Hilary, Trump and Lincoln

The Human Rights & Freedoms Issues Which Determined the Results of the 2016 US Election, and What Trump’s Detractors Are Unwittingly Doing to Help Make Sure History Associates Trump with Lincoln

As a non-partisan, non-profit educational organization with international scope, Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! has no interest in the partisan politics of any nation except as they pertain to lasting Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms in that nation and worldwide.  So before the 2016 US election, I wrote nothing about either candidate nor any US issue but simply posted an article applicable to any nation entitled Non-Partisan Guidelines for Voting so that Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Last Forever, quoting the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy from PLEDGE PART I of Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy, trusting that these generic Human Rights principles would make it clear enough how to make an educated vote for lasting democracy in the US.  But that election and its results have such far-reaching effects pertaining to Lasting Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms that it was important to discuss it afterwards, which I did in a section of an article on the new “Winning Strategy” webpage on this website, which I reproduce here:

America Starting to Turn the Tide?  But Still in Danger

As the logically-ensuing rotten fruit of decades without a legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live (since abortion was de-criminalized) become more and more evident with more and more compromises of genuine democratic freedoms, especially of democratic freedoms to practice the traditional Western values democracy was built on, the tide away from decades of increasingly anti-democratic “Pro-Choice” (“Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”) “Creeping Totalitarianism” and back towards the traditional, “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”)  Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy is already starting to happen, and it just needs the solid Human Rights education from First Principles provided in the educational materials produced by Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to gain maximum momentum.  But even without this education helping them make the explicit connection that PRO-LIFE = PRO-DEMOCRACY (and throughout history PRO-CHOICE = PRO-TOTALITARIANISM) which is proven just by the “Top 6 Facts About Human Rights History Few Know” (never mind the rest of the wealth of scientific and historical facts in Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!’s Democracy 101  Pledge and treatise), still millions of extremely uncomfortable American voters in the recent 2016 election (even if they had serious reservations about the flaws of unorthodox candidate Donald Trump) understood implicitly that the aggressively Pro-Choice Hilary Clinton was the greatest threat to their ongoing democratic freedom of religion, specifically because she is aggressively “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans.”  In fact, Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton had explicitly stated as much herself on April 23, 2015, when she told a crowd that to ensure Pro-Choice access to abortion (that kills human lives) the government will have to enforce changes in deeply held religious beliefs (so that humans can be killed without objection): Hilary’s words: “[Pro-Choice, Abortion] Laws have to be backed up with resources, and political will,” she said. “[Pro-Life] Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”  So just like the “Pro-Choice” governments of the ancient world which allowed parents to choose to raise or kill their children by abortion also were totalitarian (telling citizens what they may or may not believe), Hilary Clinton clearly indicated to us that modern “Pro-Choice” governments that likewise insist that parents have the right to choose to raise or kill their children by abortion also will be totalitarian and will likewise tell citizens what they may or may not believe. The pure ignorance of Democracy’s foundations of Hilary Clinton – and far too many “Pro-Choice” advocates like her all over the world – would have supposedly democratic governments manipulate and enforce changes to the (Christian) religiously-grounded Pro-Life “bias” that treats ALL human life without exception as PRECIOUS, even though it is precisely this “bias” in favour of human life wherever it exists which logically undergirds the entire historical development of modern human rights and modern democracy proceeding logically from the starting point of the 318 AD criminalization of abortion because human life is precious not cheap.  Thus “Pro-Choice” abortion is fundamentally anti-democratic and anti-human-life and will naturally undermine democracies in a logical progression because by killing preborn humans it first of all violates the historic “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) principle of the immense and equal value of every human life without exception (including the preborn, protected since 318 AD) which historically and logically undergirds all our democracies, and further, in order to ensure the Pro-Choice “abortion access” which kills human lives continues unimpeded, Pro-Choice forces MUST also violate the rights and freedoms of all who will stand up in defense of the humans being killed, which is exactly why doctors and medical professionals in many jurisdictions are being bullied and threatened into giving up their democratic freedoms and are being made scared to speak freely their conscience in our compromised democracies (such as where I live where doctors can now lose their licences to be doctors if they object to killing humans by abortion or euthanasia), all in order to keep the fundamentally anti-democratic Pro-Choice abortion-killing of humans unimpeded by the pesky morals of those who believe in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy. Anything that is as anti-human-life as Pro-Choice abortion must be essentially anti-democratic, since democracy specifically depends on human lives being of equal value, and precious.  Pro-Choice philosophy is fundamentally anti-human and anti-democratic and as it matures inexorably leads to the dissolution of Democracy because by internal necessity Pro-Choice abortion must crush the rights and freedoms of those who object to the killing of humans because they believe all human life is EQUALLY PRECIOUS (which principle is the historic and logical root of Democracy!).

