Celebrate Human Life! Centers

A Call for Celebrate Human Life! Centers in Every City and Country

As an important long-term strategy to make sure our compromised Western democracies not only successfully weather the current worldwide trend of “Creeping Totalitarianism,” but after doing so never have to see human rights and freedoms degraded to this current “critical tipping point” again, Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! encourages every city in every country to make a Celebrate Human Life! Center wherein the current, cutting edge rich medical science about human life during every stage of the human life-cycle is clearly displayed in large full-color photographs and informational text and media.  Also displayed will be the cutting edge medical science about medical advances in helping humans to overcome the limitations of injuries, illnesses and other physical or psychological/behavioral handicaps or disorders so as to live satisfying and meaningful lives despite their disorder/handicap, and displays on what kinds of proper medical palliative care exist to increase the comfort and ease the suffering of those near the end of their valuable human lives, who are in the final, active stages of dying.  Just this simple, purely scientific medical information will do a huge amount to counteract the gross ignorance of the scientific “facts of life” which has allowed “Creeping Totalitarianism” and legal human-killing (as in all Totalitarian States) into our democracies since the Inherent Human Right to Live, the foundational human right upon which all other human rights and democratic freedoms depends, ceased to be legally recognized in most countries (the second those countries de-criminalized abortion which had been illegal since 318 AD.  This 4th Century banning of abortion and infanticide because human life was no longer considered cheap but precious, is what had allowed our modern Western human rights and freedoms to develop gradually but logically from the starting point of the legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which governments since 318 AD were always obligated to protect right from the womb (and ultimately serve, eventually giving each such precious human a democratic vote once they grew up).

The legal abortion which logically cancels out the Inherent Human Right to Live has recently been logically followed in many countries with de-criminalized euthanasia/”assisted suicide” to kill born humans too, instead of helping them overcome the initial shock and dismay of newly acquired handicaps or disorders with the cutting edge medical techniques and therapies to help one work with or around whatever temporary or permanent limitations they suffer because their human lives are precious gifts WORTH taking care of and not “burdens” which are “better off dead.”  Since the Traditional Hippocratic Oath of doctors to not kill or harm their human patients (which always included the “second patient” in the womb whenever a pregnant woman saw a doctor), which for 2400 years established the basis of patient/doctor TRUST, is violated by both legal abortion and legal euthanasia, Celebrate Human Life! Centers will also encourage Traditional Hippocratic doctors who can be trusted not to kill patients to set up medical offices and clinics and services in the same building, so that patients know they have somewhere safe to go in every city to get medical attention from doctors who are not killers.  Medical colleges have not made doctors take the Traditional Hippocratic Oath to not kill or harm patients since abortion was de-criminalized, but the current trend in more and more jurisdictions to not only give doctors “license to kill,” but to actually give them the “obligation to kill,” requiring doctors to participate in human-killing at least by “effective referral” to a killing doctor or else lose their jobs and livelihood, shows how bad the “Creeping Totalitarianism” in our compromised Western democracies is getting, since these doctors are citizens who are having their democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans taken away, all in order to make sure access to human-killing “services” like abortion and euthanasia/”assisted suicide” are unimpeded by the pesky morals of citizens who believe that all human life is precious (which is the historical and logical foundation of Democracy).  The doctor’s “right to kill humans” now supersedes the traditional doctor’s obligation to protect humans, and supersedes the doctor’s democratic right to not be a killer.  Democracy cannot last in this situation which just logically follows the loss of the Inherent Human Right to Live since abortion was de-criminalized (even if not all democracies have yet degraded to this point); so this shows how necessary it is for people to have a place to go to really learn all about human life and why it is so special, worth treating and not killing, and worth protecting at all stages of the human life cycle and in all conditions of health (including easing the suffering of the final active stages of dying with proper palliative care, without actually killing patients in violation of Traditional Hippocratic Oath and in violation of the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy described in the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy.

