Pro-Life ideas which eventually gave us our modern human rights and freedoms and the simple and undeniable fact that a “Pro-Choice” position which gives parents the right to choose to raise or kill their own children historically has nothing at all to do with freedom or democracy, but rather is what Western Civilization had BEFORE modern human rights and freedoms were ever dreamed of and BEFORE the Pro-Life foundations of modern human rights and democracy were ever laid.  The return of the “Pro-Choice” philosophy of the brutal ancient world has already heralded the eventual demise of democracy as in order to ensure Pro-Choice abortion access already our democratic freedoms of conscience and speech are being truncated, starting with our doctors and medical professionals who are already scared to speak freely but not ending there and already Pro-Lifers are being bullied with their funding, jobs, or even freedom being threatened if they do not shut up about the supreme and equal value of all human life without exception which is the basis of our democracies.  This is great reason to get off the fence and defend democracy together with the already committed Pro-Lifers because your own freedom will eventually also depend upon it.

To the many of the “uninvolved” majority who more or less consider yourselves Pro-Life but are not usually actively engaged in promoting the Pro-Life cause, and simply tolerate the current “Pro-Choice” status quo in our laws and policies without realizing the danger, this treatise gives you urgent reason to become actively involved.  Many of you have a religious belief in the sacredness of human life you little act on (though there are also groups of Pro-Life Humanists who though atheists abhor how dangerously illogical Pro-Choice philosophy is in granting human rights to some humans but not all humans).  This treatise hopefully will motivate you to become actively involved not only for the sake of the human lives you already lament being killed (but have done little about it) but also for the sake of your own religious freedom which is in serious danger, as well as to enable the long continuation of democracy itself.

Among committed “Pro-Choice” advocates I recognize two sub-groups: First of all those of you seriously committed to Pro-Choice philosophy because you have been deceived by the Pro-Choice rhetoric of “choice” sounding like “freedom” or confused by the Pro-Choice obfuscation of the scientific, biological reality of the fully human life in the womb whose personhood this treatise shows cannot be reasonably denied (see Chapter 3).  Your group can include those who personally would never choose to have an abortion but think that women should have the “choice” because this on the surface sounds like democracy even though it actually undermines the very foundations of democracy in every human life without exception mattering enough that he or she properly has a democratic say in how he or she is governed (therefore of course he or she matters enough to have a right to live!).  I have hope that you too, if you are intellectually honest enough to seriously read and consider this treatise and not too deaf to the voice of your own conscience, will find in it plenty of solid and logical reasons to change your mind and accept the Pro-Life position is the better, more defensible position, and the most necessary to the long-term maintenance of your own human rights and democratic freedoms (and those of your children and grandchildren).

