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[See Article 11 of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy for a more recent discussion of how the Hippocratic Medical Tradition supports Human Rights and Democracy and how to re-establish it so Human Rights and Freedoms can last]

[A Patient’s Statement and a Medical Professional’s Statement of Support for Doctors for Democracy in the Hippocratic Tradition is planned for development.  Feedback from doctors, medical professionals, and patients is welcome!]

Doctors for Democracy is a movement of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, and PATIENTS (that means ANYBODY ELSE) who believe in the great medical tradition represented by the traditional doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to not harm or kill their patients, who thus believe that doctors should be dedicated healers and not killers.

But in more and more jurisdictions doctors and other medical professionals are now being undemocratically forced or pressured by bullying tactics threatening their jobs or funding to give up their democratic freedom of conscience and freedom of speech and freedom to be dedicated healers who do not kill in accordance with the great medical tradition, in some cases now even “obligated to kill” at least as an accomplice by “effective referral” for abortion or “assisted suicide” euthanasia which are somehow now inaccurately described as “medical services” even though they violate the great medical tradition to “do no harm” to human lives.

The Doctors for Democracy movement (which began right here on this Protect Human Rights and Freedoms website) recognizes that the democratic rights and freedoms of medical professionals (who are now often scared to speak freely) are being trampled as a direct and logical result of the de-criminalization of abortion, because all human rights and democratic freedoms historically and logically depend upon the criminalization of abortion in 318 AD because all human lives without exception were no longer considered cheap, serving a greater State, but at that time began to be recognized as supremely and equally precious, which value led ultimately through history in a logical progression to every human life without exception (including preborn humans) first being protected by governments (which used to enslave or kill their own citizens) and eventually led to every human life properly having a democratic say in how he or she is governed.

“Pro-Choice” philosophy is not new but it was the ancient norm for parents to have the right to choose to raise or kill their own children — and it was similarly normal for governments to have the right to choose to enslave or kill their citizens whom they similarly deemed “inconvenient.”  Re-legalizing abortion reversed 1630 years of the logical development of modern human rights and freedoms from the starting point of the 318 AD criminalization of abortion to the mature “Pro-Life” flowering of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights produced the same year legal abortion in Germany was condemned in the Nuremburg Trials as “an inhumane act,” an “act of extermination,” and “a crime against humanity.”  Human children just like EACH ONE OF US when we were their (fetal) age are painfully killed by abortion.  And all of us, everyone in our society, are now devalued because legal abortion necessarily means our government no longer recognizes in any of us any inherent right to live just for being human – and this is ultimately the greatest danger to all of our human lives and freedom, for how can a free democracy be sustained long-term when the government agrees with every totalitarian state that human life is not inherently precious wherever it exists and (not accountable to any higher principle as in totalitarian states) the government decides which humans are protected from harm and which are not As shown in the treatise The Education Necessary To Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack, democracy developed logically through history only in “Pro-Life” context and needs this context to sustain itself long-term, as proved by the current several attacks on the democratic freedoms of citizens (especially doctors) precisely for the reason of ensuring abortion continues.

Against the great medical tradition of doctors being dedicated healers not killers, trends of the last decades have seen medical colleges no longer make doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to the human lives who are their patients, and have made doctors into killers of young humans by abortion, especially of handicapped humans who doctors now pester mothers to abort so they do not have to be treated for their conditions with quality medical care.

Our democracies have already been compromised by legal abortion. Right now in our Western democracies many doctors and other health care professionals are actually scared to speak freely about the very high regard they have for all the human lives they treat (which motivated many of them to enter the medical profession in the first place), because they can lose their funding or their jobs or otherwise face negative consequences if they oppose or speak out against legal abortion (which devalues preborn human lives) or euthanasia in their jurisdictions.    Anti-semites could freely speak their values in Nazi Germany, but those who valued all human lives and objected to the legal devaluing of Jewish humans could not.  Why should only doctors who do not want to be dedicated healers and are willing to kill legally devalued human lives, against the whole weight of the medical tradition to “do no harm,” be allowed to freely speak their values without negative consequences in our supposedly democratic Western countries?

