Review of Non-Partisan Guidelines for Voting so Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Last Forever

I have not made a post in a long while because I was instead working on finishing and publishing DEMOCRACY 101: A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy and finally starting to print official Human Rights and Freedoms Forever Newsletters, all while ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ has been accelerating unbelievably where I live (the month I published the “emergency first edition” of DEMOCRACY 101, in only 3 weeks from introducing the legislation my regional government actually passed a new law restricting the usual democratic freedoms of assembly, speech, expression and religion in advocacy of Human Rights for All Humans because killing humans is wrong.  With the Ontario, Canada election coming up in a few weeks (June 7), I reproduce here a post I made shortly before the 2016 American election, which is useful for guiding votes any country/province/state that wants its democracy to last :

Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! is a NON-PARTISAN organization providing a solid education in the underlying historical and logical foundations of Human Rights and Democracy which were laid in the 4th Century and which were at least implicitly assumed at the formation of all of our modern democracies and their founding political parties of “left” or “right” (of course all political parties in any democracy should ideally be minimally expected to believe in and uphold the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy which are clearly identified herein, and they should get back to these if they have STRAYED from democracy’s equal-intrinsic-human-worth foundation which all truly democratic parties – “left” and “right” – used to affirm).  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! encourages everyone to be involved in the democratic political process before we lose it to the current “Creeping Totalitarianism” undermining our democracies (let’s see 100% voter turnout!), and provides resources to assist in educated votes being cast for politicians of ANY PARTY who are not ignorant of but uphold the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy so democracy can last.  Uneducated democratic votes in 1930s Germany resulted in Hitler being democratically elected President of Germany even though he manifestly did not believe in democracy’s historical and logical foundation that every human life without exception is equally precious, and the ultimate loss of democracy by many small stages in Germany was the natural and logical result which is being repeated in the current “Creeping Totalitarianism” in many Western democracies.  The current “Creeping Totalitarianism” is progressing more slowly only because our current “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” politicians appear ignorant of the fact their “Pro-Choice abortion” policies are following totalitarian Soviet and Nazi precedent (the first two modern nations to de-criminalize abortion were Soviet Russia in 1920 and Nazi Germany in 1934) and they are actively dismantling democracy more slowly by ignorance while the Nazis dismantled democracy more quickly by design.  But whether by ignorance or by design, as mentioned in The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy (and the Antidote to Any Degree of ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’), in any country where the equal precious value of every human life or equal “human rights for all humans” is considered a matter of “opinion” and “politics” rather than as the very foundation of human rights and democracy which it is – like in 1930s Germany concerning Jewish humans and like today concerning preborn humans – that country has already lost it democratic soul and (like in 1930s Germany) its democracy simply cannot last.  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! teaches that EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LASTING DEMOCRACY and it behooves all voters to become educated in the historical and logical principles which ground all Human Rights and Democracy, to make totalitarianism unthinkable instead of creeping back towards it as we have been for decades now since reversing the entire historical process which gave us human rights by de-criminalizing abortion which was first criminalized in 318 AD BECAUSE THE WEST THEN LEARNED HUMANS WERE PRECIOUS NOT CHEAP, AND GOVERNMENTS WERE ONLY SINCE THEN OBLIGATED TO PROTECT PRECIOUS HUMANS.  Western politicians need to re-learn that wherever the government legally makes the rights humans have under the government’s jurisdiction, instead of recognizing INHERENT human rights the government did not create but is obligated to protect, democracy is ultimately at risk, because then the government thinks it is greater than the individual humans it governs and has the power of life or death over individual humans, like in any totalitarian State (instead of serving all precious humans, like democratic governments are supposed to do).  Lasting democracies have no business legislating human life and life and death, which humans may or may not be killed, when and how.  Only totalitarian States (or “Creeping Totalitarian” compromised democracies which have abandoned the below historic Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and thus are well on the way to becoming totalitarian States) think the government decides which humans can be legally killed in their country.


What exactly are the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy?  They are defined in the first five articles of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy [this is from an earlier Draft of the Pledge than the one in DEMOCRACY 101: A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy, available on]:

  1. I pledge allegiance to Democracy, and to the foundational principles on which Democracy is historically and logically built and which it needs to last (The First Principles of Democracy or The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy):


  1. Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #1: That every human life without exception, without discrimination and “without distinction of any kind” is SUPREMELY and EQUALLY valuable and precious, OBLIGATING governments to protect and serve ALL precious humans who have “inherent . . . equal and inalienable [human] rights”[1] (which is the only reason governments stopped exploiting, enslaving and killing humans and eventually started giving every human a say or democratic vote or say in his or her own governance in the first place); and


  1. Because of this intrinsic human preciousness each human without exception has Human Rights beginning with the Inherent Human Right to Live, the necessary foundation of all other Human Rights without which “Human Rights” is a meaningless term, and


  1. This means killing humans is intrinsically wrong and thus no government has legitimate authority to kill either its own or another government’s human citizens, nor to legally allow human lives wherever they are to be killed for any reason except in extreme cases when necessary in the defense and protection of always-precious human lives from criminals or aggressors (see Article 6). No government has legitimate authority to legally devalue any human lives it exerts power over, which always precedes grave injustice and the compromise or loss of Democracy, as happens whenever some humans are legally denied human personhood or full citizenship so they may be legally enslaved or legally killed or otherwise legally denied the full equal Human Rights which logically must intrinsically inhere in every human life or else they intrinsically inhere in no human life (in which case there would be no inherent superiority of free democracy over oppressive totalitarianism which does not recognize nor respect Human Rights). Thus, I recognize the CORE PRINCIPLE OF LASTING DEMOCRACY #1: Lasting Democracy requires full and uncompromising legal recognition of The Inherent Human Right to Live and the traditional Western belief expressed in the simple maxim killing humans is wrong, because Human Rights are for All Humans or else they are meaningless (if being human is not enough to have them).


  1. Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #2: (Following logically from Principle #1): That because every human life without exception is precious every human life without exception must be FREE from all government coercion in matters of belief so that they may without impediment FREELY seek and find this wonderful Truth foundational to Democracy, that their human lives are supremely and equally valuable and precious (without government interference; without government telling or teaching the humans governed any differently; and without government treating humans any differently, in violation of their Human Rights). These two principles together are the implicit underlying First Principles or logical starting point of both Human Rights and Democracy as we know it (As described in PLEDGE PART II  below, the essence of these here-maturely-articulated principles was adopted by the West in the 4th Century when the Inherent Human Right to Live was first legally protected by the government; these principles slowly but logically developed over the centuries into modern Human Rights and were at least implicitly assumed at the formation of all of our modern democracies).

[1] The first quoted phrase is from Article 2 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the second quoted phrase is from the first sentence of the formal Preamble of the Universal Declaration which begins by declaring an essentially similar truth to Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #1 in the different words: “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”


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