Canada Shamefully ENDS FREE SPEECH Just in Time for 150th Birthday

I wrote the above headline on Canada Day 2017 (July 1), my nation’s 150th birthday, while my family celebrated elsewhere than in our nation’s capital (even though we live there), because it was too depressing to be part of that big a celebration of our country when just in June two laws were passed that formally end free speech in Canada, for people who believe in the traditional (and democracy-grounding) founding values of our nation (or for people who just believe in science, and thus reject the radical new pseudo-scientific ideology now being politically enforced in schools because it can never legitimately enter schools after the long process of legitimate science establishes it, because this new pseudo-science violates long-established principles of hard science).

If it was not already before (on the basis of the several disturbing anti-democratic trends worldwide and in Canada identified on this website which began in 2015), CANADA NOW IS OFFICIALLY A “DINO” – A “Democracy In Name Only,” as the citizens of Canada are now (as of June 2017) subject to federal legislation, and the citizens of Canada’s most populous province of Ontario, are now subject to provincial legislation, which both mean that citizens who believe in either traditional founding Canadian values or hard science now have to WATCH WHAT THEY SAY IN PUBLIC or else they can be subject to serious consequences.  “Compelled Speech” has now officially come to Canada, where even science is subject to pseudo-scientific reinterpretation by Canada’s “Creeping Totalitarian” governments.  The severely democracy-undermining provincial legislation is discussed in-depth in my last post, Bill 89 Confirms Ontario is “World Leader” in “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  This last post at least gives a ray of hope for an eventual return to government sanity in that (as indicated in the update at the end of that post), after receiving my Scholar’s Warning to MPPs: A Vote for Bill 89’s Totalitarianism Will Haunt Your Political Career, 23 Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) changed their votes so that even though this most totalitarian of bills was voted for unanimously in the first two readings, it passed into law on the third vote with 23 dissenting votes (though sadly, still with 63 party-whipped “Creeping Totalitarian” votes which made it law, the rest of the house abstaining to stand up for democracy at all).

All of this proves how uneducated even the good politicians are in The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and the Core Principles of Lasting Democracy which have now been identified clearly from history, science and logic in the upcoming book DEMOCRACY 101, which I wrote to serve as a much-needed manual for lasting democracy, for both politicians and the voters who vote for them.

The majority of our current Canadian politicians are “totalitarian-oriented” and ignorantly dismantling democracy at an unprecedented rate because they apparently don’t know how to tell the difference between totalitarianism and democracy; and those politicians who remain fundamentally “democracy-oriented” themselves are not CONFIDENT enough to stand up for democracy against decades of “Creeping Totalitarianism” now bearing its rotten fruit, because they too are too uneducated to know that their traditional Western values are in fact democracy-grounding values which democracy could never have existed without and cannot last without, as demonstrated overwhelmingly in DEMOCRACY 101.  There is reason to hope that once the more traditional, “democracy-oriented” politicians (and voters) get EDUCATED in the solid Human Rights Education provided in DEMOCRACY 101, they can become much more effective in boldly standing up for Democracy against the current worldwide trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” now capsizing it.

In the meantime, Canada just officially became a DINO, “Democracy In Name Only,” because we no longer have free speech to freely utter traditional Western (democracy-grounding) values which are backed up by hard science, but we are now subject to laws in Canada (and even worse laws in Canada’s most populous province) that mean we risk serious consequences for speaking freely traditional understandings in line with established science and in line with the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy.

Because of DEMOCRACY 101, I have much hope that all the madness will soon end, as the solid education in where Human Rights and Democracy come from and what they need to last become more known by more voters who read it.

In the meantime, until such time as educated voters stand up in Solidarity for The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, it remains to be seen how fast democracy will decay in Canada from this point on, under these new laws which formally end free speech in Canada.

On the one hand, it is likely these bad new laws will not be strictly implemented to their full democracy-ending potential right away, if only because they are controversial.  History suggests governments tend to wait until the furor and discomfort over such new laws has long passed because they were not strictly enforced, before eventually strictly enforcing them with the full force of laws long “on the books.”  In this manner religious freedom-compromising laws similar in several respects to Canada and Ontario laws and policies since 2015 (not only these two from June 2017) were passed in Mexico in 1917, but not strictly implemented (ending religious freedom overnight) until 1926.  According to this precedent, we still have some time to set things right for lasting democracy, but THE CLOCK IS TICKING and we must not wait to stand up for democracy (the longer we take to stand up for democracy, the more likely we are to lose it as the democratic fabric of our society and government continues to rapidly erode away).

On the other hand, it is also true that in early December 2016 there was no hint that there would be laws passed just 6 months later, in June 2017, that formally end free speech in Canada.  SO WHO KNOWS WHAT THE NEXT 6 MONTHS WILL BRING?  History also teaches us that political opportunists can take advantage of sudden opportunities of instability to end freedom very quickly, and when we already have such totalitarian laws and policies “on the books,” the danger is very real and present.  We cannot expect to necessarily have years yet before the current powerful trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” totally capsize our free democracy – it could happen much more quickly.  Either way, whether we are years away or months away from losing all pretense of democracy to the powerful trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” which have been working up to this point for decades already, the best chance we have at keeping democracy long-term is for traditional believers in the traditional Western values which include the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy to start standing up together in Solidarity for democracy NOW.  The immanent publication (under these emergency conditions) of the first edition of DEMOCRACY 101 will do much to facilitate the education and coordination of an effective democracy-saving response of EDUCATED voters standing up for LASTING democracy.

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