Bill 89 Confirms Ontario is “World Leader” in “Creeping Totalitarianism”

The current government of Ontario, Canada’s largest province, has already taken away doctors’ democratic freedoms of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans by abortion or euthanasia, enacting policies forcing citizens of a supposed democracy to facilitate human-killing against their conscience or lose their jobs.  And without any democratic mandate to do so, completely forgetting that DEMOCRACY is government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” this government has already implemented totalitarian-style belief-control in the form of forced indoctrination of schoolchildren in radically anti-traditional values with no history in the culture (based on radical new pseudo-scientific ideology with no basis in hard science), ignoring loud and wide parental protests of “the people” the government is supposed to represent, even taking away in court any parental right to “opt out” their children from receiving this propaganda against the Traditional Western Values all human rights and democratic freedoms were historically and logically built on (and against established principles of science.  This pseudo-science has to be politically enforced by ignorant politicians because it cannot pass the tests of real science).  These changes, not yet strictly enforced to lull citizens into a false sense of security because most people’s daily lives have not changed much (YET), have set Ontario since 2015 on a parallel path to that of Mexico since 1917 – 9 years before similar Mexican policies restricting religious freedom (including indoctrination of schoolchildren) became strictly and violently enforced and ended religious freedom in Mexico in 1926.  But, not content to merely follow the path of President Calles’ oppressive Mexican State, with Bill 89 – to be voted on today – the Ontario government is attempting to also follow the path of Nazi Germany, with new seriously flawed policies which when fully implemented will make parents (like citizens of Nazi Germany) LIVE IN FEAR OF BEING REPORTED TO AUTHORITIES (and having their children taken away) FOR HOLDING TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES which the radically anti-traditional government no longer considers “in the best interest of the child” (or just for holding belief in established principles of science which are violated by the radical new pseudo-scientific ideology now taught to impressionable Ontario schoolchildren because they are not mature enough intellectually to tell the difference between hard science and pseudo-science – a trait apparently shared by too many Ontario politicians).

How much the advanced decay of genuine democracy in Ontario is due to ignorant politicians and how much is due to evil politicians remains to be seen; the hope is most are more ignorant than they are evil.  Either way, the Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) needed to be challenged to act like a democratic government and no longer like a totalitarian one.  To this end I wrote this letter and emailed it to every Ontario MPP the week of the vote in the hopes of influencing the vote back towards democracy (and giving them fair warning that every MPP who votes for this totalitarian bill will brand themselves as “totalitarian creeps” for the future, when ever-more-numerous EDUCATED VOTERS are going to be able to easily tell which politicians are ultimately democracy-oriented and which are ultimately totalitarian-oriented):

Scholar’s Warning to MPPs: A Vote for Bill 89’s Totalitarianism Will Haunt Your Political Career

To: All Ontario MPPs of all Parties, Charged with the Vast Responsibility of Representing Your Constituents’ Democratic Self-Rule in Provincial Parliament (and NOT Charged with Representing a Political Party’s Rule to the Ruled People, Which is Characteristic of Totalitarian States)

From:  A Highly Educated and Articulate Voice Speaking on Behalf of Millions of Canadians in Ontario Who are Very Uncomfortable if Not Actually SCARED, and Certainly Very Tired, of Ontario Being the World Leader in “Creeping Totalitarianism” No Longer Moving at a “Creeping” Pace

Scholar’s Warning to MPPs: A Vote for Bill 89’s Totalitarianism Will Haunt Your Political Career

I remind all MPPs of all parties that the British North America Act which makes Canada a country, and all relevant founding legislation of our land and its provinces, makes no mention of political parties at all; political parties are merely a convenient way to organize hundreds of elected delegates all together representing the democratic self-rule of the people.  Thus the very notion of a “party whip” making sure representatives elected by the people to represent the people (because the people trusted their judgement) instead vote according to the whims of party policy is potentially anti-democratic; AND IS MOST DEFINITELY ANTI-DEMOCRATIC when the people’s duly-elected representatives are NOT FREE to vote their conscience which their constituents trusted ACCORDING TO THE TRADITIONAL, FOUNDING VALUES OF THE NATION.  Any societal change which touches on founding values a nation was built on and which its people were raised in is most properly subject to direct referendum from the people, and anything less tends naturally towards totalitarian-style social engineering.  It is thus unconscionable that none of the parties are even allowing elected MPPs a free vote on Bill 89, even though, as explained further below, the severely flawed Bill 89 has the greatest totalitarian potential yet of many ultimately democracy-undermining bills under this current Ontario government.  This is a scholar’s warning that “the people” are keeping track of the current Ontario government’s usurping “the people’s” democratic self-rule in unprecedented ways, and it is ONLY because “the people” are too flabbergasted at the increasingly blatant “Creeping Totalitarianism” from our supposedly democratic government that this government has gotten away with it as long as it has.  IF YOU VOTE THIS WEEK FOR BILL 89, IT WILL HAUNT YOUR POLITICAL CAREER WHICH YOU WILL SPEND TRYING TO WASH YOURSELF OF THE LABEL “TOTALITARIAN CREEP.”

