The Launch of Protect Human Rights and Freedoms!

In Summer 2014, I became aware of a major movement to restrict the human rights and democratic freedoms of doctors in Ontario, Canada, by forcing them to facilitate the killing of human lives against their conscience, or else they would lose their licences to be doctors, hence losing their jobs and their livelihood (similar measures have already been taken in some European countries).  Seeing doctors in a supposedly democratic country so very scared that they would have to either shut up about the high value they assign to the human lives they are supposed to treat and heal as doctors in order to keep their jobs, or else give up their livelihood, made me realize that democracy itself was under serious attack here in Canada.  Why on earth should anyone in a democracy be scared that they could lose their jobs if they don’t assist the taking of human lives and shut up about it?  Why would valuing every human life without exception, which is the historical and logical foundation of all democracies which hold that every human life MATTERS enough that all should have a democratic say in how they are governed, be something that one could lose one’s job and livelihood for?   This is something that should only happen in a totalitarian state.

As a scholar and educator/professor with a good sense of the history of ideas and their development in Western Civilization, with a certain specialty in the First Millennium during which the groundwork for all later human rights and democracy was laid, I realized just what it was in modern times, rooted in ignorance of the historical development of human rights and freedoms, that led to such a serious erosion of the foundations of democracy that doctors’ democratic freedoms could become so compromised.  In response to the government-regulated agency that was so intent on restricting doctors’ human rights and freedoms, I wrote what I now call The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack.  As not just Canada but the U.S.A. and European and other democracies have suffered the same trend which seriously threatens the long-term maintenance of these democracies unless this ignorance is corrected with education, I offer this work to all who love their human rights and democratic freedoms and who want to make sure our grandchildren are raised in a democracy as we were.

I apologize that file and text conversion issues have resulted in my not being able to publish the entire work in its latest version to this site at this time, but there is still much here to get you started . . .

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