4 Major Assaults on Democracy in 2015 Alone Where Author Lives

The following is an article I wrote to help people understand how deadly serious are the recent new threats to Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms even though so far things are mostly just uncomfortable and so far our day-to-day lives for the most part have not changed much (depending which field of work we are in and depending on whether we have children in the school system in certain jurisdictions).  It gives the bad news and the good news — just how bad things now really are (once we know the lessons of history) AND what we really CAN do to turn things back around and restore the foundations of Human Rights and Democracy so they can last forever!

“Creeping Totalitarianism” No Longer Just “Creeping:” 4 Major Assaults on Democracy in 2015 Alone Where Author Lives

By William Baptiste SFO

“Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes;” and “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  The “Free West” has not learned the history lesson of where its freedom comes from and has not been vigilant to maintain Democracy’s foundations.  Years ago I taught the Nazi Holocaust in schools, largely from the memoirs of Jews who survived, and they tell a chilling story of a very gradual descent from democracy into totalitarianism that is too eerily familiar in our current Western democracies, most especially in the national jurisdiction (Canada) and regional jurisdiction (Ontario) in which I live.  Our democracies are doing apparently by ignorance what the Nazis did by design, so the dismantling of human rights and democracy itself is happening more slowly than in 1930s Germany (and with less guns), but it is happening according to the same stages (described in Chapter 4 of my treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack).  I have talked to Ontario doctors (and nurses) whose democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans have been taken away, medical professionals who RIGHT NOW are SCARED that they can lose their jobs and livelihood if they try to follow the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients but “do no harm” to human lives and thus refuse to be party to human-killing by de-criminalized abortion and recently de-criminalized euthanasia and “assisted suicide.”  I have talked to teachers and lawyers and government workers who RIGHT NOW are SCARED into SILENCE about what matters most because they can face job discipline if they teach or are vocal about the TRADITIONAL “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) values concerning always-precious human life (and the precious process which generates it) which are actually the historical and logical foundations of all of our human rights and democratic freedoms (the “Pro-Choice” right of parents to either raise or abortion-kill their children was normal in the brutal ancient pagan West and it is only since the Inherent Human Right to Live first became legally recognized with the 318 AD criminalization of abortion (and infanticide) because Christianity then taught Western Civilization that every human life is EQUAL and PRECIOUS (not cheap) that all other human rights and democratic freedoms became possible).  My wife even talked to a duly-elected Member of Parliament who is not allowed to vote his conscience according to his “Pro-Life” belief in equal human preciousness (without exception) which is the ultimate foundation of Democracy itself, and he is not allowed to vote so as to democratically represent his “Pro-Life” constituents who elected him to represent them – so the voices of those who actually believe in the “Pro-Life” historic Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy have been silenced in our government.  So, far too many Canadians (even elected officials) are RIGHT NOW AFRAID TO SPEAK FREELY AT WORK if they believe that every human life without exception (Jewish or preborn, etc.) is equal and precious, just like 1930s and 40s Germans were afraid to speak openly THE SAME BELIEF.  And at the same time, Ontario parents now have had their democratic right to train their own children in the same traditional values taken away with totalitarian-style belief-control in the forced indoctrination of their children in a radically anti-traditional “sexual education” curriculum which perpetuates the whole ultimately democracy-destroying system by actually creating DEMAND for the legal abortion which undermines democracy by legally negating the Inherent Human Right to Live (creating a demand to kill all the unwanted humans naturally produced by the kind of irresponsible “sex for recreation and pleasure” the curriculum encourages, in inhuman manner not even mentioning love or marriage as a part of human sexuality, even though the entire scientific, biological purpose of sex is in fact the procreation of human children).  It is all the more disturbing that these anti-democratic / “Creeping Totalitarian” new policies have been implemented IGNORING the advice of immigrant Canadian citizens (like Ukrainians) who lived under Soviet Communism and other totalitarian States who RECOGNIZE these kinds of medical and educational policies as characteristically totalitarian not democratic.

But human life from its beginning in the womb was protected by law or custom since the 318 AD criminalization of abortion in Western Christian Civilization which from this starting point of the criminalization of abortion very gradually but logically developed modern Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms until the 20th Century when the first two modern nations to de-criminalize abortion were totalitarian Soviet Russia in 1920 and totalitarian Nazi Germany in 1934.  It is no mere coincidence but by a simple logical progression that these two Totalitarian States responsible for the two biggest genocides of humans in history, the 1932-3 Holodomor (Soviet forced starvation of 7-10 million of my fellow Ukrainian humans) and the Holocaust (Nazi extermination of 6 million Jewish humans plus handicapped and other humans), before they committed mass-murder of millions of adult humans were the first two modern nations to de-criminalize abortion:  De-criminalized abortion had already established in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany that there was NO LONGER any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which the government was always obligated to protect.

