How Shockingly Totalitarian-oriented Things are in Canada’s Most Populous Province

Even the U.S. State Department has been noticing that new Canadian laws and policies (especially in Canada’s most populous province of Ontario) are a threat to religious freedom in Canada (see article) .  With the Ontario election coming up so close (June 7) it is important to review some of the many aspects of totalitarian-oriented governing which the 41st Ontario Parliament the last 4 years (with some help from the Canadian federal government which is similarly totalitarian-oriented) has perpetrated upon “the people” who the government is supposed to represent .  All freedom-loving countries should take warning from Ontario’s advanced case of  ‘Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans’ ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ out of control.

Thus I reprint here how I explained the current Ontario situation to Americans:

April 29, 2018: Explaining the Current Ontario, Canada Situation to American Scholars Makes One Realize How Shockingly Totalitarian-oriented Things are Here in Canada’s Most Populous Province

by William Baptiste,

Founder and Director, Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!

Author: DEMOCRACY 101:  A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy

Since 2015 here in Ontario, Canada, doctors have had their democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans by abortion and euthanasia taken away. Remembering that the first modern nation to de-criminalize both human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia was Nazi Germany, it really is no surprise that free speech to object to the legal killing of humans is also being taken away, as in Nazi Germany.  Not only doctors, but peaceful Pro-Life Human Rights advocates have had their democratic freedoms of assembly, speech, expression, and religion rescinded anywhere within up to 150 metres/500 feet of a human-killing abortion facility where their voice for Human Rights is most pertinent [Ontario Bill 163 now law].  Ontario politicians (like many in other places) are so woefully uneducated in Human Rights History that they have not a clue that the 1948 Declaration of Geneva, specifically to prevent any return of de-humanizing Nazi atrocities including human-killing legal abortion and human-killing legal euthanasia, re-affirmed the ancient non-killing Hippocratic Medical Tradition with the doctor’s promise, “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception” – in the same year that produced the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

My historical and logical analysis of the Universal Declaration in my new book DEMOCRACY 101 makes excessively clear there is no intelligent nor intellectually honest way to interpret the Declaration that allows for human-killing abortion, but Ontario politicians (as many elsewhere) are as uneducated in the Science of Logic as they are in Human Rights History. [Note that the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights published my 24-page paper entitled Scholarly Response to (Followed by Logical Analysis of) the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee’s revised draft “General comment No. 36 on article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on the right to life,” which includes an earlier form of my analysis, on the UN Commissioner’s website at].

So, despite all Human Rights History and the non-killing history of the Medical Tradition, Ontario doctors must facilitate human-killing (illogically and asininely mis-defined as “health care”) against their conscience or else they can lose their licenses to be doctors, lose their jobs and livelihood.   [This lack of the usual democratic conscience protection initially came from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) interpreting government guidelines, and was later affirmed in Ontario Bill 84 now law.]  The Ontario Superior Court in January 2018 actually agreed these regulations restrict doctors’ religious freedom supposedly guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; but the Ontario judiciary are apparently just as uneducated in Human Rights History, Biological Science, and Logic as are the politicians, because the Court somehow considers the restriction of religious freedom “justified” in the case of (human-killing ridiculously redefined as) “health care” – in gross violation not only of the Charter (and logic) but of the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition to “do no harm” because doctors do not kill patients (and in complete ignorance of the fact the oldest known form of the Hippocratic Oath, which for millennia established the basis of doctor/patient trust, specifically prohibited the abortion-killing of humans.  And ignorance of the fact the Nazis were condemned at Nuremberg precisely for legal abortion, described as “an inhumane act” and “a crime against humanity”).

Yes, ignorance reigns here in Ontario where the Pro-Choice “right-to-kill-humans” now supersedes rights to religious freedom to treat all humans as equally precious – even though Western Human Rights and democratic freedoms only became possible when the brutal ancient West first learned [from Christianity] to treat humans as equally precious – and so first criminalized abortion and infanticide in 318 AD.  Human life was generally protected from the womb by law or custom in the West until totalitarian Soviet Russia first de-criminalized human-killing abortion in 1920, followed by totalitarian Nazi Germany in 1934 – before both governments committed the two largest genocides of born humans in history, and logically so, because legal abortion had already cancelled out any legally recognized equal inherent Human Right to live, which is foundational to modern Democracy.