Second of all I recognize among committed Pro-Choice advocates you who are Pro-Choice primarily because of some self-serving reason that you personally benefit in the short-term from legal abortion even as it undermines everyone’s human rights and freedoms for the long-term.  Your group includes people involved in the many arms of the big money abortion industry who are not in fact ignorant (as most people are) of many of the stomach-turning details of the very inhumane and “profit-motive” ways human lives are treated in the abortion industry and all the other industries that depend on and profit from it.  Your group includes actual abortionists who have no ignorance of what you are doing but personally rend fetal-age humans limb from limb in common vacuum suction abortions (putting together all the severed body parts later to make sure none were missed which could put the mother into septic shock); abortionists who “burn” late-term babies to death in chemical saline abortions or who personally kill young humans in any of several abortion techniques. Your group includes medical personnel who go through piles of dismembered heads feet and arms of human fetal-age baby bodies looking for the baby body parts that you can sell for the most money to other industries to be used in research or product development (notably health and beauty products but also even food testing).  Such people are as old as legal abortion though only recently (with the undercover videos of high-ranking members of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, speaking in mercenary fashion about all the money they intend to make selling dead baby parts) have the general public just started to become aware of this typical inhumane aspect of the abortion industry.  Also among committed Pro-Choicers for self-serving reasons are mothers who do not really care about others’ free choice but who simply desire the convenience of not carrying a child they do not want and do not want to be inconvenienced by long enough to offer for adoption or give them a chance at the human life they themselves enjoy.  Mothers who are fully aware of the young fully human life in their wombs but simply do not care and in self-centered fashion value their personal convenience over human life – those who (unlike many) are not confused or ignorant about what is in their womb because of Pro-Choice propaganda including the long-ago discredited “tissue blob” argument, but who know it is their child (daughter or son) and simply would rather choose to kill their child than choose to love and raise their child (or even allow their child to be raised by someone else willing to adopt and love and raise her or him).  But even for you who are committed “Pro-Choicers” primarily for short-sighted self-serving reasons, who already know the human degradation your industry is involved in (or have already sacrificed your own children to it), since selfless reasons like saving the lives of fellow humans just like you when you were their (fetal) age was not enough to motivate you to be “Pro-Life,” since saving human lives from being killed was not enough to overcome your self-interest enough to be “Pro-Life,” this treatise gives you a selfish reason to become Pro-Life as well – your own democratic freedoms are ultimately at stake if you allow the degradation of the Pro-Life foundations of democracy to continue.  If your “Pro-Choice” stance is primarily motivated not by ignorance of the facts in this treatise but by selfish and short-term concerns, this treatise will challenge you to think of your long-term concerns and realize that you, like everybody else, stands to lose out in the long run if the foundation of all your own human rights and democratic freedoms is allowed to continue to degrade for long enough because Pro-Choice abortion reversed 1630 years of the logical development of modern human rights and freedoms from the starting point of the 318 AD criminalization of abortion to the mature Pro-Life flowering of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights produced the same year legal abortion in Germany was condemned in the Nuremburg Trials as “an inhumane act,” an “act of extermination,” and “a crime against humanity.”  I challenge you who are Pro-Choice for self-serving reasons, because of its immediate personal benefit to you such as your convenience or your job (if you are in the abortion industry), to try to see beyond yourselves to how others are affected by abortion. Human children just like YOU when you were their age are painfully killed by abortion.  And all of us, everyone in our society, are devalued because legal abortion necessarily means our government no longer recognizes in any of us any inherent right to live just for being human – and this is ultimately the greatest danger to all of our human lives and freedom, for how can a free democracy be sustained long-term when the government agrees with every totalitarian state that human life is not inherently precious wherever it exists and (not accountable to any higher principle as in totalitarian states) the government decides which humans are protected from harm and which are not?  Remember democracy developed logically through history only in “Pro-Life” context and needs this context to sustain itself long-term, as proved by the current several attacks on the democratic freedoms of citizens precisely for the reason of ensuring abortion continues.


Human Rights and Human Responsibilities

We must remember there is no such thing as rights without responsibilities. If we have human rights at all, we also have the human responsibility to ensure that all humans have the same human rights we do. Modern democracy depends on human rights, which must be for all humans or else they are meaningless, and it is only because every human life without exception is highly and equally valuable and precious (the “Pro-Life” value which is the historical and logical origin of all human rights) that it makes sense for every human to have a democratic say in how he or she is governed. This is why democracy itself is now described as a “human right” in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The implicit “Pro-Life” origin of modern democracy itself means that any democracy, if it wants to continue as a democracy, can never be a simple “majority rule” where whatever the majority will accept or ask for becomes law.  A bad/inhumane democracy is just as bad as a bad/inhumane monarchy, if either the democracy or the monarchy do not consistently recognize human rights, which must be for all humans without exception or else they are meaningless, since governments are then not accountable to recognize them but can legally deny human rights to some humans as in Nazi Germany or in today’s Pro-Choice context (and once any human lives are legally devalued it logically means none are inherently precious for being human and there is no longer any guarantee of human rights for other humans in the future). Thus any democracy that wants to remain a democracy for the long-term must constitutionally enshrine the “Pro-Life” principles that are the historical and logical ground of all human rights including the human right to democratic say (Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

As indicated above, what it comes down to is “Pro-Choice” Legal Abortion is fundamentally anti-democratic, for it violates the very foundations of democracy (which depends on the historic “Pro-Life” immense and equal value of every human life) in such a way that Democracy and “Pro-Choice” Legal abortion cannot co-exist for the long term – eventually we will either lose legal abortion or we will lose democracy, because ultimately the only way to keep legally killing humans is to oppressively and undemocratically silence the voices of all who value human life and thus object to killing humans. Already those in the medical field who value human life and refuse to kill humans even when it is legal or those who insist on standing up for the human lives being legally killed are being bullied and having their jobs or freedoms threatened or taken away (as in the recent attack on doctors’ freedom which motivated this treatise, an attack which is merely typical of the worldwide Pro-Choice trend). So democracy is already on its way out because of legal abortion (and legal euthanasia). If we really want to keep democracy long-term we have to lose legal abortion instead. Thus it really was eminently sensible that the democracies who won the Second World War condemned legal abortion (even if the mother asked for it) in Nazi Germany as “a crime against humanity” in the same year the same democracies made the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to make sure Nazi atrocities against humanity such as the Death Camps and Legal Abortion (which both mean human life is cheap) never happened again.

