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The new book DEMOCRACY 101: A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy is currently scheduled to be released in October 2017 (new laws passed June  2017 where the author lives step up “Creeping Totalitarianism” to the next democracy-destroying level  —  once strictly implemented these laws will eventually mean citizens will LIVE IN FEAR of being REPORTED for holding some of the TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES all Western Human Rights and democratic freedoms were historically and logically built on, so the author is motivated to get this book published “under emergency conditions” as soon as possible).

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Pre-orders can now be made by calling 1(613)761-0147 or e-mailing democracystore@yahoo.com. Please have the information ready which is requested on the below Pre-order card (which is used at Seminars held by the author)

This book can be read individually or, to more quickly spread “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack,” copies can be ordered for use in “LASTING DEMOCRACY STUDY NIGHTS” in your area! Anyone can host these meetings for local groups of people all over the world to read and discuss Democracy 101 and thereby become educated CONFIDENT CHAMPIONS of Human Rights, religious freedom, and Democracy itself against all current trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism.” (click this link for more details)

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