I am sad that I have to remind you MPPs of all parties (since all of you together form the government of Ontario even if one party has a majority of elected representatives of the people) that HEALTHY DEMOCRATIC governments are governments “of the people, by the people, for the people” – a completely apt description of democracy, though an American one (from the American champion of freedom who freed their slaves).  But since 2015, what we have instead in the current government of Ontario is a Majority Party who with its current mandated Sexual Education Curriculum effectively says “we will teach the people’s children new radically anti-traditional values with no history in the culture, and radical controversial new pseudo-science without any scientific consensus nor pedigree, without any democratic mandate to do so, and we will ignore loud and wide parental protests against our radical social engineering program and even fight to eliminate any democratic right of the people to opt their children out.”  This is the TOTAL OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT “of the people, by the people, for the people” – this is nothing less than TOTALITARIAN-STYLE BELIEF-CONTROL through the forced indoctrination of schoolchildren in the government’s values, against the wishes of parents who merely follow the TRADITIONAL values our nation was built on.  One would think that the minority elected Opposition to the Majority Party would capitalize on the fact that the Majority Party is acting like a typical “One-Party-System” totalitarian government (enforcing its will on the people even if it means radically changing the founding traditional values of the nation), by offering itself as the “guardian of healthy democracy” to all the millions of shocked and flabbergasted voters who are so uncomfortable with the governments’ totalitarian behaviour but have not yet figured out what to do to save their democratic freedoms.  But no – the Opposition is acting almost as anti-democratic, with an authoritarian leader using “party whips” to actually support the degradation of Ontario’s democracy and also denying duly-elected representatives of the people their own voice to vote their conscience and defend the traditional values Canadian society was built on – still held by millions of Canadians.

As a scholar, I have been working on delineating the historical and logical foundations of Democracy, and on the problem of the rapid advance of “Creeping Totalitarianism” in Ontario without these TRADITIONAL foundations, since doctors’ democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans was taken away by the CPSO in 2015 (even though the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors don’t kill patients expressly forbids the  abortion-killing of humans, and even though many Ontarians who used to live under Soviet Communism gave the CPSO feedback that they were pursuing totalitarian-style medical policies by taking away doctors’ democratic rights to not be involved in killing humans by either abortion or euthanasia).  This current Ontario government – all parties – actually IGNORED a tremendous amount of organized feedback FROM THE PEOPLE who wrote they wanted Bill 84 to be amended to protect doctors’ freedom of conscience, so the bill passed without any such protection for the democratic freedom of citizens NOT TO KILL HUMANS (so the 2015 CPSO policy still stands that doctors HAVE TO participate in human-killing against their conscience at least by “effective referral” or else they can lose their jobs).  I have noted that the closest historical precedent to 2015 Ontario is 1917 Mexico.  In BOTH 2015 Ontario and 1917 Mexico:

  • The Government introduced new policies which restricted the religious freedoms of some citizens with TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES, policies which included government-mandated public education of schoolchildren in anti-traditional values.
  • Millions of people were very uncomfortable with the policy changes, but since they were not strictly enforced right away, they put up with their discomfort, and got used to such policies being “on the books,” because they found their day-to-day lives did not change much. AT FIRST.

But in Mexico 9 years later, in 1926, the radical new polices which had been on the books for nearly a decade started to be strictly enforced, with the full force of law long on the books.  And that’s when religious freedom became a memory in Mexico, and the open violent government persecution of people with TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES started.  The clock is ticking here in Ontario.  Only ignorance of history would make one think something like this couldn’t happen again, especially with the same government that has already instituted totalitarian-style belief-control on Ontario schoolchildren pushing for Bill 89.

Bill 89, which you MPPs will vote on this week, proves that this current government has no interest in maintaining our Canadian institutions of democracy (and insufficient education in democracy’s foundations to make sure it lasts).  Many other watchdog organizations have already decried many of the flaws of Bill 89, which I will not repeat here.  I will instead describe the ultimate logical result of the flaws of Bill 89, once it is fully implemented.  True, it surely would not be fully implemented right away – but this is cold comfort to anyone educated enough to remember 1917 Mexico where ultimately totalitarian policies also were not fully implemented for 9 years.  Without this warning to take it off the books as soon as possible it WILL be implemented eventually if passed.  I paint you the following picture of the future of Bill 89 if passed as a scholar of human rights and democratic freedoms throughout Western Civilization’s history.  I taught the Nazi holocaust in schools, and I was shocked to discover how GRADUAL the loss of democracy in 1930s Germany was – by many small stages of which we have gone through about 7 or 8 of the earlier ones already here in Ontario!  As I said: the clock is ticking.  I have also taught Logic, and I can assure you ultimately anti-democratic bills lead logically to totalitarian results.