Celebrate Human Life! Centers will also, with large, colorful displays, go through high points in the history of the long and gradual but logical development of our modern human rights and democratic freedoms.  Just this positive entirely scientific and historical factual presentation concerning human life, educating many citizens  about human life and why to celebrate it will go a long way to help change the negative attitudes towards human life as a burden rather than as always a gift which are currently undermining the whole foundation of our democracies.  However, a separated area (a basement would be symbolic of the descent from the human life-affirming principles which gave us our human rights and democratic freedoms) with displays concerning particular dark times when human rights and human personhood were denied to some humans of various categories, always involving great injustice, would also be an important aspect of the Celebrate Human Life! Centers, to make sure people really realize the simple logic that human rights are for all humans or else they are meaningless; logically human rights must inhere in ALL humans or else they inhere in NO humans, for there is no Inherent Human Right to Live which governments are always obligated to protect if human rights are only for some humans.  And in history human rights and legally recognized human personhood have been denied to several categories of humans, always with great injustice: Black humans who were enslaved; Native American humans who were mistreated in various ways; female humans who were denied democratic vote; Jewish humans who were denied the right to live in the Nazi Regime; handicapped humans who were also denied the right to live in the Nazi Regime (and anywhere, as in the Nazi Regime, that euthanasia is legal); and preborn humans who are denied legal human personhood and the Inherent Human Right to Live wherever abortion is legal.  This last is actually the bigotry against the Human Race (while the others are just bigotry against some groups of humans), because EVERY HUMAN was once a preborn human; so the Inherent Human Right to Live is not just denied to those preborn humans who are actually aborted; Legal Abortion logically means NONE OF US (who were all once fetal age) have any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Livewhich is why we ultimately can never be certain that our “Pro-Choice” (“Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”) government will continue to protect our human lives.  Already more categories of humans who once were protected are no longer with legal euthanasia in many countries, particularly the handicapped (who were likewise threatened by legal euthanasia in Nazi Germany).  The “Creeping Totalitarianism” represented by de-criminalizing euthanasia and “assisted suicide” is just another step towards full-blown totalitarianism, just because ANY government which thinks it has the right to legislate the value of human lives and thinks it has the right to legislate human life and death has already abandoned the governmental OBLIGATION to protect (and ultimately serve) always-precious human lives which is the entire historical context of the gradual development of modern Human Rights and Freedoms.  Such governments are already like Totalitarian States which have always similarly decided themselves WHICH human lives are valuable or not, and WHICH human lives it will protect or not.

Already, like in oppressive Totalitarian States, humans legally devalued by the government which holds power of life and death over humans are dying daily in our compromised democracies with “Creeping Totalitarian” governments and societies which have forgotten the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy articulated in The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy.  The only way to turn this around so that humans can be the winners in the end is to educate enough citizens in where Human Rights and Freedoms actually come from that these educated citizens help to change the societal notions about human life back to those which can sustain Human Rights and Democracy long-term.  Spreading The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy is one part of the strategy of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to save democracy and Celebrate Human Life! Centers is another.

Celebrate Human Life! Centers in every city will never not be needed, even after Western societies and governments come to their senses and re-criminalize euthanasia and abortion, because after this victory for humanity is won they must stand like Holocaust Memorials to remind Western society to never again forget what Human Life is, and what Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms are built on and what they need to last.  This is another reason to when possible have active medical offices or clinics staffed by Traditional Hippocratic doctors in the Centers, to make sure people keep coming to where they will be reminded of the supreme and equal preciousness of every human life which is the ground of Democracy (and the professionals can contribute to the maintenance of the already-paid-for displays).

Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! intends for this new page to help get the idea of making such Celebrate Human Life! Centers in every city in every country “out there,” and intends to be a “hub” to help connect people who are motivated to start one – big or small – in their city.  Eventually, as display and other resources are made (or translated) in one city that can be used as a template for other cities, we will be able to connect interested persons also with resources for setting up a Center.  Existing centers will be advertised here on the Protect Human Rights and Freedoms website to let people know if and where one exists in their vicinity.   A dedicated e-mail for “celebratehumanlifecenters” will eventually be made, but in the meantime interested persons can e-mail doctors4democracy@yahoo.com to express their interest and ask questions about setting up a center.  It took decades for Democracy to be so threatened as it is now, so it will take some time to repair the damage, and it will take a lot of motivated people all over the world to be working on it.  “Spreading the Pledge” and spreading the idea of Celebrate Human Life! Centers and helping to make them come to be in your city are things that people can do wherever they are for this great purpose of saving human rights and freedoms for our grandchildren and beyond.  So we encourage you to get involved, and we will do our best to help you get coordinated in these tasks!

© 2016 William Baptiste SFO

Read then Take The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy.  For an In-depth Education in Preserving Democracy Now Under Attack Go To The Treatise .  To participate in spreading the Pledge in your country Go to Volunteers and/or Donations for Democracy and/or the Democracy Store