As the Founder and Director of the non-partisan and international Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, I wrote nothing against Hilary Clinton before the American election but instead I posted an article applicable to any nation entitled Non-Partisan Guidelines for Voting so that Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Last Forever, laying out the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and what the historical results have been when voters do not hold their politicians accountable to these principles necessary for lasting democracy. I similarly have little interest in commenting one way or another on the new American President’s unorthodox character for a politician or on his policies in general, but only in how he affects Human Rights and Freedoms lasting long-term. I do intend to write a more thorough analysis later but I can say the reason all the pollsters were so massively confused about how they all could have been so wrong about Donald Trump’s chances when he won a landslide election victory is because the decisive factor none of the pollsters considered was traditional believers in the traditional Western values Democracy was built on, desperately afraid they would lose even more of their religious freedom under Hilary Clinton than they had already suffered under Barack Obama (who had undemocratically forced religious schools to have abortion services offered in their health plans and so on), voting for Donald Trump even if they despised him for his flaws, because he was the first candidate in decades to actually court the “traditional Western values” vote (especially of Christians, who introduced the now-abandoned Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy into the West in the 4th Century), by making promises that if kept would limit the abortion-killing of humans and protect their increasingly threatened constitutional rights to religious freedom.

After decades of simply having no candidate to vote for who took their traditional (democracy-grounding) values seriously enough to even try to seriously challenge legal abortion (which has been progressively undermining genuine democracy and religious freedom all those decades), these millions of American believers in traditional Western values (the majority of them Christians), who normally are either too jaded to vote or vote on lesser issues because no party will touch the important ones, were desperate for a candidate to champion their continued religious freedom and genuine democracy (which is historically and logically built on “Pro-Life” / “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” principles) in America, against the great threat to religious freedom posed by Hilary Clinton with her aggressive “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” agenda and her clearly-stated totalitarian intention to “change” “deep seated . . . religious beliefs” that did not agree with her stance. Trump upset all the pollsters and mainstream media’s predictions against him because he tapped into the current they had ignored of millions of traditionally-believing Americans afraid for their religious freedom to value and protect human life (which is the foundation of democracy itself).  Without commenting on President Trump’s other policies which are not my main concern, I can say as the Founder and Director of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! which seeks to preserve Democracy  worldwide for the long term, that I have 100 times less work to do because Hilary Clinton is not the U.S. President (still a vast amount of work to do where I live, however, and America may only have a 4-year respite from actively advancing “Creeping Totalitarianism” if “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” promoted by Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! does not spread fast enough in America by their next election).

Americans now must realize with trepidation how close they came to electing a leader so blatantly against the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and with such brazenly totalitarian intentions (even if, like so many, she was merely ignorant of democracy’s foundations, and not actually evil).  It is a sign of an electorate of voting citizens so woefully uneducated in and out of touch with the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, a democracy in advanced decay, one well on the way to becoming a “DINO” (“Democracy In Name Only), that someone with such obviously totalitarian inclinations, someone so against democratic government “of the people, by the people, for the people” that she publicly indicated her intentions to use “political will” to “change” the people’s “deep-seated . . . religious beliefs” specifically in order to destroy the “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or “Pro-Life” Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy with her aggressive “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” policies, still came as close as she did to becoming the so-called “leader of the free world.”   (Remember the Germans in the 1930s, in their similar ignorance of the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, similarly elected a President – Hitler – who manifestly did not believe in democracy’s foundations in the EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS OF ALL HUMANS). The fact that so many Americans are not relieved at such a “close call” with ACCELERATED “Creeping Totalitarianism” but are lamenting her loss and planning how to gain power to continue to accelerate “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” “Creeping Totalitarianism” next time reveals that America is still very much in danger (and needs to see the spread of Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy turning more of the majority still “in the middle” on human life issues into educated “Democracy Pledgers” so there are less uneducated voters (if unwittingly) acting like “totalitarian creeps”). Still, thankfully for lasting democracy, in 2016 many of the American people, scared of losing their religious freedom, sent a powerful message by tipping the scales against all predictions of pollsters and giving a landslide victory to the one politician in decades, unorthodox and flawed as he was, who was actually willing to do the right thing where it matters most – protect the Inherent Human Right to Live which is the historical and logical foundation of Democracy. His opponent Hilary Clinton, whatever her genuine strengths (and more orthodox political poise), got the most important thing about governing humans – the value of human life – absolutely wrong.

Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! is all about having an educated “broad perspective” on Western history in order to understand the trends in thought and action that underlie our Human Rights and Freedoms and what takes them away, so that we can actively maintain the foundations of our rights and freedoms and guard against “Creeping Totalitarianism” for the long-term. Knowing this “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack,” I suggest from my broad historical perspective that IF President Trump fulfills all his “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” / “Pro-Life” promises and works to restore the traditional Western values Democracy is built on (things which have been long rejected by many of his opponents), history will overlook all his flaws and unorthodox manner which his opponents emphasize and even any policy mistakes he makes on lesser issues, and will look back on him as the President who saved American democracy (and truly “made America great again” as he campaigned) by restoring to America the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy in the EQUAL PRECIOUSNESS of EVERY HUMAN (not just some humans), the lack of which formerly drove legal slavery and has been driving both legal abortion and its logically ensuing “Creeping Totalitarianism” for decades now. In fact, IF President Donald Trump runs his administration like this, history will have to compare him with America’s greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, who did so much to ensure the exact same principle of EQUAL Human Rights for ALL humans was guiding America, ending legal slavery which violates Human Rights for the same reasons as legal abortion does.

President Trump’s detractors have already done much towards making sure history associates Trump together with Lincoln as the “American Presidents who were champions of Human Rights for All Humans” with their immature, undemocratic, and even criminal and violent behavior in protest of their new “Pro-Life” President who is thus working towards Human Rights for All Humans, which recalls how the slave-owning American South who ALSO (like “Pro-Choicers”) denied Human Rights to some humans effectively said “Abolitionist Lincoln who believes in Human Rights for All Humans is NOT MY PRESIDENT” and they took this so far as to try to secede from the United States, rather than accept Abolitionist President Lincoln who believed (like Pro-Life President Trump) in Human Rights for All Humans.

Those who have rioted in the streets in protest that the fairly and democratically-elected Trump is “not my President;” those who refused to allow Pro-Life women to the “women’s march” following Trump’s inauguration; those who are now calling to impeach Trump are primarily those who wanted the aggressively “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” Hilary Clinton, and/or the officially “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” Democratic Party (which for this very reason is now actually “anti-democratic”) to win the US election instead of the “Pro-Life” / “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” Trump who supports Human Rights for All Humans just like President Abraham Lincoln did. This means those calling to impeach Trump have put themselves in the same position as those Americans even in the North who resisted Abraham Lincoln working to end the biggest Human Rights abuse of his day and free the slaves.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  The biggest, saddest irony is the “impeach Trump” movement includes some otherwise educated and intelligent people so out of touch with the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy that they actually think they stand for “democracy,” “civil liberties,” and “equal rights” –  but they are too ignorantly bigoted to realize they are only standing for “equal rights and civil liberties” for those humans they choose to accept as equally valuable humans (just like slave-owners upheld “equal rights and liberties” too, but only for those (White) humans they chose to accept as equally valuable humans).  Massively bigoted, like every other massive bigot “impeach Trump” Pro-Choicers deny equal human rights to some humans – and so they look ridiculous when they claim they are promoting “civil liberties” and “equal rights” and “democracy” by wanting  to impeach Trump – the first US President with the moral boldness of Lincoln to stand up against abortion, the biggest Human Rights violation of our day!  (Those calling to “impeach Trump” who are not Pro-Choice – I suspect a small number – though not bigoted in the same way still demonstrate themselves very ignorant of the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy since they do not seem to realize that though far from a perfect candidate, the only other candidate by her own account would have accelerated “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” “Creeping Totalitarianism” and so it is literally working against lasting democracy to try to reverse that election result which history may well look back upon as the one that saved American democracy by making President someone who (whatever his flaws) like Lincoln was bold enough to stand up for Human Rights for ALL Humans, the lack of which logically undermines democratic freedoms for ALL humans, whether by legal enslavement of humans or legal abortion-killing of humans.)

 Make no mistake: Whatever else is claimed, the single biggest underlying reason certain people want to impeach Trump before he has even had a chance to govern (with Internet calls to impeach him the day he took office, meaning it has nothing to do with anything he has actually done in his infant Presidency) is the same single biggest reason the Southern States wanted to secede from the US from the very moment Abraham Lincoln took office: in both cases those who deny equal Human Rights for all Humans because they profit or gain some advantage or convenience from not treating all humans equally (Black humans or preborn humans) did not want to be under a President who would not allow their selfish immorality to continue, a President who would instead insist on Human Rights for All Humans for the good of long-term democracy (which cannot last wherever humans are not treated equally).  In both cases, with Lincoln and Trump, they essentially said that anyone who supports Human Rights for All Humans so genuine Democracy can flourish is “NOT MY PRESIDENT.” One realizes all the “trumped up” arguments for impeaching Trump “to protect democracy” are the biggest joke in the world as soon as one realizes that for the most part the people who are calling for it preferred Hilary Clinton to be President even though she was aggressively “Pro-Choice-t0-Kill-Humans” and manifestly against the “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and she was even clear (as in her April 23, 2015 speech) about the fact that she intended to use totalitarian-style “political will” to “change religious beliefs” which are against her anti-human-life abortion policies which like slavery policies do not treat all humans equally.

