1st Media Release

The first-ever Media Release issued by Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, following its official launch March 19, 2017, was released April 21, 2017:

MEDIA RELEASE: Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! Launches with Historic Parliament Hill Speech HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS  BECAUSE PRO-LIFE=PRO-DEMOCRACY  Which Forever Redefines the Abortion Debate Worldwide

The new non-profit educational organization Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! made its official public launch on Canada’s Parliament Hill March 19, 2017 with its Founder’s first public speech, as the invited keynote speaker for the Pro-Life on Parliament Hill Rally in honour of Canada’s Patron Saint, Saint Joseph, on St. Joseph’s Feast Day.  Sometime-professor, Franciscan University of Steubenville Honors graduate and Third-Order Franciscan William Baptiste SFO, Founder and Director of the new Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, who has been analyzing worldwide trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” undermining Democracy and how to combat them since doctors where he lives lost their democratic freedoms of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans (by abortion and euthanasia) in 2015, introduced publicly to the world on March 19 what he calls the forgotten FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY and THE CORE PRINCIPLES OF LASTING DEMOCRACY, identified from undisputed historical and scientific facts connected with clear, sound logic which make it easy for anyone to learn just where Western human rights and democratic freedoms historically and logically come from, the traditional principles they were built on which they need to last.  His speech identified “new terms to clarify the essence of the central dispute of our time: Where do you stand on the current Human Rights for All Humans debate? Do you believe in equal Human Rights for All Humans, or do you believe human rights can and should be denied to some humans? That is, are you “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” ? The speech included THE TOP 6 FACTS FEW KNOW ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS HISTORY WHICH PROVE PRO-LIFE = PRO-DEMOCRACY and THE TOP 6 MAJOR ASSAULTS ON DEMOCRACY IN “PRO-CHOICE-TO-KILL-HUMANS” COUNTRIES SINCE 2015, with hints at “How YOU Can Learn and Participate in the Winning Strategy for the ‘Culture of Life’ to WIN the ‘Cultural War’ with the ‘Culture of Death,’ to Save Humanity Forever from ‘Creeping Totalitarianism.’ ”  As his hour to speak during the Pro-Life on Parliament Hill Rally was up before he properly introduced this last topic, the rest of the intended speech was publicly presented in a “Part II” speech only blocks away from Parliament Hill, at Saint Patrick’s Basilica, the oldest English-speaking Catholic Christian Church in Canada’s Capital Region, on April 7, 2017.

Below [at this link] is the text of the potentially world-changing and historic speech which cannot leave anyone with the same perspective on the abortion debate which they had before reading (or watching) it.  Most on both sides of the current debate after being exposed to it will gain a much more educated and logical perspective that will make it difficult for the intellectually honest on either side to continue to tolerate continued legal abortion or the current trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” now shown to be logically driven by legal abortion; and a perspective surprisingly hopeful of ending abortion quickly worldwide now that its “rotten fruit” of “Creeping Totalitarianism” has been clearly exposed using undisputed facts and sound logic.

Note:  Below [at this link] is not an exact transcript of the full speech as it was delivered. It is a copy of the prepared speech which was dramatically read in its entirety on Parliament Hill up until the “Winning Strategy” section near the end which was finished in the “Part II” speech presentation on April 7, so that the video recording of the historic speech on March 19 would include the full intended content on the DVD (currently in production).  This below text does not include the “spontaneous” or “off the script” moments which were spoken on Parliament Hill, and it includes a few clarifications and additional notes indicated with [square brackets].  A booklet is currently in production entitled Full [and Enhanced] Text of the Recent Yet Historic Speech HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS BECAUSE PRO-LIFE=PRO-DEMOCRACY  Which Forever Redefined the Abortion Debate Worldwide, which will include all the “off the script” moments of the speech as actually delivered on Parliament Hill, the full (including “off the script”) text of the end of the speech delivered on April 7, and which will include substantial additional “enhancements” to the original speech text [indicated with square brackets], additional facts and logical arguments which among other things draw out the global significance of this speech delivered in front of Canada’s central government buildings.

One can order the new book (scheduled for release in May 2017) Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy:  The Antidote to Worldwide “Creeping Totalitarianism” Now Threatening Human Rights for All Humans, Religious Freedom, and Lasting Democracy, which the speech draws from, by going to http://protecthumanrightsandfreedoms.ourchur.ch/order-democracy-101 .  One can link to a video of the game-changing March 19, 2017 speech at http://protecthumanrightsandfreedoms.ourchur.ch/historic-speech or directly on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Z7wyuPeLrdw .  One can view the (still under construction but very insightful) official website for Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, the new non-profit educational organization for teaching Westerners just where all their human rights and democratic freedoms come from (so they can last on their firm traditional, historical, scientific and logical foundations), at http://protecthumanrightsandfreedoms.ourchur.ch .  One can join and help form the new community of patrons financially supporting Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! (even just $5/month) in its world-educating and world-changing goals of human rights for all humans and lasting democracy and religious freedom at https://www.patreon.com/humanrightsandfreedomsforever. For more information, e-mail humanrightsandfreedomsforever@outlook.com or call 1-613-761-0147.

To see the rest of the 1st Media Release, including the Introduction to the Speaker and the Text of the Speech, CLICK HERE                                       

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