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“Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.”

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Our Western democracies in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and around the world have failed to learn the lessons of history in order to know just where our prized Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms come from in the first place (and what they need to last), and in their ignorance they have failed to be vigilant in maintaining the historical and logical foundations of Human Rights and Freedoms against “Creeping Totalitarianism.”  I have heard complaints from so many doctors and nurses, teachers, government workers and others (even elected officials) who believe in the traditional Western values our Human Rights and Freedoms were both historically and logically built on, that they are no longer FREE to express at work the founding principles underlying Democracy itself without implied or explicit threats to their jobs or funding, their very livelihood.  I have seen many headlines from my own country and others showing how bad the official rejection of the traditional Western values which undergird our whole free and democratic way of life is getting.  In some countries some people have even been jailed for peaceful protests in support of one of the historic Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy which are identified on this site and in the new Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy published on this site on month ago today.  In the actions which motivated me to create this site to “Protect Human Rights and Freedoms” and to “Defend Democracy for the Long Term,” the country in which I live in 2015 alone took four disturbing steps ignorantly hurtling us towards the dissolution of Democracy (as easily enough seen by those who know the history of totalitarianism and democracy and the principles underlying both).  If current worldwide trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” in most Western countries continue, the only possible end result is the end of Democracy, through the same stages of decay that have ended Democracy in the past, of which our current democracies have already progressed through about 7 or 8 of the early stages (as described in Ch.4 of The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack. So indeed, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes, and our democracies are currently in the process of doing so!).  BUT THERE IS HOPE!  Concerned human-loving and freedom-loving citizens now have an important tool with which to defend Democracy itself which depends on “Human Rights for all Humans whom governments are obligated to protect and serve” from many current attacks in many countries worldwide, in order to ensure Democracy lasts for our grandchildren and beyond.

A Day for the History Books?

After finishing a first draft on February 22, one month ago today on March 11, 2016 I published Draft 2 of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy on this Protect Human Rights and Freedoms website, humbled by an awesome feeling that somehow I was changing history for the better as I did so.  On March 19 I spoke to a crowd which peaked at about 150 people who on short notice had gathered in front of our national Parliament over concerns about just one of the many threats to Human Life, Human Rights and Democracy our Western nation (and many others) are facing, letting them know about this new resource for those who love Democracy.  Today, exactly one month after the initial publication I have here published Draft 2.3 of The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and the supplemental New Abolitionist Manifesto of Solidarity, together with some new webpages designed to help organize an educated and coordinated worldwide grassroots response in defense of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms which are being seriously eroded in many countries by what I call a “Creeping Totalitarianism” which comes from a simple lack of education in the foundational historical and logical roots of Human Rights and Democracy, an ignorance which is corrected by The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy (based on the more in-depth treatment of the issue in the treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack: Pensées on Human Life and Freedom, which I am still developing in consultation with other scholars towards formal publication, but a partial earlier draft is available on this website).

New Resources

The new VOLUNTEERS tab on this site intends to help motivated volunteers in any country and city to start and maintain a local movement of concerned citizens who get educated in what it takes for Democracy and Human Rights to last forever, so they can stand up together in Solidarity for the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy identified in the Pledge whenever they are ignored or attacked in their country; and so they can “Spread the Pledge” because to ensure Democracy lasts forever in any country it is simply is going to take a “critical mass” of citizens in any country who actually KNOW the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy and who stand up for them together in Solidarity (as the Solidarity movement helped end full-blown Soviet Communist totalitarianism, so grassroots Solidarity behind the Pledge can help end “Creeping Totalitarianism”).  The new DEMOCRACY STORE tab on this site intends to connect people who want to help protect human life and freedom and “Spread the Pledge” (using materials like posters, pamphlets, booklets, bumper stickers, lawn signs, fridge and car magnets and the Flag of Democracy I designed which artist and poet Nicolas Carnogursky is currently making beautiful) with producers of such materials.   In the future “in-house” products of these types will be available for purchase at the Democracy Store but to protect democracy worldwide from the current powerful trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” will take many producers of such materials in many countries getting the message of where Human Rights and Democracy come from and what they need to last “out there.”  Thus the Democracy Store will also function as a “hub” for such producers and printers of such materials.  Those who wish to produce and print and distribute such materials in their country should contact (or call 1 (613) 761-0147) for copyright permission and the latest draft of the Pledge and the Treatise it is based on, and your authorized products will be advertised worldwide right here at the Democracy Store on the website that started this worldwide movement to protect Human Rights and Democracy for the long-term.  The Donations for Democracy tab on this site is also still available for those who wish to donate financially to the development of such “in-house” products as well as to the development of audio recordings, lecture series and courses and other means to spread “The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack,” and to support the continued development and eventual formal publication of the Treatise that goes by this title.  The Doctors for Democracy tab is still there too as a “hub” to help patients and doctors and other medical professionals get organized together in support of Democracy, since it is doctors and medical professionals who are most prone to having their democratic freedoms of conscience and free speech etc. truncated by current “Pro-Choice” trends which are robbing them of their rights to be dedicated healers and not killers.