Regardless of the superficial dressing in the language of “compassion” in today’s version of Pro-Choice philosophy (which is merely a concession to the underlying Pro-Life assumptions in Western Civilization since the 4th Century), Pro-Choice philosophy both starts and ends with the violation of human rights and freedoms. In order to first of all have the “choice” to raise or kill your child after he or she is conceived it is necessary to violate the first of all human rights, the human right to live, for your child (thus depriving your child of all the other human rights and freedoms as well). And since among those who enjoy the human rights and freedoms which developed in Western Civilization only from the Pro-Life “First Principles” of the immense and equal value of every human life which therefore must be free from government coercion in matters of belief in order to freely seek and find this wonderful truth about human existence, there will always be those who insist on treating every human life as something precious which must be protected, Pro-Choice philosophy by its own inexorable internal logic in order to continue to kill unwanted humans unimpeded necessarily must bully, and threaten, and silence, and violate the human rights and freedoms of all those who are inclined to protect human life as precious wherever it exists, which is precisely what Pro-Choice forces are now doing to Pro-Life citizens starting with the ones in the medical profession who are actually in a position to save human lives.


Doctors for Democracy

It is medical professionals who take care of human lives that are at the forefront of the multi-faceted ignorant Pro-Choice attack on the Pro-Life foundations of democracy, their democratic freedoms the most truncated so far, often scared to speak freely in our compromised democracies.  Thus, as a first practical step towards using this “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” I am forming a movement called “Doctors for Democracy” (see Doctors for Democracy) to help organize doctors and other medical professionals who want to be dedicated healers not killers.  These doctors have the whole weight of the medical tradition behind them, represented by the traditional doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to human life, which Pro-Choice forces somehow managed to get medical colleges to abandon in betrayal of the entire previous medical tradition (removing the TRUST factor inherent in the great medical tradition).   Together in this “Doctors for Democracy” movement, supporting their doctors and other medical professionals, are patients – that means all of us – who WANT our doctors to be dedicated healers, not killers as well as healers, or who even believe we CANNOT TRUST doctors and other medical professionals who are also killers (a well-grounded fear, as European countries who have legal euthanasia have proved that once doctors get used to making the big life-and-death decisions and being killers as well as healers they end up deciding themselves who they will heal or kill by euthanasia, with or without the approval of the patient or the patient’s family, meaning when you go to a hospital in some countries you already cannot be sure that you will not be deliberately euthanized, killed by a doctor deciding your human life is not worth doing all medically possible to save or prolong, without your permission).  This treatise shows how if all of us together defend doctors’ (and other medical professionals’) now compromised individual democratic freedom of conscience and freedom of speech to act and speak the Pro-Life position which motivated many of them to become professional healers of humans in the first place, we are actually also defending the very foundations of all human rights and democratic freedoms in Western Civilization; and us learning, adopting and speaking a solid Pro-Life position as that defined in this treatise is working to help guarantee the long-term maintenance of democracy in a way nothing else canRemember:  Western Civilization is now at a critical “tipping point” where things could go either way:  towards the Pro-Choice loss of democracy to ensure the Pro-Choice “right to kill” human life, or towards the constitutional enshrining of the historic Pro-Life principles which gave us modern human rights and freedoms, in order to guarantee democracy and human rights can be maintained for the long-term.  Western society will either continue the Pro-Choice (and thus Anti-Democracy) trend started when abortion was re-legalized, so our civilization will continue becoming less and less humane and free, bullying and persecuting more Pro-Life doctors and teachers and others in order to ensure uninhibited Pro-Choice abortion access that devalues every human life by denying all of us any inherent human right to live from the moment of each of our life’s conception, or else Western Civilization will finally come back to its senses and act to reverse this trend and explicitly restore the historic “Pro-Life” principles implicitly guiding the whole development of human rights and freedoms to their proper place as the heart of all modern democracy which was only ever possible because the “Pro-Life” principles of the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception and the necessity for each human life to be free from government coercion so as to freely seek and find this wonderful truth about human existence replaced the previous “Pro-Choice” philosophy in the 4th Century. We have maintained much that is humane and free so far only by centuries of “Pro-Life” habits that can no longer be sustained with “Pro-Choice” philosophy guiding us now and so we are at the fragile and delicate “tipping point” that will see Western Civilization swing towards one result or the other:  the ultimate loss of democracy for Pro-Choice reasons or the permanent explicit solidification of democracy for the long-term for the same Pro-Life reasons modern democracy was implicitly founded on.