The current return of doctors who are killers (because judges said doctors could legally kill some humans) is particularly disturbing given that the post-Holocaust 1948 Declaration of Geneva reaffirmed the whole Hippocratic Medical Tradition in the doctor’s oath, “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity.”  This was specifically in response to the fact that German doctors in the Nazi regime had not taken nor kept the Traditional Hippocratic Oath and had used their medical knowledge for many unspeakable degradations of humanity, including medical experiments in the Death Camps on pregnant and other prisoners and including the performance of legal abortions the mother requested with Nazi encouragement which German doctors were also condemned for as “a crime against humanity” at the Nuremberg Trials the same year of 1948.  German abortionist doctors (and judges and other leaders) were condemned for “crimes against humanity” at Nuremberg because saying “the government laws said killing these Jewish/preborn/ handicapped humans was legal” was not an acceptable excuse for implementing these inhuman Nazi laws and policies and doctors (and judges and other leaders) were EXPECTED to know killing humans is wrong and that they had a human responsibility they criminally shirked to oppose the taking of human lives.  Also in the same year of 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly declared human rights were for ALL humans “without distinction of any kind” because “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world” – specifically to make sure that anything like the Nazi atrocities against humanity (which included legal abortion and legal euthanasia of the handicapped) never happened again (yet here we are, with preborn and handicapped humans legally killable again – and doctors stopped taking the Traditional Hippocratic Oath when abortion was de-criminalized).  And in Ontario the doctor’s “license to kill” is now actually an “obligation to kill” even against their conscience – they have to facilitate human-killing to keep their jobs, or else face discipline.

Depending on which country/state/province or other jurisdiction you live in, where you live may be more advanced or less advanced in the decay of democracy and the progression of “Creeping Totalitarianism” than the jurisdiction (Canada’s largest province of Ontario) in which I live.  But it is critical that voters in all democracies NOW start thinking according to the “education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack” (ideally taking the new Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy – see below) before our democracies are compromised by the return of ancient, anti-human and ultimately totalitarian “Pro-Choice” philosophy any further. This urgency is spurred by the fact that in the national and regional jurisdiction in which I live the worldwide “Creeping Totalitarianism” trend ignorantly destroying democracy from its foundations is no longer moving at a “creeping” pace but has seen four massive assaults on Democracy in 2015 alone, in new policies which advance “Pro-Choice” (“Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”) philosophy specifically in violation of the free choice of citizens to follow the traditional “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) values which gave us human rights and freedoms in the first place (guarding as precious ALL human life and the process which generates it).

In February 2015 my national jurisdiction (Canada) de-criminalized euthanasia (insidiously re-introducing the State-sanctioned killing of born humans as well as preborn humans, as happens in totalitarian states – “compassion for suffering” is only an excuse which the Nazis used too to justify legal euthanasia), and the ultimately “Creeping Totalitarian” character of de-criminalized euthanasia is clear because to facilitate all this human-killing my regional jurisdiction (Ontario) just afterwards took away the democratic freedom of conscience and free speech of doctors to object to killing humans by either de-criminalized abortion or newly de-criminalized euthanasia, which they now MUST facilitate at least by “effective referral” or else lose their jobs, so that these human-killing “services” will not be hampered in any way by the pesky morals of citizens who actually believe in the traditional Western “Pro-Life” principles undergirding Democracy which teach that every human life is equally precious and therefore deserves not only government protection from harm but also deserves to participate in his or her own governance with a vote.  De-criminalized euthanasia is actually merely the logical progression of “Pro-Choice” abortion philosophy which starts by negating any INHERENT human right to live which the government is ALWAYS obligated to protect, making human value inhere no longer in itself but in how it can serve the greater state/society, and when humans cannot or no longer can serve, the State allows and encourages euthanasia which means even more humans can be legally killed, people even shamed into asking for “assisted suicide” euthanasia because as with unwanted preborn humans who are aborted, their elderly or sick or handicapped human lives are seen as a burden rather than any longer as the gift so valuable that every Western government was not only obligated to always protect human lives, but properly even gave them a democratic say in their own governance.