It is Necessary for the Electorate in Any Country to Become Educated in Democracy’s Foundations If It is to Last

I mean to insult no-one by my charge of widespread Western ignorance of Democracy’s historical and logical foundations which are currently being so badly eroded because of this ignorance:  I only know what I know and share in the Pledge and the Treatise as a scholar who has been a professor of a course covering the First Millennium when these important Foundations were laid.  But an education like the one I share in the Treatise makes it so obvious what drove the transition from ancient oppressive totalitarianism to modern Human Rights and Democracy – and makes it obvious what is driving the current “Creeping Totalitarian” trend from Human Rights and Democracy back towards totalitarianism.  The simple fact is that Western Civilization used to be brutal and entirely lacking in Human Rights; governments were typically totalitarian and controlled what citizens may or may not believe, setting religious policy, and whenever it suited them enslaved or killed their human citizens (and other human subjects not even accorded formal citizenship); fully 1/3 of the population were slaves.  Modern Democracy, where every human has a democratic say and vote in how they are governed, depends on every human being understood as EQUAL and VALUABLE, which had been the base assumption of Western Civilization only since the 318 AD criminalization of abortion and infanticide (thanks to the influence of Christianity which was embraced by the West starting in 313 AD).  All of our Western Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms can be traced back to the 318 AD criminalization of abortion and infanticide because human lives were no longer considered CHEAP but PRECIOUS, meaning governments were now obligated to protect precious human lives instead of cheap human lives living and dying in service of the greater State.  With this new “Pro-Life” standard, from this point on, governments were no longer remembered primarily for their civic accomplishments built on the backs of the human population, but were primarily remembered (and judged as “good” or “bad” governments) for how well or poorly they treated the human population!  Today’s nations with the least democratic freedoms and the greatest Human Rights violations are those nations without a Western Christian background and who are least influenced by the International Law which was developed by devout Christians (the “Father of International Law” Friar Francisco de Vitoria and all the other later “Founders of International Law” like Father Francisco Suárez, Alberico Gentili and Hugo Grotius) simply trying to put the Christian viewpoint on EQUAL and PRECIOUS human value into practice.  I am not saying that everyone has to be Christian for Democracy to work; but the Christian origins of the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy described in the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy, which Democracy absolutely needs to work, must be at least respected (if not embraced) if Democracy is to last.  Christianity itself introduced religious freedom into Western Civilization by (after centuries of “ebb and flow” waves of being brutally persecuted) insisting that EVERY HUMAN LIFE MUST BE FREE FROM ALL GOVERNMENT COERCION IN MATTERS OF BELIEF in order to without impediment FREELY seek and find the wonderful Christian Truth about human existence (the Christian Gospel, literally, “Good News”), that EVERY HUMAN LIFE WITHOUT EXCEPTION IS SUPREMELY AND EQUALLY VALUABLE AND PRECIOUS (to the Triune God who IS LOVE and who lovingly created humanity “in God’s Image” and sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to repair ; and Christianity by its own principles could not properly be forced or coerced but must ideally be accepted FREELY as a free gift of love for God who created each human both EQUAL and EQUALLY PRECIOUS.  Christian individuals, Christian rulers, and Christian societies have never been near perfect at implementing Christian principles, but just having the extremely lofty Christian principles to aim for drove the whole process that throughout history gradually but logically developed Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms ONLY in Western Christian Civilization.  Every major social reformer from 4th Century Saint Ambrose to 20th Century Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. were Christians calling on Western Christian Civilization to better put into practice the high Christian standards that declared since the beginning of Christianity that EVERY HUMAN LIFE WITHOUT EXCEPTION IS SUPREMELY AND EQUALLY VALUABLE AND PRECIOUS. Thus Christianity right from the 4th Century when the Roman Emperors first adopted Christianity insisted on the new Christian Human Rights for pagans too, Christian bishop Saint Ambrose of Milan excommunicating the Roman Emperor for a bloody massacre of revolting pagans until the Emperor changed the law in a way that prevented the rash killing of citizens (Christian or pagan) by the government (which previously held the unqualified power of life and death over citizens and subjects) because Christianity with its “Pro-Life” principles which created Human Rights for all humans who Christianity recognized as universally precious to God was changing the whole way humans were governed.  The above devout Christian Founders of International Law likewise insisted on Human Rights for all humans whether or not they were from Christian countries; devout Christian William Wilberforce ended slavery in the British Empire precisely by putting into practice the Biblical New Testament principles which said that slaves (who at the time were 1/3 the population) were equal to their masters before God, and centuries of Christian reflection on this Biblical principle eventually led to the conclusion that slavery, which was almost as old as humanity, was not acceptable in any form.

