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The easiest way to donate is to become a patron of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! by going to:

and clicking “become a patron” – other options are listed below

Your donations will help preserve democracy around the globe so it weathers the current attacks on human rights and freedoms so that democracy lasts for the long-term.  Your donations support Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! in its various efforts to educate and coordinate and equip an effective response to all threats of “Creeping Totalitarianism” so that democracy can last, including those efforts managed or promoted on this website, such as Doctors for Democracy, Celebrate Human Life Centers, and the continued development and eventual formal publication of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and the Treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack and the development of lecture series and courses (with media support) based on this important content to best spread this important “education necessary to preserve democracy.”  Your donations will help to promote and distribute this education vital to human rights and freedoms for the long-term in various formats, including by supporting the development and distribution of audio recordings, booklets, pamphlets, posters, lawn signs, bumper stickers etc (and the Flag of Democracy) which will be made available to order at the Democracy Store.

Credit Card donations can now be made over the phone by calling 1(613)761-0147 (a local Ottawa, Canada number.  If long-distance is a problem, E-mail to make other arrangements). We hope soon to have a “button” on this page for secure credit card donations.

The best way to donate on a regular basis (even as little as $1/month, which adds up, especially when you encourage all your friends who want democracy and human rights to last to do the same) is to become a patron of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! by going to:

and clicking “become a patron”

For one-time or occasional donations Go To

Other Donation Options

E-mail or call 1 (613) 761-0147 for donation options, Democracy Store and all other inquiries.

Canadian Bank Account Holders can donate by Interac E-Transfer to:


Questions about donation options can also be sent to these e-mail addresses.


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Read then Take The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy  For an In-depth Education in Preserving Democracy Now Under Attack Go To The Treatise .  To participate in spreading the Pledge in your country Go to Volunteers and/or Donations for Democracy and/or the Democracy Store

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