Lasting Democracy Study Nights



YOU Can Learn to Help STOP the “Creeping Totalitarianism” eating away Human Rights, Religious Freedom and Democracy itself by coming to LASTING DEMOCRACY STUDY NIGHTS where you will learn the traditional Western Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and receive “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack.”

Anyone who wants Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms to last long-term can help that happen simply by reading, taking, and spreading to others knowledge of Democracy 101:  A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy, thereby becoming a “Democracy Pledger.”  Those who want to do more can choose to be Volunteer Democracy Leaders in their city or town/area, and one of the best ways to do this (other than by spreading literature and promotional materials about the Pledge, starting with gathering places of those who already believe in and support the traditional Western values Human Rights and Freedoms are built on), is to organize, advertise/promote, host (or find someone to host) and lead/facilitate (or find someone better suited to lead/facilitate) Lasting Democracy Study Nights. 

At these events, which ideally can be done weekly at a regular time and place (otherwise monthly or sporadically), people interested in learning about and/or doing something about “Creeping Totalitarianism” so Democracy can last, can do so by reading together and discussing Democracy 101, which includes The New Abolitionist Manifesto of Solidarity, and/or reading the treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack they are based on, the various optional supplements, or other materials with similar themes.  This is an important part of EDUCATING the citizens/electorate in any democracy compromised by “Creeping Totalitarianism” in the knowledge of where Human Rights and Freedoms come from and what they need to last (so they can), imparting a solid understanding of the First Principles underlying all Democratic Freedoms — which happen to be the same principles underlying the original Abolitionist crusade to end legal slavery, and the same principles inspiring the Solidarity movement to undermine hardline Communist totalitarianism in the Eastern Bloc (leading to the bloodless fall of Soviet totalitarianism, hence The New Abolitionist Manifesto of Solidarity as the title of the work which lays down “The Winning Long-Term Strategy for ‘The Culture of Life’ to Win the ‘Cultural War’ with ‘The Culture of Death,’ to Save Humanity Forever from ‘Creeping Totalitarianism.’ ”

Ideally, once a Lasting Democracy Study Night group finishes reading and discussing together whichever work(s) it advertised it was doing, after taking a shorter or longer break, another session will start again to draw a new group.  Perhaps an ONGOING GROUP at a regular weekly time and place which people join and leave once they are done, cycling through the above documents and then starting over, can be sustained in some places.  The “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” can be well proliferated through such groups.  If the night or location is bad for you, consider starting another Lasting Democracy Study Night in a closer area of your city or at a more convenient day and time!



In the future, this new page will have some suggested templates for posters and so on advertising Lasting Democracy Study Nights (the poster used for the first group in Ottawa is available to view HERE).

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