Humans in the West have been protected by law or custom right from the very beginning of their EQUALLY precious and valuable human existence in the womb since the 313 AD Christianization of the West and the following 318 AD criminalization of abortion, until the first two modern nations to de-criminalize abortion were atheist totalitarian Soviet Russia (in 1920) and totalitarian Nazi Germany (in 1934).  These two governments had regressed to the kind of totalitarian States which controlled what citizens may or may not believe and which held the power of life and death over citizens which had been typical in the West before the Western adoption of Christianity with its “Pro-Life” principles; and like the ancient “Pro-Choice” pre-Christian totalitarian States in which parents had to right to choose to raise or kill their children, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany declared they legally recognized NO Inherent Human Right to Live by de-criminalizing the abortion of preborn humans; then with a terrible logical consistency, since NO human lives can be intrinsically valuable and precious wherever the abortion of preborn human lives is legal, they went on to commit the two biggest genocides of born human lives in history, the Holodomor (the Soviet forced starvation of 7-10 million of my fellow Ukrainian humans in 1932-33) and the Nazi Holocaust which rounded up and killed 6 million Jewish humans as well as handicapped and other humans.  In great ignorance of the long history in which since ancient times the “Pro-Choice” right of parents to CHOOSE to raise or kill their children has gone hand in hand with totalitarianism, starting about 40 years ago most of our Western democracies unwittingly followed the precedent of totalitarian Russia and Germany by de-criminalizing abortion, which naturally introduced “Creeping Totalitarianism” into our Western democracies, and after decades of this “Creeping Totalitarianism” changing our whole way of thinking and thus slowly undermining our free and democratic way of life from its very foundations (which are “Pro-Life”), I am sad to say the gradual disintegration of Human Rights and Freedoms in the West is no longer moving at a “creeping” pace.

Accelerating Decay:  4 Major Assaults on Democracy in 2015 Alone

The gradual decay of Democracy is accelerating and the year 2015 alone saw four major assaults on human life, freedom of belief, and Democracy itself in national and/or provincial jurisdictions in my country.  After decades since abortion was de-criminalized, logically erasing any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live in my country and slowly changing the basic “mindset” and attitude of the government and the general population towards human life (changing it away from the historic attitude of “always precious humanity the government is always obligated to protect” which grounds all Human Rights and Freedoms), at last the logical progression (as in Russia and Germany) into legally killing born humans (who also have no legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live just for being human, since they could have been legally aborted before they were born) happened too, with the de-criminalization of euthanasia and “assisted suicide.”  The precedent of European countries shows that all the intended “limitations” and “accountability” for legal doctor-killing of born human patients simply does not work; it inevitably degenerates into killing more and more patients for more and more reasons, with or without great suffering and with or without the patient’s desire or consent, ultimately to save money (which becomes more valuable than people wherever there is no Inherent Human Right to Live because abortion is legal), because hospitals quickly figure out it is much cheaper to kill patients than to care for their needs longer term.  As my country is making the anti-human legislative transition into legalized euthanasia and “assisted suicide,” there is already talk of defining it as “health care,” which will effectively make it a “right” that cannot be refused – even to children (how can you deny “health care” to anyone?).

