Democracy Partners

Might You or Your Organization / Company Become a Democracy Partner with Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!  ?

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Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! is brand new and so far has few resources other than the (world-changing!) Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and the other key documents which are the basis of this worldwide grassroots movement to save Western democracies from eventually falling to “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  But a worldwide grassroots movement such as is necessary to preserve Western democracy cannot be planned and executed by one organization anyway.  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! for certain has started this movement, and plans to continue to develop and eventually formally publish the Pledge and the other key documents of the movement, eventually publish and distribute more and more promotional resources, and so on.  But for the movement to have the necessary worldwide reach to save democracy from current anti-democratic trends (“free fall” in some jurisdictions!) will require other organizations, other companies, of concerned human-life-and-freedom-loving citizens, to be working to promote the movement as well (and in different languages in different compromised democracies all over the world).  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! has developed and is still developing dynamite content for this movement to save threatened democracy, but needs to collaborate with other Democracy Partners — resourceful persons and already-established organizations with their resources — to make the movement grow most effectively to combat “Creeping Totalitarianism.”

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