In possibly the worst, or most advanced case of the current worldwide trend of ‘Creeping Totalitarianism,’ Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal Government, instead of acting like a healthy democratic government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” has consistently acted like a Totalitarian One-Party System, misusing her majority that can outvote all other parties combined to actually enforce Party Ideology on all the people, just like totalitarian States do.  Her Liberal Government has even instituted totalitarian-style belief-control in the form of forced indoctrination of schoolchildren in radically anti-traditional sexual values with no history in the culture, and pseudo-science with no grounding in real science, against loud and wide parental protests, and without any democratic mandate to do so (she did not campaign by honestly saying “vote for us and we will teach your children the non-traditional values we think they should have” – she is just doing it anyway).  Her government even sent lawyers to ensure parents do not have any right to “opt out” their children from receiving this government indoctrination, like in totalitarian States [the Steve Tourloukis case].  Even worse, this radically anti-traditional and pseudo-scientific “sexual education” curriculum was designed by a since-convicted pedophile sexual abuser and child pornographer [Benjamin Levin, former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, former Canada Research Chair in Education Leadership and Policy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education].  This pedophile-designed curriculum which (to pedophiles’ delight) over-sexualizes children very early (and prepares them for pedophile sexual advances – “sexual consent” taught in school as early as 1st Grade) is being imposed on schoolchildren province-wide (and parents lost in court any right to “opt out” their children, or to even know when controversial things against Traditional Western/Judeo-Christian Values are being taught to their children).

There has been much ultimately totalitarian-oriented legislation passed in Ontario (even moreso than elsewhere in Canada, though other provinces have more than their fair share), much of it also along the lines of putting the State in between parents and their children, as if the State owns the children and parents are not the primary educators and protectors of their own children – just like in totalitarian States.

Unfortunately, the Liberal Government was able to so easily do so much damage to democracy in Ontario the last 4 years because the “Official Opposition Party” did nothing to oppose most of the totalitarian-oriented legislation.  The Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) Party was led by Patrick Brown, who to become Leader courted the “socially conservative” vote (of people who hold the Traditional Western Values all Western Human Rights and democratic freedoms were historically and logically built on and need to last), and then betrayed social conservatives by suddenly approving the radical Sex-Ed and “whipping” his party’s votes in favor of almost every piece of totalitarian-oriented legislation the Liberals proposed and pushed through with their majority.  It was only after much parental complaint to the parents’ Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) organized by PAFE (Parents As First Educators, under President Tanya Granic Allen) – and only after my own bold e-mail to every single MPP entitled Scholar’s Warning to MPPs: A Vote for Bill 89’s Totalitarianism Will Haunt Your Political Career – that Brown (refusing to stand for democracy himself by not even attending the vote) finally allowed a free conscience vote and 23 members of his party changed their previous (whipped) vote and voted (unsuccessfully against Wynne’s whipped Liberal majority) against the Bill’s radical reform of the province’s Children’s Aid Societies.  These have been turned into radical-government-ideology-enforcing agencies with the power to take children away from their parents for training their children in the traditional values our country was founded on which the radically anti-traditional government no longer considers “in the best interests of the child.”  The legislation even gives a politician – the Minister – the power to make the final decision to take a child away from parents, instead of actual childcare professionals, and allows the Minister to replace any local professional childcare leaders who think their job is just to protect children in danger and not to enforce government ideology.  I had assumed that this most totalitarian-oriented of laws would not be strictly enforced to its full democracy-destroying potential for some time; that like the 1917 Mexico laws which likewise cancelled out religious freedom, this law would stay “on the books” without serious consequences for years before the opportunity arose to strictly enforce it, at which time (like in 1926 Mexico), religious freedom here would end overnight.   But life is now much faster-paced than in 1917, and I have heard that we now have the beginnings of threats to parents stemming from Ontario Bill 89 made law.  Where this law ultimately leads as it becomes more enforced is in parents being afraid to speak openly in playgrounds etc., since if they reveal that they have traditional values, they could be reported by anyone to the Children’s Aid Society which is bound to investigate them now not just for abusing children, but for practicing traditional childrearing according to Traditional Western Values which are against new government pseudo-scientific ideology.