As if it were not anti-human enough that legal abortion cancels any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live and legal euthanasia means that doctors offer to legally kill us in the “dark” moments of weakness all of us have at some point wherein we temporarily lose sight of our meaning in purpose in life, especially typical when we suffer some new injury, illness or handicap we have not YET figured out how to overcome so as to enjoy life again, now Democracy too is being DIRECTLY attacked in my country precisely to ensure “access” to these anti-human “medical services.”  In my country’s most populous province since 2015 doctors have been effectively forced to give up their democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans by either de-criminalized abortion or newly de-criminalized “assisted suicide” euthanasia; doctors are required to participate in the killing of humans against their conscience at least by “effective referral” (making them accomplices to murder according to their conscience) or else they can be disciplined and lose their licenses to be doctors, lose their jobs and livelihood (I understand some European countries already have similar policies).  WHAT FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY WOULD EVER DEMAND CITIZENS BECOME KILLERS AGAINST THEIR CONSCIENCE OR ELSE LOSE THEIR JOBS AND LIVELIHOOD?  THIS IS A CHARACTERISTIC OF TOTALITARIAN STATES.

The same large provincial jurisdiction (apparently in an attempt to become the “world leader” in the decay of Democracy), in 2015 also implemented totalitarian-style-belief-control in the form of the forced indoctrination of schoolchildren province-wide in radically anti-traditional sexual education, against the loud and wide protests of parents and without any democratically-elected mandate to do so.  After taking decades to grow since the de-criminalization of abortion cancelled any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live just like in any totalitarian State, “Creeping Totalitarianism” is not just “creeping” any more but standing up and running!  Schoolchildren are NOT being taught the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy which are clearly identified in The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy but, quite the opposite, this radical “sexual education” curriculum teaches that sex is for recreation and pleasure without even mentioning love or marriage as part of human sexuality, which promotes the sex without any thought of its NATURAL biological purpose of procreation which has been typical since the Sexual Revolution, which NATURALLY results in many unwanted human beings NATURALLY produced by such sex, which creates DEMAND for the continuation of LEGAL ABORTION to kill all these “inconvenient” unwanted humans, which ensures that there remains NO LEGALLY RECOGNIZED INHERENT HUMAN RIGHT TO LIVE which is the foundation of all Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms just like in any totalitarian State which also has no problem killing “inconvenient” and “unwanted” humans, born or preborn, since there is no “Inherent Human Right to Live” to be violated in any totalitarian State and wherever abortion is legal!  Chapter 7 of my treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack: Pensées on Human Life and Freedom in more detail considers how the traditional Western, Judeo-Christian sexual ethic is, if indirectly, ultimately just as necessary to lasting Democracy as the “Pro-Life” principles (directly) are, simply because it is impossible to separate human life from the sexual process which generates it.  Only if the sexual process is precious not cheap is the human product precious not cheap; and only if the humans naturally produced by sex are always precious and so must be legally protected, not cheap and so can be legally killed, can genuine Human Rights exist and can Democracy which grants each precious human a vote be sustained long-term.  The traditional Western, Judeo-Christian sexual ethic that sex is for lifetime-committed loving marriage and the loving family life that naturally proceeds from mutually self-giving married sexual love which naturally produces the next generation of humans, when followed well, guarantees that sexual partners are always treated as precious human persons and never de-humanized as mere tools or objects for selfish sexual pleasure, and guarantees that the human children naturally produced within such marriages are raised in healthy stable loving families (the building block of healthy stable loving societies) and always treated as precious human persons.  In contrast, the notion that (against the science of biology) sex is primarily for pleasure not for procreation or even marriage, as promoted in this new totalitarian-style-belief-control enforced indoctrination “sex ed” curriculum, means that other humans who are my sex partners are “tools” or “objects” for MY pleasure, and not necessarily precious persons at all.  What do you do with unwanted tools?  You throw them out (that’s legal abortion).  What do you do with old and worn out tools?  You throw them out (that’s legal euthanasia).  The whole notion that sex is for pleasure de-values and de-humanizes every human life which is naturally produced by sex, and thus indirectly removes the whole foundation for Human Rights and Democracy, which explains the almost off-handed way a provincial government can at the same time teach sex is for pleasure not marriage and do it in a forceful totalitarian way, without any democratic mandate to do so and with no regard for the wide and loud complaints of the governed.  But the seeds of the current totalitarian trends were planted by the “Sexual Revolution” rejecting the traditional Western understanding of sex as for lifetime-committed loving marriage and family life literally creating the DEMAND for de-criminalized abortion to “conveniently” kill all the many “inconvenient” unwanted humans naturally produced by the immature and undisciplined use of human sexuality; and de-criminalized abortion negated the legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which is the Foundational Human Right on which all other Human Rights and Freedoms depend and without which democracy cannot be sustained long-term.