President Trump, despite his flaws and his unorthodox political style, like Abraham Lincoln can go down in history as a champion of Human Rights for All Humans IF he continues to boldly work to end the abortion-killing of humans.  Those calling to impeach Trump will go down in history’s annals of shame with those who resisted Lincoln’s freeing the slaves for the same reason Trump is working to re-criminalize abortion: fully equal Human Rights are for All Humans (or else they are meaningless and Democracy which depends on them cannot last long-term).

In fact, IF President Donald Trump is bold enough, he can guarantee that history will always associate him with President Abraham Lincoln, who used an executive order (the Emancipation Proclamation), followed up with a constitutional amendment proposed by his government (the 13th Amendment), to end legal slavery which denied Human Rights to all humans. All President Trump has to do to emulate Lincoln in a way that will be highlighted in history is to clearly and unequivocally proclaim in some way The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy (which are clearly identified from history and logic in PLEDGE PART I (Articles 1-5) of Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy) in some kind of executive order or action which is later ratified in a constitutional amendment that guarantees that founding American values like “all men are created equal” (so Human Rights are for ALL humans) are never more compromised like they were with the legal slavery of Black humans and even worse with the legal abortion-killing of preborn humans (just like each one of us when we were their age), which denies the Inherent Human Right to Live of each one of us, which is what (as the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy demonstrates) all Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms were historically and logically built upon. In doing so, President Trump will merely be emulating President Lincoln by clearly re-affirming the HUMAN EQUALITY which is a cornerstone American value. IF President Trump is bold enough to make some kind of executive order or action like Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which enshrines or begins the process of enshrining (in a constitutional amendment) Human Rights for All Humans including the Inherent Human Right to Live, confirming that killing humans is wrong (period. No exceptions for some humans like Black humans or preborn humans), all he will be doing is following in the footsteps and imitating the example of Abraham Lincoln, who did so much for Human Rights in America and worldwide (and made both a much better place) by championing this exact same principle of Human Rights for All Humans when he ended slavery through the bold Emancipation Proclamation starting the process (his government confirming it later with the 13th Amendment). And what are President Trump’s opponents going to be able to say against any of this without looking like fools and bigots who are against Human Rights for All Humans and thus against Democracy?   What are they going to say against such an action? “No, we don’t agree that Human Rights are for all humans. We deny some humans (preborn humans) have human rights. We deny killing humans is wrong.” In saying this they put themselves in the category of slave-owners and Nazis who deny Human Rights to some humans! Surely they will try to paint Trump as a tyrant if he emulates Lincoln in this way. So did the slavery-sympathizers in the American North who also denied Human Rights to some humans try to paint Lincoln. Anyone can see that if humans do not even have a human right to live or to live free, they cannot possibly have a human right to a democratic say or vote. So anyone who actively opposes such an action and such a constitutional amendment boldly re-affirming Human Rights for All Humans (which does not even have to name the abortion-killing of humans specifically in order for it to be obvious abortion is unconstitutional) simply declare themselves to be ignorant and uneducated, anti-human age-bigots and “totalitarian creeps” who support the continued dissolution of genuine Democracy by continuing to deny Democracy’s foundations in the EQUAL HUMAN PRECIOUSNESS and Inherent Human Right to Live which makes it obvious that killing humans is wrong.

Americans: Send President Trump Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy !

I encourage Americans to repeatedly send President Trump encouragement to boldly follow in Lincoln’s footsteps and through some bold executive action (followed up by constitutional amendment) unequivocally re-affirm the founding American principle of human equality (or Human Rights for ALL Humans) as the equal Inherent Human Right to Live because of equal human preciousness which is historically and logically the underlying foundation of Democracy, which of course precludes the enslavement or killing of humans (except to protect other precious humans, as in law enforcement – see Article 6 of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy). I encourage Americans to repeatedly send President Trump copies of and weblinks to Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy – What Every World Citizen Needs to Know to Make Sure Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Democracy Itself Survive “Creeping Totalitarianism” and Last Forever on Their Firm Historical, Scientific, and Logical Foundations), so that he has all the information and education he needs to know he can justify taking such bold moves on behalf of Human Rights for ALL humans (following in the footsteps of Lincoln who did the same thing), because the great weight of history, science, and logic justifies his taking such action to ensure Human Rights are respected without exception worldwide, and thus making the whole world a better place (not just America), as the whole world benefitted from the great President Lincoln taking a similar bold stance to ensure every human under his jurisdiction (which influences the rest of the world) had LEGALLY RECOGNIZED EQUAL Human Rights and Freedoms.

© William Baptiste SFO, Founder and Director, Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!

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