In a further, dramatic example of the current Wynne Liberal Ontario government laying the groundwork for “totalitarian Police State” conditions where people fear to speak freely here in Ontario:  In March I gave a eulogy at the funeral of a 70-year-old man with a heart condition who was arrested twice near an abortion clinic just for being a known Pro-Life Human Rights advocate carrying signs reading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND RELIGION. NO CENSORSHIP” AND “GOD SAVE OUR CHARTER RIGHTS,” in peaceful protest against the above new law making any kind of peaceful Pro-Life human rights advocacy (including education in established facts about abortion) a crime anywhere within up to 150 metres/500 feet of a human-killing abortion facility.  He left his usual Pro-Life signs at home specifically so he would not break the new law.  He kept his back to the abortion clinic so that he could not be misconstrued as showing now-illegal “disapproval of abortion” just by looking at the clinic (the government has made clear that just staring at an abortion clinic will be taken as a sign of “disapproval of abortion” which is enough to be arrested for – you can be arrested here in Ontario just for looking the wrong way).  But the police called the prosecutor, who instructed them to arrest him anyway, sending the clear anti-democratic message to Pro-Life Human Rights advocates all over the province, “shut up, and don’t even show up, because we are willing to arrest known Pro-Lifers even if they don’t break the new law.”  The old man [Cyril Winter] died a week before his trial, doubtless in part due to the great bodily stress of being falsely arrested and facing impending unjust trial – a martyr for freedom of speech.  The old man did not even actually break the law and was arrested.  Myself, as head of a new Human Rights Education non-profit organization, would certainly be arrested for carrying a sign reading “Killing Humans is Wrong because Human Rights are for All Humans” anywhere remotely near (within up to 150m/500ft) a facility where humans are being legally killed by abortion (just like I would probably have been arrested for carrying such a sign in Nazi Germany).  We do not have a functioning democracy here in Ontario.

I have noted that officially “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” governments increasingly find themselves restricting democratic freedom of speech/expression totalitarian-fashion in order to keep abortion legal (since Pro-Choicers just cannot win any intellectually honest argument with Pro-Lifers, as my new book DEMOCRACY 101 shows – since the vast weight of the facts of history, science and logic support the Pro-Life position).  This intellectual dishonesty is why France now just bans Pro-Life websites under threat of both jail and heavy fine, and why this new Ontario law in Canada (that has similar penalties) states:

“While in an access zone established under section 6 for a clinic or facility, no person shall . . . inform or attempt to inform a person concerning issues related to abortion services, by any means, including oral, written or graphic means . . . perform or attempt to perform an act of disapproval concerning issues related to abortion services, by any means, including oral, written or graphic means. . . for the purpose of dissuading a person from accessing abortion services.”

Many things show that ultimately “Pro-Choice(to-Kill-Humans)” philosophy is not really about “free and informed choice” at all, but only about the murderous “choice-to-kill-humans,” and this is particularly demonstrated by this officially Pro-Choice Ontario government whose intellectually dishonest defense of the “right-to-kill-humans” by abortion which they cannot defend on any scientific or logical grounds (see DEMOCRACY 101) actually includes politically taking away democratic freedoms to inform people anywhere remotely near abortion clinics about the facts about abortion.  This government does NOT WANT WOMEN TO MAKE INFORMED CHOICES ABOUT ABORTION and is willing to end democratic freedoms to ensure they do not.  Totalitarian-style government is the ONLY way the intellectually dishonest Pro-Choice(to-Kill-Humans) side can prevail long-term.