I am sad to say that the last of the four major assaults on Democracy from its very foundations in my country in 2015, and the latest example of my nation following the same pattern of the gradual loss of democracy to “Creeping Totalitarianism” as in 1930s Germany . . .

[I will have to complete this post later . . .]

[I never did get back to this “one month later” post after publishing Draft 2 of the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy on this site.  But I did write an article about 2015’s 4 major assaults on Democracy where I live, the end of which (covering the 4th assault) I reproduce here]

To top off 2015 as a “banner year” aiming my nation towards the ultimate loss of democracy, an electorate so woefully uneducated in the foundational principles of human rights and freedoms (because they were laid so long ago everyone forgets what democracy is built on) actually handed a landslide election victory not only to a party that is officially “Pro-Choice” (that is, a party that has forgotten the historic Western “Pro-Life” principles since the 4th Century which implicitly undergirded the formation of all modern democracies and all their founding political parties of both “Left” and “Right;” a party that now officially does not believe in the “Pro-Life” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”) foundations of human rights and democracy because they are just as uneducated in democracy’s historical and logical foundations as the electorate), but to a party leader who actually said before the election that “Pro-Life” citizens “need not apply” to his now-ruling party (that is, the governing party does not WANT anyone who believes in the foundations of democracy to govern our nation), and the ruling party and leader do not allow those “Pro-Life” elected representatives who are already members of the now-ruling party to vote their conscience on human life issues (that is, even democratically-elected representatives of the people have no democratic freedom in this government to either speak their conscience if it agrees with the “Pro-Life” foundations of democracy, nor to actually democratically represent the voice of their “Pro-Life” constituents who elected them).  So my nation in 2015 has literally followed the precedent of 1930s Germany which in the same ignorance of the “Pro-Life” foundational principles of human rights and democracy did the same thing and actually voted into power a government which they knew beforehand DID NOT BELIEVE every human life without exception is precious, such that the government is always obligated to protect and serve precious human lives.  The only reason that this is not more terrifying than it is, is because all this fundamentally anti-democratic propagation of ancient and totalitarian “Pro-Choice” philosophy has been done (most probably) in IGNORANCE of where it logically ends (where it ended in Germany), and there is reason to hope that when our electorate and our leaders learn (say, from the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy) what human rights and democratic freedoms historically and logically depend on and need to last, they will change their voting and their policies to support Democracy from its “Pro-Life foundations.  But until that happens, the situation is:  just like in 1930s Germany, we ignorantly voted into power a government that does not believe in the foundations of democracy and we most certainly will pay the logical consequences of our ignorance in the continuation of the current “Creeping Totalitarianism” which ALREADY makes many citizens AFRAID TO SPEAK OPENLY AT WORK THEIR TRADITIONAL BELIEFS, ALREADY SERIOUSLY COMPROMISING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.  Living in my nation’s capital I have spoken to many government workers (as well as teachers and doctors and nurses) who are literally AFRAID to speak openly at work the traditional principles which ground and guarantee human rights and democratic freedoms, for fear of negative consequences – just like in any totalitarian state, except that the negative consequences are not (yet) as severe.