Thus as “Creeping Totalitarianism” progresses, like in totalitarian States many Canadians no longer feel SAFE and I have talked to seniors who are SCARED that doctors are going to start “offering” to kill them instead of treat them since the de-criminalization of euthanasia/”assisted suicide” has come into effect in Canada.  I have talked to handicapped citizens and the parents of handicapped children who are SCARED that now that euthanasia / “assisted suicide” has been de-criminalized, ultimately their very LIVES are at risk since the whole societal mindset that allows de-criminalized euthanasia (which always starts “only for those who ask for it” but never ends there) is a prejudiced one that “handicapped human lives are not worth living” and “handicapped human lives are not worth caring for their extra human needs.”  Historical and present world events teach us these Canadians genuinely have much to fear:  the Nazis, sharing the sentiment “handicapped human lives are not worth living” first likewise encouraged abortion and euthanasia of handicapped humans “to end their suffering” and later rounded them up mandatorily for the Death Camps.  The “Free West” is already well on the way to this and presently in countries like Holland which have already de-criminalized euthanasia, the deadly bigotry against handicapped humans is rampant, and the handicapped or their parents are not just “offered” but pressured to euthanize at every turn, at every age, because since legal euthanasia treats their human lives as a burden to be removed rather than a precious gift worth taking care of, everybody thinks their handicapped lives just are not worth living and not worth lovingly taking care of – and not worth the time and money to treat longer-term (money quickly becomes more valuable than humans wherever there is not even any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live because abortion is legal).   Like already here in Canada (and as first in Nazi Germany), the handicapped in Holland are aggressively targeted for abortion before they are born, and mothers identified as carrying handicapped children are repeatedly “offered,” that is, pestered or otherwise pressured to abort them.  Such prejudice against the handicapped as “not worth living, not worth taking care of” cannot just stay limited to the preborn and so in Holland where euthanasia has been legal for some time, now when children are diagnosed handicapped at the time of birth (because they could not be diagnosed and aborted previously), the parents are “offered”/ pestered to euthanize right at birth;  and those parents who choose to actually lovingly raise their own children report that they are repeatedly accosted in the streets by strangers asking them WHY they have not yet euthanized their handicapped child.  Legal abortion and legal euthanasia poison society’s whole approach to human life in fundamentally anti-democratic (and Nazi-bigotry) fashion.  Legal abortion already means NONE OF US have any Inherent Human Right to Live anyway, since all of us could have been legally abortion-killed before our births; and legal euthanasia even further dehumanizes us because any of us through accident, injury, or illness can suddenly BECOME handicapped, and the government will then no longer protect our now-handicapped “born” human lives and so doctors will now offer us the legal “Choice” to be killed and not cost the government any more time and money (and not be a “burden” on the taxpayer or on family), instead of actually treating us like valuable human beings longer-term who are worth taking care of (even worth giving a vote).  The (Pro-)“Choice” to abort humans because there is no legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live anyway naturally and logically leads to the (Pro-)“Choice” to euthanize humans who are old, sick, or handicapped and thus “unproductive.”  So “Pro-Choice” is a fundamentally inhuman “Choice,” and history teaches us that what begins as a “choice” to euthanize soon becomes pressure to euthanize, and ultimately leads to the obligation to euthanize.  We do not need to look to the Nazi Regime to know this, except that there we actually saw where legal euthanasia which always starts “to end suffering” logically ends.  But we need only look to today’s Holland to see it heading that direction in the whole society (random people in the streets) taking on themselves the doctors’ pressure on parents to euthanize the handicapped instead of treat them (it is so much easier and cheaper to kill patients than treat them).  And a leading world euthanasia advocate clearly confirms that legal euthanasia is really all about money not compassion:  Britain’s Lady Warnock has said “Pensioners” (drawing on government money) “unable to look after themselves” have “a duty to die” and not be a “burden” and should be “helped to die” (that is killed) “even if they are not in pain.”  This synthesis of a leading euthanasia advocate’s words are not pulled out of context but simply a logical correlation of the guiding principles she has clearly expressed on multiple occasions.  So with legal euthanasia now, like in any totalitarian State, the government licenses the killing of born as well as preborn humans.