Even though this new “no-free-speech-bubble-zone” law supposedly was not “in force” until February 1, 2018, police dispersed the praying Christians at a “40 Days for Life” peaceful silent prayer vigil across the street from an abortion clinic within half an hour of the law being passed on October 25, 2017, telling them such human rights advocacy is now illegal (“40 Days for Life” was cancelled 10 days early for fear of police, as Ontario takes on more aspects of a typical totalitarian police State where human rights advocacy is usually illegal).  My church community had a scheduled “day” of the “40 Days for Life” to be silently, peacefully praying for Human Rights for all humans across the street from that human-killing abortion clinic on October 31 – but the government literally declared our church event in support of Human Rights illegal and police presence cancelled it the week before.

Also, since when do elected politicians in democracies, who are supposed to only represent the democratic self-rule of “the people,” think it is part of their job to re-write the culture and founding traditions and ethics of their country, and force “the people” (and “the people’s” children) to accept their new ideology?  Yet the Ontario government has taken on totalitarian-style “social engineering” to the unprecedented point of redefining human biology itself in ways that violate hard science (as well as Western cultural tradition).  And not only with the horrific pedophile-designed and pseudo-scientific “Sex Ed” curriculum mentioned before.  In further support of this totalitarian social engineering effort undertaken in schools, terms like “mother” and “father” (and even “male” and “female”) are being taken off all government forms in promotion of new pseudoscientific ideology that violates well-established principles of biology [Ontario Bill 28 now law]; and a law was even passed (above) giving the government the right to take children away from their parents for many things including traditional childrearing in traditional values which the government no longer considers “in the best interests of the child.”  The government thinks it is in the best interests of the child to be able to “explore” and “choose” if they are a boy or a girl, even though the hard scientific reality one way or the other is DNA-encoded in every cell of their bodies; and even though scientific and medical studies show that where psychologically disordered “gender confusion” about biological reality exists, it most often is fleeting and usually corrects itself before adulthood.  Yet children are here being encouraged to “explore” and “choose” biological disorders; schools will not tell their parents if they are doing this exploration at the urging of teachers and school administration (with government approval); and parents not supporting these disordered choices in favor of the norms of healthy human biology which usually manifest by adulthood anyway are grounds to take children away under Ontario’s Bill 89 now law – which I did not expect to be strictly enforced anytime soon, but I now hear the threats to parents for having scientifically sound and culturally traditional child-rearing are starting.

These totalitarian-oriented politicians just do not seem to get the fact (demonstrated in DEMOCRACY 101) that the Traditional Western Values which undergird all Human Rights and democratic freedoms specifically teach that every human life without exception is equally valuable and precious – no matter what disorder (physical; psychological; behavioral, including sexual or gender disorders) they may have.  The problem throughout Western history has been in human weakness in putting the democracy-grounding Traditional Western (Judeo-Christian) Values into practice, and the great social reformers of history were usually devout Christians challenging the society around them to better put into practice the Biblical ideal of equal human preciousness without exception.  Thus, in order to properly respect the supreme and equal human value of every human life without exception, it is not remotely necessary to throw biological science in the toilet and pretend some biological disorders are “a newly defined ‘range’ of ‘normal’ ” in order to affirm the supreme and equal human worth and value of every human.  The Traditional Western (Judeo-Christian) Values which undergird all Western Human Rights and freedoms already affirm the equal preciousness of every human no matter what physical/ psychological/ behavioral(including sex/gender) disorder or disorders they may have.  And we already make various accommodations (within reason) to precious human persons experiencing various disorders.  Since some people sometimes fail to treat other people of some group or other as equally precious, it is well and good to remind everyone that every single human without exception is of equal value and precious no matter what temporary or long-term biological disorder(s) of normal healthy human functioning in some area they may have; but it is not at all necessary to violate well-established scientific principles of biology and pretend certain disorders are “normal” or “healthy” or that “everybody should explore and try out these conditions” in order to affirm the equal precious humanity of every human regardless of any disorder (and it is utterly totalitarian to vilify and punish with new laws anyone who actually believes in hard science and will not pretend).