[The following is from the Doctors for Democracy section concluding Chapter 1 of the treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack]

It is medical professionals who take care of human lives that are at the forefront of the multi-faceted ignorant Pro-Choice attack on the Pro-Life foundations of democracy, their democratic freedoms the most truncated so far, often scared to speak freely in our compromised democracies.  Thus, as a first practical step towards using this “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” I am forming a movement called “Doctors for Democracy” to help organize doctors and other medical professionals who want to be dedicated healers not killers.  These doctors have the whole weight of the medical tradition behind them, represented by the traditional doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to human life, which Pro-Choice forces somehow managed to get medical colleges to abandon in betrayal of the entire previous medical tradition.  Together in this “Doctors for Democracy” movement, supporting their doctors and other medical professionals, are patients – that means all of us – who WANT our doctors to be dedicated healers, not killers as well as healers, or who even believe we CANNOT TRUST doctors who are also killers (a well-grounded fear, as European countries who have legal euthanasia have proved that once doctors get used to making the big life-and-death decisions and being killers as well as healers they end up deciding themselves who they will heal or kill by euthanasia, with or without the approval of the patient or the patient’s family, meaning when you go to a hospital in some countries you already cannot be sure that you will not be deliberately euthanized, killed by a doctor deciding your human life is not worth doing all medically possible to save or prolong, without your permission).  This treatise shows how if all of us together defend doctors’ (and other medical professionals’) individual democratic freedom of conscience and freedom of speech to act and speak the Pro-Life position which motivated many of them to become professional healers of humans in the first place, we are actually also defending the very foundations of all human rights and democratic freedoms in Western Civilization; and us learning, adopting and speaking a solid Pro-Life position as that defined in this treatise is working to help guarantee the long-term maintenance of democracy in a way nothing else can.  Remember:  Western Civilization is now at a critical “tipping point” where things could go either way:  towards the Pro-Choice loss of democracy to ensure the Pro-Choice “right to kill” human life, or towards the constitutional enshrining of the historic Pro-Life principles which gave us modern human rights and freedoms, in order to guarantee democracy and human rights can be maintained for the long-term.  Western society will either continue the Pro-Choice (and thus Anti-Democracy) trend started when abortion was re-legalized, so our civilization will continue becoming less and less humane and free, bullying and persecuting more Pro-Life doctors and others in order to ensure uninhibited Pro-Choice abortion access that devalues every human life by denying all of us any inherent human right to live from the moment of each of our life’s conception, or else Western Civilization will finally come back to its senses and act to reverse this trend and explicitly restore the historic “Pro-Life” principles implicitly guiding the whole development of human rights and freedoms to their proper place as the heart of all modern democracy which was only ever possible because the “Pro-Life” principles of the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception and the necessity for each human life to be free from government coercion so as to freely seek and find this wonderful truth about human existence replaced the previous “Pro-Choice” philosophy in the 4th Century. We have maintained much that is humane and free so far only by centuries of “Pro-Life” habits that can no longer be sustained with “Pro-Choice” philosophy guiding us now and so we are at the fragile and delicate “tipping point” that will see Western Civilization swing towards one result or the other:  the ultimate loss of democracy for Pro-Choice reasons or the permanent explicit solidification of democracy for the long-term for the same Pro-Life reasons modern democracy was implicitly founded on.  So none of us can afford to not do what we can to help make sure the balance tips back in favour of protecting human life wherever it exists.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”  If enough people who were uncomfortable with Hitler’s Nazi policies (including devaluing some human lives) had organized themselves, supported each other, and stood up early enough, they could have stopped the Nazis’ abandonment of the historic “Pro-Life” principles from going to its logical conclusions.  And RIGHT NOW, if enough of us who are uncomfortable where our Western Civilization is heading (including devaluing some human lives) since abortion was legalized 40 years ago, get ourselves organized (such as by joining the “Doctors for Democracy” movement) and support each other (equipping ourselves with a pertinent education such as this treatise provides and spreading this vital education), and stand up together now before things get too out of hand, we CAN stop the degradation of our democracies and preserve them for the long term. The gradual loss of democracy by small stages as in Germany does not have to continue any more than it already has here if we stand up together strongly enough and early enough (which they did not do in Germany).  