Later in 2015 my jurisdiction (Canada’s largest province of Ontario) even introduced totalitarian-style-belief-control via the province-wide forced indoctrination of children in a radically anti-traditional “sexual education” curriculum implemented with no democratic mandate and against the loud and wide protests of parents, enforcing a propagandized “education” which not only (among several anti-traditional elements) introduces 6 year-olds to graphic sexuality and notions of “consent” (effectively priming them for pedophile sexual advances), but also teaching sex is for recreation and pleasure (not even mentioning love or marriage).  This so-called “education” first of all is being enforced anti-democratically as in totalitarian states, violating the rights of parents to teach their children instead the traditional sexual values which when followed are not only their children’s best chance at lifelong happiness in stable, faithful loving marriages, but which actually indirectly undergird all human rights and democratic society: that sex is for lifetime-committed loving marriage, which context guarantees that sex partners are always treated as precious human PERSONS, never as mere tools or objects of “sex for recreation and pleasure,” and which guarantees that the next generation of human children naturally produced by sex in the loving marital context (who are the natural human product of their parents’ physical love) are also always treated as precious human PERSONS, wanted and lovingly raised to a mature loving adulthood within stable loving FAMILIES which are the building block of stable loving SOCIETIES.  This new so-called “sexual education” has fundamentally anti-democratic content which ensures the current “Creeping Totalitarianism” continues by actually creating DEMAND for the continuance of legal abortion to kill all the “inconvenient” unwanted humans who are naturally produced by the “sex for pleasure” taught at school, sex unnaturally undertaken with no thought of sex’s actual natural biological purpose of sexual reproduction – actually creating demand for the legal abortion that actually takes away any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which is the foundation of Democracy!

To top off 2015 as a “banner year” aiming my nation towards the ultimate loss of democracy, an electorate so woefully uneducated in the foundational principles of human rights and freedoms (because they were laid so long ago everyone forgets what democracy is built on) actually handed a landslide election victory not only to a party that is officially “Pro-Choice” (that is, a party that has forgotten the historic Western “Pro-Life” principles since the 4th Century which implicitly undergirded the formation of all modern democracies and all their founding political parties of both “Left” and “Right;” a party that now officially does not believe in the “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) foundations of human rights and democracy because they are just as uneducated in democracy’s historical and logical foundations as the electorate), but to a party leader who actually said before the election that “Pro-Life” citizens “need not apply” to his now-ruling party (that is, the governing party does not WANT anyone who believes in the foundations of democracy to govern our nation), and the ruling party and leader do not allow those “Pro-Life” elected representatives who are already members of the now-ruling party to vote their conscience on human life issues (that is, even democratically-elected representatives of the people have no democratic freedom in this government to either speak their conscience if it agrees with the “Pro-Life” foundations of democracy, nor to actually democratically represent the voice of their “Pro-Life” constituents who elected them).  So my nation in 2015 has literally followed the precedent of 1930s Germany which in the same ignorance of the “Pro-Life” foundational principles of human rights and democracy did the same thing and actually voted into power a government which they knew beforehand DID NOT BELIEVE every human life without exception is EQUAL and PRECIOUS, such that the government is always obligated to protect and serve precious human lives.  The only reason that this is not more terrifying than it is, is because all this fundamentally anti-democratic propagation of ancient and totalitarian “Pro-Choice” philosophy has been done (most probably) in IGNORANCE of where it logically ends (where it ended in Germany), and there is reason to hope that when our electorate and our leaders learn (say, from The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy) what human rights and democratic freedoms historically and logically depend on and need to last, they will change their voting and their policies to support Democracy from its “Pro-Life foundations so it can last long-term.  But until that happens, the situation is:  just like in 1930s Germany, we ignorantly voted into power a government that does not believe in the foundations of democracy and we most certainly will pay the logical consequences of our ignorance in the continuation of the current “Creeping Totalitarianism” which ALREADY makes many citizens AFRAID TO SPEAK OPENLY AT WORK THEIR TRADITIONAL BELIEFS, ALREADY SERIOUSLY COMPROMISING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.  Living in my nation’s capital I have spoken to many government workers (as well as teachers, lawyers and of course doctors and nurses) who are literally AFRAID to speak openly at work the traditional principles which ground and guarantee human rights and democratic freedoms, for fear of negative consequences – just like in any totalitarian state, except that the negative consequences are not (yet) as severe.