So none of us can afford to not do what we can to help make sure the balance tips back in favour of protecting human life wherever it exists.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”  If enough good people who were uncomfortable with Hitler’s Nazi policies (including devaluing some human lives therefore making NONE inherently precious) had organized themselves, supported each other, and stood up early enough, they could have stopped the Nazis’ abandonment of the historic “Pro-Life” principles (including by legalizing abortion!) from going to its logical conclusions (if they saw the danger and acted early enough they maybe could have even stopped Hitler’s Nazis from being elected to govern Germany in the first place).  And RIGHT NOW, if enough of us who are uncomfortable where our Western Civilization is heading (including devaluing some human lives therefore making NONE inherently precious) since abortion was legalized 40 years ago, get ourselves organized (such as by joining the “Doctors for Democracy” movement) and support each other (equipping ourselves with a pertinent education such as this treatise provides and spreading this vital education), and stand up together now before things get too out of hand, we CAN stop the degradation of our democracies and preserve them for the long term. The gradual loss of democracy by small stages as in Germany does not have to continue any more than it already has here (see Chapter 4) if we stand up together strongly enough and early enough (which they did not do in Germany).  For one thing, after reading this treatise we can let our political parties know that we are now educated enough in the “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” that we know we would be foolish to vote for any party that does not believe in the historical and logical foundations of democracy which are here shown to be logically necessary for the long-term maintenance of democracy – foundations which are utterly Pro-Life, so any political party that has strayed from its origins (most left and right parties in most democracies at least assumed the historic Western Pro-Life principles when they were founded) must return to their Pro-Life roots if they want freedom-loving citizens who want to keep democracy long-term to vote for them.  We can let our political parties know we are not willing to make the mistake the Germans did in the 1930s by electing a government they knew did not recognize the immense and equal value of every human life without exception which is at the foundation of all modern human rights and freedoms and absolutely vital to maintain democracy for the long run.