In fact, it seems to me that it there is a subconscious “selective bigotry” underlying the government attempt to call “normal” some sex/gender disorders affecting the normal healthy reproduction of the human species.  It is typically the SAME politicians pushing for legal human-killing euthanasia and “assisted suicide” of the elderly and otherwise disabled with various disorders who also push for (usually temporary) gender dysphoria and other disorders to be called “normal.  It is typically the same euthanasia-supporting politicians who have deadly bigotry against those disabled with various disorders as having less value than others (healthy people never get offered euthanasia/assisted suicide the way disabled people do) who are also pushing for a certain range of disorders to be treated as “normal” instead of a disorder.  This seems to indicate that “disorder/disability” and “equally precious” just do not go together in their bigoted minds.  So they become “selectively bigoted,” still treating people with most disorders as “of less value” and “a burden to be removed by euthanasia/assisted suicide,” but willing to pretend that this other group of disordered conditions is “normal,” because deep down in their bigoted brains they cannot imagine treating a human as equally precious if they acknowledge that human has a disorder.  Of course, it is also typically these SAME politicians who reject any notion of the inherent Human Right to live and thus support the bigoted killing of preborn humans by abortion, as if the age of a human life makes a difference to their human worth and value (offering only logical fallacies of distraction to justify the human-killing they support).  So it is ultimately no surprise that such anti-traditional politicians who are bigoted against preborn humans who they kill by abortion (like the Nazis did and were condemned for at Nuremberg) and bigoted against disabled humans who they kill by euthanasia (or shame into asking for “assisted suicide” because their disabled lives are “of less value” and “not worth living”), are also “selectively bigoted” against the handicapped, by agreeing with the euthanasia-killing of people with many disorders, yet pretending some other disorders are “normal” before they can treat them equally.  What is worst for Democracy about this “selective bigotry” is that these politicians are vilifying anyone who believes in science and will not go along with their lie that some disorders are normal (remember, according to the Traditional Western Pro-Life values Democracy is historically and logically built on, it is unnecessary to pretend someone does not have a disorder before you can treat them as equally precious humans!).  Some Canadian federal laws also affecting here in Ontario are along these lines.

Yes, here in Ontario we are also subject to several totalitarian-oriented new Canadian federal government laws and policies.  Among them, the federal government now requires an “attestation” that one supports (human-killing) abortion before one can get government funding for some programs, and passed a law [Bill C-16 made law] that compels speech supporting new pseudoscientific ideology (one must use newly-invented gender-neutral words when asked to or one can be charged; workplaces are starting to be trained to assume nothing and ask everyone just which gender pronoun they choose to be addressed as, as a way of indoctrination in pseudoscience to unscientifically change the way people think about human biology – grandma in her summer dress has to be asked if she wants to be addressed as a man or woman or neither, etc.).  Since when does the government of a democracy “of the people, by the people, for the people” have the right to redefine human biology itself, and tell “the people” we can no longer use the traditional words used since the beginning of language to describe fundamental human realities, or that we must use newly invented words that accord with new pseudo-scientific ideology?  Yet both are happening in Ontario and in Canada generally – which can only be politically enforced with new totalitarian-oriented laws that suppress free speech or compel speech, since this pseudo-science (like the pseudo-science of Eugenics, also politically enforced in Nazi Germany) can never get legitimate scientific pedigree, because it violates well-established principles of hard science.