But remember, we must learn the lessons of history in order to avoid its mistakes.  History teaches us that even this present “similar but not so bad as Nazi Germany” situation of 2015 is reminiscent of Mexico which in 1917 ALSO passed laws and policies restrictive of freedom of public practice of belief; restrictive policies including State-set education in anti-traditional beliefs and values.  But these were not strictly enforced right away and so there was not a major uproar, simply because (like for us in Ontario in 2015) most people’s day-to-day lives did not change dramatically at first; so people went about their normal daily lives even though they were uncomfortable, and more or less got “used to” these new policies being on the books (like we “got used to” abortion being legal even though technically Human Rights ended the very second legal abortion eradicated any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live).  Most Mexicans in 1917, like us Ontarians now, put up with their discomfort (also like the later Germans in Nazi Germany) because they were afraid of negative repercussions if they complained, and like later Germans in Nazi Germany they in vain comforted themselves with the unrealistic thought that “surely it cannot get any worse than this.”  But nine years later in 1926, the Mexican government started strictly enforcing the 1917 laws and policies which had been on the books for nearly a decade and soon added new and more oppressive laws taking any semblance of religious freedom away from citizens who were arrested or shot for practicing their traditional beliefs in any public way.  Then religious freedom quickly became a memory and Church services were broken up by armed police. History teaches us that we cannot allow anti-democratic policies like those which were passed in 2015 in my country (Canada) and province (Ontario) to “stay on the books” even though our “day to day” has not (yet) changed much.  Ignoring these uncomfortable changes, denying their deadly seriousness and “putting up” with them, can ONLY make them worse by logical progression.  The 1930s Germans who believed in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy (1. that every human life is equal and precious and 2. must be free from government coercion in matters of belief in order to freely seek and find this wonderful truth about humanity which grounds democracy), IF they had stood up together in Solidarity against the Nazi government’s many small changes in the earlier stages of democracy’s decay (say, when Jews were forbidden to own bicycles and gramophones), then the “Creeping Totalitarianism” could not have gone all the way to full-blown totalitarianism as it did.  Those Germans were afraid because the Nazi government was degrading the German democracy using bullies and thugs with guns.  What is our excuse for not standing up for democracy while we still can?  “Pro-Lifers” (the majority of whom are Christians, understandably since Christianity originated the “Pro-Life” principles underlying Human Rights and Democracy) have already been “bullied” into silence far too long by the “soft” persecution of threats to jobs and funding, and the result (predictably) has been more and more discomforts for “Pro-Lifers” and Christians as Western Civilization sloughs off more and more of the trappings of Christianity, without realizing that it is precisely the Christian “Pro-Life” (Pro-Human-Right-to-Live) principles which all of our human rights and democratic freedoms are built on, and which they need to last.  Christians (and others still holding the traditional Western values established by 1650 years of Western Christian Civilization) should be CONFIDENT that their Christian, “Pro-Life” principles are the ground of our whole free and democratic way of life and (Christian or not) we need to STAND UP for these principles in Solidarity wherever they are ignored or attacked, because ultimately our religious freedom and democracy and human safety itself depends on it.

What it comes down to is that legal abortion is every bit as fundamentally incompatible with Democracy as legal slavery was, and for precisely the same reason:  BOTH legal slavery and legal abortion violate the IMMENSE and EQUAL dignity and preciousness of every human life without exception, and without discrimination of any kind, which is the underlying reason that governments learned first of all they were obligated to protect every human life instead of exploiting or killing humans, and later learned to give every human a democratic vote.  Thus “Pro-Lifers” are the New Abolitionists who have the duty to incessantly pester their governments to abolish abortion with the same tenacity of the original Abolitionists who incessantly pestered their governments to abolish legal slavery for the sake of the long continuance of freedom for every human. 

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  We must not “stick our heads in the sand” and hope the problem will not get any worse – like they did in 1920s Mexico and 1930s Germany.  It is guaranteed to get worse if the people who believe in religious freedom and democracy from their “Pro-Life,” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) foundations keep allowing themselves to be bullied into silence.  The longer we wait to stand up together in Solidarity for the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, the worse will be the backlash from our increasingly totalitarian governments (which are in the process of becoming “DINOs” – Democracies in Name Only).  But take heart!  No anti-democratic forces ever looked stronger than the Soviet Union, yet the Solidarity movement beginning in Poland (inspired by Polish Pope John Paul II) undermined hardline Communist totalitarianism in the Soviet Eastern Bloc countries and allowed Democracy to once again flourish where it had been extinguished.  Our Solidarity (organized behind the below Pledge and Flag) can certainly reverse the tide of only “Creeping Totalitarianism” if their Solidarity replaced full-blown totalitarian oppression.  So, what can YOU do to help human rights and democracy last?  How do we establish that democracy-defending Solidarity?  Through receiving “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack,” and spreading it, using resources such as those on the below website, and if we

Take The Pledge of Allegiance To Democracy and Join a Worldwide Movement of Educated Citizens Standing Up in Solidarity to Ensure Human Rights and Democracy Last Forever on their Firm Traditional Foundations!



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