Not content merely to ignore parents while negating genuine democracy with the current totalitarian-style belief-control of schoolchildren against parental wishes, Bill 89 goes after the parents themselves.  Once implemented to its full potential Bill 89 will have the end effect of threatening Ontario parents to teach at home the same radically anti-traditional values with no history in the culture their children now get at school – OR ELSE THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAKE THEIR CHILDREN AWAY.  Bill 89 gives sweeping new powers to Children’s Aid Societies to take children away from their parents for wide and ill-defined reasons the government feels are not “in the best interests of the child.”  But we already know what this radical government considers “in the best interests of the child” – they are already forcefully teaching it in schools against Traditional Western values.  And it is already true that ANYBODY can report ANYBODY to Children’s Aid Societies who are duty-bound to investigate any such reports.  Bill 89 BEING PASSED ULTIMATELY WILL MEAN THAT PARENTS WILL LIVE IN FEAR OF BEING REPORTED BY ANYBODY TO CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETIES who have the power to take their children away FOR TRADITIONAL CHILDREARING IN TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES WHICH THE RADICALLY ANTI-TRADITIONAL GOVERNMENT NO LONGER CONSIDERS “IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD.”

Bill 89 literally turns Children’s Aid Societies into Government Propaganda Agencies for enforcing this radical government’s radically anti-traditional values upon parents at home as well as on their children at school – and if any local Children’s Aid Society feels its mandate is just to protect children from actual physical or sexual abuse, Bill 89 even specifically provides for the government to be able to REPLACE the local Children’s Aid Society leaders with people who will take on their new Gestapo role with more enthusiasm.

Picture a parent at a playground after Bill 89 is passed and fully implemented:  As her little daughter is playing on the swings, the mom thinks, “I’d better WATCH WHAT I SAY in this public place, because if any of these other parents SUSPECT that I have TRADITIONAL VALUES (and thus, say, would not allow my daughter to “choose” whether she is a girl or a boy without regard to the scientific evidence of XX female sex chromosomes and female sex organs), THEY MIGHT REPORT ME TO AUTHORITIES WHO MIGHT TAKE MY CHILD AWAY BECAUSE OF MY TRADITIONAL CHILDREARING.  Freedom of speech to utter traditional values in public curtailed out of FEAR:  Another big step towards Nazi Germany courtesy of Bill 89.  This is what you are ultimately voting for if you vote for Bill 89 this week.  Doing so is going to stain your whole political career with the stink of “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  (This is not an exaggeration – I taught the Nazi Holocaust.  It happened by many small stages just like several we’ve already had in Ontario.  “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes”).

YOU MPPs from now on must realize just how huge a responsibility it is to be an elected representative of the people’s self-rule in a democracy   From now on both politicians and voters have to be EDUCATED enough in the history and logic which underlie all our human rights and democratic freedoms to know what to do to make sure Democracy lasts long-term (uneducated voters in 1930s Germany democratically voted Hitler President of Germany).   From now on, there will be more and more EDUCATED voting citizens who know how to recognize Democracy and Totalitarianism from their historical and logical foundations, who will be able to tell if a politician is ultimately democracy-oriented or ultimately totalitarian-oriented.  From now on EDUCATED VOTERS in ever-greater numbers are going to call their politicians to accountability to maintain Democracy and avoid all current trends towards “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  I urge all Ontario MPPs to have the courage to realize YOU REPRESENT YOUR CONSITUENTS’ DEMOCRATIC SELF-RULE TO government (that’s democracy); YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY PARTY’S RULE TO THE RULED (that’s totalitarianism).  There are already many Ontarians you are supposed to represent and govern not as a monarch but on their behalf who are AFRAID of your government which has proven itself a “Creeping Totalitarian” government with little sense of healthy democratic government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Many Ontarians are specifically AFRAID OF BILL 89 and its great potential to make parents LIVE IN FEAR of a “Creeping Totalitarian” government which has decided to usurp and train their children regardless of parents like totalitarian States do.  So if your “party whip” wants to “whip” you into compromising the TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES all human rights and democratic freedoms were historically and logically built on by voting for Bill 89, I recommend you have the courage to do your job as the duly elected representative of the people according to Canada’s founding constitutional documents (which do not even mention parties), and stand up to this anti-democratic force within your party (parties can be good and useful as long as they are not tainted with “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  It is your job as an MPP to purify your party of this stain).