But remember, we must learn the lessons of history in order to avoid its mistakes.  History teaches us that even this present “similar but not so bad as Nazi Germany” situation of 2015 is reminiscent of Mexico which in 1917 ALSO passed laws and policies restrictive of freedom of public practice of belief; restrictive policies including State-set education in anti-traditional beliefs and values.  But these were not strictly enforced right away and so there was not a major uproar, simply because (like for us in 2015) most people’s day-to-day lives did not change dramatically at first; so people went about their normal daily lives even though they were uncomfortable, and more or less got “used to” these new policies being on the books (like we “got used to” abortion being legal even though technically Human Rights ended the very second legal abortion eradicated any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live).  Most people then, like us now, put up with their discomfort like in Nazi Germany because they were afraid of negative repercussions if they complained, and like in Nazi Germany they in vain comforted themselves with the unrealistic thought that “surely it cannot get any worse than this.”  But nine years later in 1926, the Mexican government started strictly enforcing the 1917 laws and policies which had been on the books for nearly a decade and soon added new and more oppressive laws taking any semblance of religious freedom away from citizens who were arrested or shot for practicing their traditional beliefs in any public way.  Then religious freedom quickly became a memory and Church services were broken up by armed police. History teaches us that we cannot allow anti-democratic policies like those which were passed in 2015 in my country (Canada) and province (Ontario) to “stay on the books” even though our “day to day” has not (yet) changed much.  Ignoring these uncomfortable changes, denying their deadly seriousness and “putting up” with them, can ONLY make them worse by logical progression.  The 1930s Germans who believed in the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy (1. that every human life is equal and precious and 2. must be free from government coercion in matters of belief in order to freely seek and find this wonderful truth about humanity which grounds democracy), IF they had stood up together in Solidarity against the Nazi government’s many small changes in the earlier stages of democracy’s decay (say, when Jews were forbidden to own bicycles and gramophones), then the “Creeping Totalitarianism” could not have gone all the way to full-blown totalitarianism as it did.  Those Germans were afraid because the Nazi government was degrading the German democracy using bullies and thugs with guns.  What is our excuse for not standing up for democracy while we still can?  “Pro-Lifers” (the majority of whom are Christians, understandably since Christianity originated the “Pro-Life” principles underlying Human Rights and Democracy) have already been “bullied” into silence far too long by the “soft” persecution of threats to jobs and funding, and the result (predictably) has been more and more discomforts for “Pro-Lifers” and Christians as Western Civilization sloughs off more and more of the trappings of Christianity, without realizing that it is precisely the Christian “Pro-Life” (Pro-Human-Right-to-Live) principles which all of our human rights and democratic freedoms are built on, and which they need to last.  Christians (and others still holding the traditional Western values established by 1650 years of Western Christian Civilization) should be CONFIDENT that their Christian, “Pro-Life” principles are the ground of our whole free and democratic way of life and (Christian or not) we need to STAND UP for these principles in Solidarity wherever they are ignored or attacked, because ultimately our religious freedom and democracy and human safety itself depends on it.

What it comes down to is that legal abortion is every bit as fundamentally incompatible with Democracy as legal slavery was, and for precisely the same reason:  BOTH legal slavery and legal abortion violate the IMMENSE and EQUAL dignity and preciousness of every human life without exception, and without discrimination of any kind, which is the underlying reason that governments learned first of all they were obligated to protect every human life instead of exploiting or killing humans, and later learned to give every human a democratic vote.  Thus “Pro-Lifers” are the New Abolitionists who have the duty to incessantly pester their governments to abolish abortion with the same tenacity of the original Abolitionists who incessantly pestered their governments to abolish legal slavery for the sake of the long continuance of freedom for every human. 

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  We must not “stick our heads in the sand” and hope the problem will not get any worse – like they did in 1920s Mexico and 1930s Germany.  It is guaranteed to get worse if the people who believe in religious freedom and democracy from their “Pro-Life,” (“Pro-Human-Right-to-Live) foundations keep allowing themselves to be bullied into silence.  The longer we wait to stand up together in Solidarity for the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, the worse will be the backlash.  But take heart!  No anti-democratic forces ever looked stronger than the Soviet Union, yet the Solidarity movement beginning in Poland (inspired by Polish Pope John Paul II) undermined hardline Communist totalitarianism in the Soviet Eastern Bloc countries and allowed Democracy to once again flourish where it had been extinguished.  Our Solidarity can certainly reverse the tide of only “Creeping Totalitarianism” if their Solidarity replaced full-blown totalitarian oppression.  So, what can YOU do to help human rights and democracy last?  How do we establish that democracy-defending Solidarity?  Through receiving “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack,” and spreading it, using resources such as those on the below website, and if we

Take The Pledge of Allegiance To Democracy and Join a Worldwide Movement of Educated Citizens Standing Up in Solidarity to Ensure Human Rights and Democracy Last Forever!


Read the Pledge!

(To Know Where All Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Come From in the First Place!)

Take the Pledge!

(To Stand Up in Solidarity with Others for the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy)

Spread the Pledge!

Until a “Critical Mass” of Educated Citizens Convinces Our Compromised Democracies to Ensure Democracy Lasts by Shoring Up its Eroded Foundations!

© 2016 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

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