It was the Trudeau-Liberal-controlled Canadian federal government which recently legalized human-killing euthanasia in all of Canada including Ontario.  Some European nations, where human-killing euthanasia has been legal longest, are more advanced in the bigoted degradation of humanity (especially the deadly bigotry against handicapped/disabled humans) that comes from legalizing euthanasia (following the Nazi precedent): parents of handicapped children in some European countries get accosted in the streets by people asking why they have not yet euthanized/killed their “annoying handicapped child.”  Adult children tell their elderly parents’ doctors, “my parents have had it.  They should be euthanized” so that they can get their inheritance (legal human-killing euthanasia just poisons a whole society with inhuman ways).  But Canada, having only recently legalized human-killing euthanasia (and “assisted suicide” which the handicapped and elderly-who-become-disabled are shamed into asking for because their human lives are seen by bigots not as “equally precious” but as “less valuable” and “a burden”), is on the “fast-track” to catch up with and exceed Europe.  Like the Nazis in the 1930s, human-killing euthanasia was first justified by the excuse of “relieving suffering;” but Canada has been on the fast-track following the trend wherever euthanasia is legal, of starting with “assisted suicide” being offered only to the terminally ill; then to the chronically ill; then to the mentally ill; and then to anyone just “dissatisfied with or tired of life.”  Canada has actually already been seriously considering allowing the euthanasia-killing of children!  This human-killing blatant Nazi-style bigotry, especially against disabled humans as somehow having lives “less worth living” than other humans (which is why disabled humans get “offered” assisted suicide/euthanasia and others do not) has provoked the formation of new Canadian arms of disabled-rights groups like “Not Dead Yet,” which in the US describes itself as “a national, grassroots disability rights group that opposes legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia as deadly forms of discrimination.”  Of course they are just deadly discrimination!  The Nazis were the first to legalize it, and the 1948 Declaration of Geneva reaffirmed the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients because of the bigoted Nazi precedent of human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia!  But in Ontario and in Canada, uneducated and bigoted politicians are pursuing ever-increasing access to human-killing euthanasia ridiculously redefined as “health care” (even though it permanently cancels the “health” of the “patient”) instead of increasing access to the sensible and human-life affirming methods of now-sophisticated proper palliative care to ease the suffering of those actually in the final, active stages of dying.

Among several assaults on Democracy and free speech affecting things here in Ontario but coming from the federal Trudeau-Liberal-controlled government level, perhaps the worst is Trudeau’s Liberal policy of ending the free (Pro-Life) speech of democratically elected representatives of “the people.”  Trudeau does not allow his controlling Liberal Party’s Members of Parliament (MPs) to actually represent their “socially conservative” or “Pro-Life” constituents who elected the MPs to represent them; nor does Trudeau allow his MPs to vote their Pro-Life conscience on important Life issues (democracy-grounding Human Rights issues!), even though these representatives were elected because their constituents trusted them to represent the people’s democratic self-rule.  Like the Ontario Wynne Liberal-controlled government, the Canada Trudeau Liberal-controlled government does not have Liberal MPs who represent “the people’s democratic self-rule” to the government, as democratic representatives are supposed to, but instead whipped federal Liberal MPs (as likewise whipped provincial Liberal MPPs) effectively represent the Liberal Party’s rule OVER “the people” they are supposed to serve.  Ignoring the voice of the “the people” and ruling “the people” with an iron fist, even to the point of engaging in totalitarian-style social engineering, rewriting traditional culture and replacing hard science with pseudo-scientific Party Ideology.  And in (for now “soft” ways) persecuting Pro-Life Human Rights advocates who actually believe in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, singling out and persecuting those who are most able to make Democracy last on its firm foundations, at the federal level now by denying government funding to Pro-Life Human Rights advocates and in Ontario by arresting them just for coming anywhere remotely near wherever humans are being legally killed in violation of the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy.

I wrote DEMOCRACY 101:  A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy to give Western politicians and voters the world over but starting where I live the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack.  In a testament to how poorly educated in Human Rights History, Science, and Logic is the average Canadian voter (demonstrating the need for this education), these voters ignorant of Democracy’s foundations actually gave Trudeau a landslide election victory in 2015 even though he said before the election that Pro-Lifers (that is, those who believe in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy in equal human preciousness that needs to be free from government coercion in matters of belief in order to freely seek and find the democracy-grounding truth of equal human preciousness) “need not apply” to his now-reigning (instead of serving) Liberal Party, and he had already undemocratically gagged and silenced those Pro-Life MPs (duly elected by the people to represent them) that already belonged to his Liberal Party.