My scholarly prediction – having an educated “broad perspective” on Western Civilization and the whole development of human rights and democratic freedoms slowly but logically proceeding from Traditional Western Values first adopted by the West in the 4th Century – is that the 21st Century will be marked in history as when (after almost losing it) Democracy was solidified forever on its firm traditional, historical, scientific and logical FOUNDATIONS.  You really do not want to be on the wrong side of history.  If you vote for Bill 89, especially after having now been warned where its serious flaws logically lead, the permanent public record of your vote will be an embarrassment to you for the rest of your political career in a future lasting Canadian Democracy which has shored up its foundations against the “Creeping Totalitarianism” of which deeply flawed Bill 89 is an extreme example.


I thank you for listening to a voice crying out on behalf of the people you MPPs are supposed to represent.  I truly hope you have the courage to learn about genuine and lasting democracy and stand for it.  We, the people of Ontario, need you to.


W.Baptiste (on behalf of millions of uncomfortable and even SCARED Ontarians who deserve a healthy Democracy where they  do not live in fear for holding the same Traditional Western Values our great nation was built on)



Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that the Ontario Premier’s “party-whipped” government majority pushed Bill 89 – the most totalitarian piece of legislation I have seen in a democracy in my lifetime – into law during the June 1 vote.  The good news is, 23 Ontario MPPs took seriously my “scholar’s warning” and the efforts of groups like PAFE – Parents As First Educators – advising constituents also to encourage their MPPs to vote against it, and changed their vote, so that this third and final vote was NOT a UNANIMOUS vote for this totalitarian legislation, as the first two votes were.  THIS SHOWS SOME MOVEMENT BACK TOWARDS DEMOCRACY, to give the people of Ontario HOPE that things may finally start improving where we live, in the “world-leading” jurisdiction for “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  Unfortunately the Official Opposition Leader took so little leadership to stand up for democracy that he did not even attend this historic vote for totalitarianism.

Ayes (Voted FOR Bill 89)  THE WALL OF SHAME

These are the Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament who VOTED FOR INCREASED TOTALITARIANISM

Albanese, Laura

Anderson, Granville

Baker, Yvan

Ballard, Chris

Berardinetti, Lorenzo

Bisson, Gilles

Bradley, James J.

Campbell, Sarah

Chan, Michael

Chiarelli, Bob

Colle, Mike

Coteau, Michael

Crack, Grant

Del Duca, Steven

Delaney, Bob

Des Rosiers, Nathalie

Dhillon, Vic

Dickson, Joe

Dong, Han

Duguid, Brad

Fife, Catherine

Flynn, Kevin Daniel

Fraser, John

French, Jennifer K.

Gélinas, France

Hatfield, Percy

Hoggarth, Ann

Hoskins, Eric

Hunter, Mitzie

Jaczek, Helena

Kiwala, Sophie

Lalonde, Marie-France

Leal, Jeff

MacCharles, Tracy

Malhi, Harinder

Mangat, Amrit

Martins, Cristina

Matthews, Deborah

Mauro, Bill

McGarry, Kathryn

McMahon, Eleanor

McMeekin, Ted

Milczyn, Peter Z.

Miller, Paul

Moridi, Reza

Murray, Glen R.

Naidoo-Harris, Indira

Naqvi, Yasir

Potts, Arthur

Qaadri, Shafiq

Rinaldi, Lou

Sandals, Liz

Sattler, Peggy

Sousa, Charles

Tabuns, Peter

Takhar, Harinder S.

Taylor, Monique

Thibeault, Glenn

Vanthof, John

Vernile, Daiene

Wong, Soo

Wynne, Kathleen O.

Zimmer, David

Nays (Voted AGAINST Bill 89)  These are the Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament who STOOD UP FOR DEMOCRACY by voting against the terribly Totalitarian Bill 89.  THANK YOU FOR STANDING FOR DEMOCRACY

Arnott, Ted

Bailey, Robert

Barrett, Toby

Clark, Steve

Coe, Lorne

Fedeli, Victor

Hardeman, Ernie

Harris, Michael

MacLaren, Jack

MacLeod, Lisa

Martow, Gila

McDonell, Jim

McNaughton, Monte

Munro, Julia

Nicholls, Rick

Oosterhoff, Sam

Pettapiece, Randy

Smith, Todd

Thompson, Lisa M.

Walker, Bill

Wilson, Jim

Yakabuski, John

Yurek, Jeff




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