We CAN make the difference.  And the time to start is NOW.  We are fortunately not (at least not yet) facing gun-toting Nazi thugs like those many uncomfortable Germans who failed to stand up together in time for devalued Jewish human lives (so what is our excuse not to stand up for devalued preborn human lives?).  Remember that ANY devalued human lives logically means NO human lives are any longer recognized by the government as INHERENTLY valuable and precious just for being human, just like in any totalitarian state, which is precisely WHY to ensure abortion access that kills the devalued preborn human lives we are seeing more and more totalitarian-style policies which restrict the democratic freedoms of doctors and others who would stand up for the devalued humans and refuse to kill or facilitate killing if they had true democratic freedom.  These policies mean true democratic freedom is starting to become a thing of the past just as in every State (like Russia and Germany) which abandoned the Western “Pro-Life” heritage since the 4th Century.  But most people today still say they believe in human rights and democracy, so they just need to be given “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” demonstrated in this treatise so they can know the reality that historically and logically the “Pro-Life” position is foundational to democracy and the “Pro-Choice” position is fundamentally anti-democratic. Chapter 2 (of The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack)  shows how all of history and sound logic is behind the “Pro-Life” position as the origin and the only reasonable guarantor of modern human rights and democratic freedoms.  Chapter 3 shows how all biological and medical science also already supports the “Pro-Life” position as well as does the whole weight of the medical tradition represented by the ancient doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to human lives.  Chapter 4 traces just how Pro-Choice philosophy has already logically led us far along the very same path towards the ultimate loss of democracy they suffered in 1930s Germany after abandoning the Western “Pro-Life” tradition – but not yet so far along that we cannot reverse this negative momentum if we act now!  We must act at this critical “tipping point” or else we can and will lose everything we hold dear, but there is still time if we delay no further in standing up together boldly to proclaim this truth: Modern human rights and democracy itself depend on the immense and equal value of every human without exception, and both are therefore fundamentally incompatible with either the legal enslavement or the legal extermination or killing of any humans.  This fundamental incompatibility is why the democratic rights and freedoms of doctors and others who object to killing humans (by abortion or euthanasia or “assisted suicide”) have to be trampled by current bullying policies that silence those who object in order to ensure humans can be legally killed by abortion or euthanasia without any impediment.  Just like slavery could not be maintained side by side with democracy for the long term and the fundamental incompatibility had to be resolved either for democracy and against slavery (as it was) or else for slavery and against democracy, so the only way to keep legal abortion (or euthanasia) for the long-term is to ultimately sacrifice democracy for it.  Only if the democratic freedom of conscience to value all human life (which is the historic and logical ground of democracy) is oppressively expunged can legal abortion remain unimpeded for the long-term.  This is simply because the very same historic “Pro-Life” principle of the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception which Western Civilization first learned and adopted in the 4th Century caused abortion to be criminalized for the first time in 318 AD; caused Abolitionists to incessantly pester their governments for the abolition of slavery until slavery was finally outlawed in Western countries; and will continue to cause clear-thinking people of good conscience to likewise pester their governments for the re-criminalization of abortion until it is once again outlawed in order to guarantee the long-term continuance of our modern human rights and freedoms which only ever became possible after abortion was first banned in 318 AD signaling the end of the ancient “Pro-Choice” mindset that human life is cheap which is why parents were free to choose to raise or kill their own children (and governments were also free to choose to kill citizens they also felt were “inconvenient”).  Legal abortion which was sensibly condemned as a Nazi War Crime in 1948, the same year that gave us the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to help ensure human rights were never again violated as they were by the Nazi Death Camps and by legal abortion in Nazi Germany, is not worth the ultimate loss of democracy that can be the only logical end result of legal abortion – and now no one has an excuse not to know this and to continue ignorantly eroding our democracies for the sake of legal abortion with its ultimately ancient, brutal and illusory version of “freedom” and “choice.”


© 2015 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

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