This is akin to the 1930s Germans democratically but ignorantly electing Hitler’s Nazis into office:  in both cases, Trudeau’s Liberals and Hitler’s Nazis, “the people” would never have elected them if their democracy had been grounded in the (preferably constitutionally enshrined) Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, because in both cases the voters knew beforehand that the Party did NOT value all humans equally (as DEMOCRACY 101 shows is necessary for LASTING democracy).  Note that although some exaggerate an association between anything they dislike and Nazism, legal abortion is the one case where the parallel association with Nazism is precisely appropriate:  the Nazis were specifically condemned for legal abortion as “a crime against humanity” at Nuremberg;  and the bigoted Nazis legally defined away the human right to live of some humans (then killed them in the millions) just as the current bigoted abortion practice which Trudeau loves so much legally defines away the human right to live of some humans (and kills them in the millions).  Trudeau has even committed $650 million in taxpayers’ money to spreading human-killing abortion values all over Africa and nations which still value human life.  But human-killing practices like abortion and euthanasia are far too diametrically opposed to the human-life-affirming foundations of Democracy for Democracy to last long-term wherever human-killing abortion is legal.  This is why, in an inexorable logical progression, Pro-Choice(-to-Kill-Humans) governments ultimately have to restrict democratic freedoms of those who believe in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy which say killing humans is wrong, in the ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ we are now seeing all over the globe.  The human-killing cannot continue indefinitely as long as Pro-Life Human Rights advocates are free to object to humans being killed (and because all the facts of Human Rights History, Biological Science, and Logic support the Pro-Life position); therefore, Pro-Choice governments ultimately have to take away freedom of speech to keep human-killing abortion legal.  As Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans-abortion logic progresses inevitably in greater totalitarianism, more and more people have to be silenced, including those who only object to the silencing. Having already silenced the free speech of Pro-Life MPs in his party from voicing their (and their constituents’) Pro-Life views, Trudeau, now in power, when one of his Liberal MPs [Scott Simms] publicly voiced (and voted according to) his disappointment in  Trudeau’s insistent requirement of an “attestation” that one supports Pro-Choice (human-killing) abortion before getting government funding for some programs, which he said “went too far” (just because of the freedom of conscience and speech violation it entails, since Simms does not object to abortion-killing), he was punished, demoted, lost a position and salary for voting his conscience on a moral issue relating to freedom of belief and speech like a good elected representative of “the people” to the government should.  In every totalitarian regime, those who speak to defend those suffering injustice are also punished.

I believe the current Ontario and Canada Liberal-controlled governments (and NDP-controlled governments in other provinces) represent such a serious break from healthy Democracy that remains true to Democracy’s foundations that future history will look back on this time as the time that necessitated future reforms to treason laws which make majority parties acting like Totalitarian-One-Party-Systems (which Ontario is the prime example of) illegal, such that leaders and parties bear stiff legal consequences for trying to rule their democracy as if it was a totalitarian State, thereby treasonously usurping the people’s democratic self-rule which the elected representatives together are supposed to represent.  Since Wynne’s Ontario Liberal-controlled government has done so much to rule totalitarian-style – including belief-control against parental wishes in radical “education” in schools, taking away parental rights over children, enforcing pseudo-scientific ideology, truncating democratic freedoms of conscience and speech etc. of Human Rights-affirming doctors and other peaceful Human Rights advocates, and so on, perhaps such future laws will become known as the “Wynne Treason Laws – or perhaps the “Wynne/Trudeau Treason Laws.”  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made no secret of how much he admires Premier Wynne – and other totalitarian regimes like Cuba’s and China’s.  In any case, I end this update on how things are going up here in Canada with this quote from DEMOCRACY 101:

“Politics sets the parameters of how you live your life; what choices you have or do not have; how free or not free you are in your country.  So it is silly to not be involved in politics. Every citizen where democracy still exists should at least be engaged in politics by making educated votes that ensure their country at least maintains the foundations of Human Rights and freedoms, and so does not eventually become a totalitarian State.”

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