Remember, as I wrote above, this is not about partisan politics.  This is about democracy itself. The different traditional “left” and “right” emphases in government, executed wisely and well, can both make the governed people prosper (and executed not so wisely can cause problems for either approach to government).  But whether a party is “left” or “right,” abandoning the Pro-Life principles which developed logically throughout history into modern human rights and democratic freedoms is a death knell for democracy itself which cannot live long-term without the Pro-Life roots that give democracy its life:  every human life without exception is equally precious and therefore no humans should be killed by the whim of the government (as was normal before “Pro-Life” made its debut and in all oppressive or totalitarian States) but human lives wherever they exist (including the womb since 318 AD) should be protected and served by the government and should be free from government coercion in matters of belief so they can freely find this wonderful truth about human value.  If either a right or left party forget these foundational principles of all human rights and democratic freedoms, democracy itself is at risk and voters who want democracy to stay would be very wise to tell their politicians to get back to the Pro-life roots of the high value of all human life which were assumed as a given when our modern democracies were formed.  The “Pro-Life” principles are so foundational to democracy I would even say (as a slogan) “Pro-Life is Pro-Democracy” and “Pro-Life = Democracy.”  Thus it is not only proper that voters tell politicians they will only vote for Pro-Life politicians (because only these truly believe in democracy), but more than this, it is proper for voters to tell politicians they want the “Pro-Life” principles which undergird all human rights and democracy constitutionally enshrined so that for the safety of humanity all politicians are explicitly accountable to hold and act according to the “Pro-Life” principles just like (see Chapter 2) governing rulers were implicitly accountable to that high view of human life for so many centuries during which human rights and freedoms gradually developed from Pro-Life “First Principles” (such that rulers who treated their citizens poorly after the 4th Century adoption of the “Pro-Life” principles were judged harshly for it by history).  We who want democracy to stay long-term CAN make the difference to make it stay.  And at this critical “tipping point” where we can either lose or preserve our democracies the time to start is NOW.  I have assumed that democracy is currently being undermined in our Western public policies mainly through ignorance of the “education necessary to preserve democracy” and not by some deliberate attempt by some “in the shadows” to bring about oppressive States (though history shows we cannot rule this out).  But either way we certainly and fortunately are not (at least not yet) facing open oppression by gun-toting thugs as were those many uncomfortable Germans who failed to stand up together in time to save millions of devalued Jewish human lives (so what is our excuse not to stand up for devalued preborn human lives?).  Remember that ANY devalued human lives logically means NO human lives are any longer recognized by the government as INHERENTLY valuable and precious just for being human, just like in any oppressive totalitarian state, which is precisely WHY to ensure abortion access that kills the devalued preborn human lives we are now seeing more and more totalitarian-style policies which bully into silence and threaten the jobs and livelihood and restrict the democratic freedoms of doctors and teachers and others who would stand up for the devalued humans and refuse to kill or facilitate killing if they had true democratic freedom to do so.  These current policies mean true democratic freedom is starting to become a thing of the past just as in every State (like Russia and Germany) which abandoned the Western “Pro-Life” heritage since the 4th Century.  But most people today still say they believe in human rights and democracy, so they just need to be given “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” demonstrated in this treatise so they can know the reality that historically and logically the “Pro-Life” position is foundational to democracy and the “Pro-Choice” position is fundamentally anti-democratic. Chapter 2 shows how all of history and sound logic is behind the “Pro-Life” position as the origin and the only reasonable guarantor of modern human rights and democratic freedoms.  Chapter 3 shows how all biological and medical science also already supports the “Pro-Life” position as well as does the whole weight of the medical tradition represented by the ancient doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to human lives.  Chapter 4 traces just how Pro-Choice philosophy has already logically led us far along the very same path towards the ultimate loss of democracy they suffered in 1930s Germany after abandoning the Western “Pro-Life” tradition – but not yet so far along that we cannot reverse this negative momentum if we act now!  We must act at this critical “tipping point” or else we can and will lose everything we hold dear, but there is still time if we delay no further in standing up together boldly to proclaim this truth:

Modern human rights and democracy itself depend on the immense and equal value of every human without exception, and human rights and democracy are therefore fundamentally incompatible with either the legal enslavement or the legal extermination or killing of any humans.  This fundamental incompatibility is why the democratic rights and freedoms of doctors and others who object to killing humans (by abortion or euthanasia including “assisted suicide”) have to be trampled by current bullying policies that silence those who object in order to ensure humans can be legally killed by abortion or euthanasia without any impediment.  Just like slavery could not be maintained side by side with democracy for the long term and the fundamental incompatibility had to be resolved either for democracy and against slavery (as it was) or else for slavery and against democracy, so the only way to keep legal abortion (or euthanasia) for the long-term is to ultimately sacrifice democracy for it.

Only if the democratic freedom of conscience to value all human life (which is the historic and logical ground of democracy) is oppressively expunged can legal abortion remain unimpeded for the long-term.  This is simply because the very same historic “Pro-Life” principle of the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception which Western Civilization first learned and adopted in the 4th Century caused abortion to be criminalized for the first time in 318 AD; caused Abolitionists to incessantly pester their governments for the abolition of slavery until slavery was finally outlawed in Western countries; and will continue to cause clear-thinking people of good conscience to likewise pester their governments for the re-criminalization of abortion until it is once again outlawed in order to guarantee the long-term continuance of our modern human rights and freedoms which only ever became possible after abortion was first banned in 318 AD signaling the end of the ancient “Pro-Choice” mindset that human life is cheap which is why parents were free to choose to raise or kill their own children (and governments were also free to choose to enslave or kill citizens they also felt were “inconvenient”).  Legal abortion which was sensibly condemned at Nuremberg as a Nazi War Crime in 1948, the same year that gave us the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to help ensure human rights were never again violated as they were by the Nazi Death Camps and by legal abortion in Nazi Germany, is not worth the ultimate loss of democracy that can be the only logical end result of legal abortion – and with this treatise now no one has an excuse not to know this and to continue ignorantly eroding our democracies for the sake of legal abortion with its ultimately ancient, brutal and illusory version of “freedom” and “choice.”


© 2015 William Baptiste SFO

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